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  1. Thanks GregM I will check all those tomorrow, the diff looked correct and had the washers etc it was built by the previous owner so I cannot be 100% on the parts but the do look correct. The out drive splines are a good shout cheers. I will update tomorrow.
  2. Thanks guys the grub screw is really tight in fact I couldn't get it loose.... I have another old blitzer in the loft I will get that out today and do a side by side and a video if I get no where so you guys can see the issue. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Hi all I am in need of some help as I am a little stumped. My stadium blitzer stop today the motor was turning but drive stopped and I could hear the rubbing of cogs. I assumed I had done a pinion or gear etc when stripping it down and checking I found no real problem however when rebuilt it did the same? I think it is a diff problem because as you lift the wheels off the ground they do start to spin slowly as if there is very little meshing of gears. Can anyone help with determining this with me and a possible fix? the car is like new and is not a re release. As you can tell I know very little about diff's and after getting back into RC the past couple if weeks I am struggling to recall my youthful knowledge on such subjects. Cheers
  4. Wow what a topic and great spectrum of jobs we all have.... I like few of you guys on here am in IT and manage Data Centres here in the UK, i can't say much more than that but I do everything from mechanical, electrical, DR, asset management, imac, life cycle management and dcim etc I have got to admit I do like dcim and may look at consulting in that area in the future. I will be looking for a new challenge soon so if any of you guys need someone in which my skills could come in for let me know... 😊🤔😋
  5. How much you looking for on this buddy?
  6. Max Do you have any details on what you did to yours to help reliability? Cheers
  7. Thanks for the advise buddy I will do that I am in the UK.
  8. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hobbyking-x-car-brushless-power-system-4000kv-60a.html Hi guys are these any good price seems fair or am I barking up the wrong tree?
  9. Evening all I am getting back into RC and the game has changed a little and i need to move onto the new tech for my bashing, as in the title I am wondering if anyone has an existing setup they are wanting to sell to help an old basher get back into this? I am wanting to to with a Lipo setup and as such need everything to run one: ESC - simple to setup Motor - looking around 10.5t or equivalent to what my old pro 19T singles used to be? Batteries - just some to go with the above setup Charger - to charge the above batteries safely and fastly if possible? Anything considered so long as it is in good usable condition, these will be used in my old TT01, TBO2, TAO2, FF01, Blitzer, Hilux racer Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks Effigy3 that's helpful and the device type is what I need so I know I am reading up on the right items Thanka again.
  11. guys this is a great help very much appreciated I will get online and review your recommendations and look to buy some new gear in. One other point, chargers these look to have changed to manage the lipo volatility what's a good charger to look at based on the above. Thanks again.
  12. Good evening everyone and it has been a handful of years since I have been on here and the forum looks as busy as ever which is good to see. So I am wanting to dust off my rc collection in the loft to have some fun on the evenings however the last time I had my rc gear out i just went to a 2.4ghz receiver and handset which I never used but I did get 6 or 7 receivers I think. Since then lipos and brussless look to have taken off and I have NO idea about that technology and I am hoping someone can help with some recommendations based on my models. I am wanting to run my blitzers on a lipo setup mainly for fun and some increased speed over my old set ups I also want to run my old tt01 and tb02 on lipos I used to run 19 turn brushed if I recall with a suitable pinion for speed on almost all my chassis to be honest so what would be the equivalent or a bit faster in brussed technology? I obviously would appreciate info on what batteries, motor and esc to buy as I have none of the above. Budget is always a factor and for what I am going to use these for state of the art is not required. The reason I ask for this help is I have read a few threads on here and I am a little confused I apologize now for asking people to repeat themselves! if there is a thread I have missed that has some start up info and links to good lipo starter packs if they exist that would be greatly appreciated also. Regards hoppi
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