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  1. Why not take a break from buggies and try an F350 hi-lift or re-re Subaru Brat?
  2. As long as the wheelbase is the same, I imagine they'll just increase the overall length by changing the bodyshell (probably the front overhang)... The 934 and Ferrari GTO are two of my all time favourites; now I don't know which one should I buy....
  3. I'm [very] late to this thread, but just wanted to ad a quick "WooHoo!!!!" I'm definitely buying one (or two, or five)!!
  4. Great topic!! In no particular order, I'd spend my $5000 on: - NIB Porsche 959 - Good condition built 959 - Good condition built Scorcher - NIB Wild One - NIB Fox - Good condition Wild One and/or Fox - NIB Astute - NIB Subaru Brat (when it's released) - NIB F350 Hi-Lift - NIB Dark Impact - NIBSand Viper [ I'm actually hoping to buy the last 4 in "real-life" [] ].
  5. @MadAx You can purchase NIB RockBuster TLT-1's from a number of US on-line hobby stores for less than $100. I bought mine last Christmas for $79 (check my showroom for action pics). They're now selling them for $69....
  6. Here's my most wanted list. I'd want them NIB, but wouldn't care if they were origianl or re-issue: 1. Sand scorcher 2. Porsche 959 3. Ford Ranger XLT 4. Avante 5. Wild One 6. HotShot The Frog and/or Subaru Brat may have made the list prior to the announcement of their re-release. My guess at the "world's" most wanted: 1. Bruiser 2. Sand Scorcher 3. Blazing Blazer 4. Avante 5. Ranger XLT
  7. I'm definitely getting one, and having 2 bodies means i'll bve able to bash it and keep it loooking nice. I've never driven a RWD drive car without a diff, bit I imagine it depends what type of surface you're running on: low traction / off-road is better with a solid axle, high traction / on-road is better with a diff.
  8. Yes, unfortunately, that's just how it begins.... ...and believe me, it only gets more addictive form here!! I did almost exactly the same thing two years ago; caught the bug, and suddenly had all these packages being delivered to my house... :-) I'm looking forward to viewing your showroom in the future. :-)
  9. Dee Like everyone else I'm in awe of the skill, thought and patience exhibited in all the photos you've shown us throughout this thread; absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see the finished model. Please keep up the fantastic work!
  10. There's a page up (including photo) on the official Tamiya USA web-site: http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=58384 http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=58384' title="Click Here"> Other than the Hornet/Grasshopper/Frog, this is the re-release I'm most excited about. I always wanted one as a kid, and now I'll finally be able to [thrash one!!]. []
  11. Very nice; looking excellent so far. I've been tempted to buy that kit myself. I look forward to seeing the kit progress as you add more photos.
  12. Just spotted this - looks very, very nice. :-) I'm definitely going to get one of these. Check out: http://tamiya.com/japan/news/news0608/news1.htm#58376 http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=58376
  13. Hi, and congratulations on your purchase. I think the point everyone above is trying to make is that given the Scorcher NIB is worth over $1000, you;re much better off buying a different kit to use as you're first build/runner. No one is saying not to build/run it eventually, just get some experience first. To use an analogy, would you recommend a Rolls Royce or Ferrari Enzo to someone who passed their driving test the day before and has no experience driving solo on the road?? Of course you wouldn't, you tell them to park it in the garage and buy a much cheaper car to get used to driving / survive the first few scrapes and dents..... Assuming you're after off-road 2WD, I'd recommend a Hornet or Frog (which come with ESCs in the box), or for somethnig more modern, a Blackfoot or Desert Gator. The other thing to remember is that most Scorcher spare parts are also hugely expensive, so any damage / breakages will also be very costly to repair. However, if you're going to use it as a runner, you just need to buy the following: - a radio set (modern or vintage). Should only set you back $40 for transmitter and receiver, and 1 (or 2) servos - Electronic Speed Control (ESC) - buy a cheap Tamiya one or Futaba/Duratrax/whatver (less than $30). - battery (as described above).
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