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  1. Nice project Konte! If you fancy running a few copies of the gearbox plate I would love to take a copy!
  2. Rebuilding my TR15T engine and forgotten what screws are used to bolt the heatsink the the engine block. Does anyone know what these are? Thanks for your help
  3. Really looking forward to this build thread!! The lethal weapon looks great, However I would be interested if you did get the OG gears made up fresh. I think Wasp and RW made gear adapters for the Super Astute, this is the first one I have seen, EVER! Any chance of getting that Gear adepter 3D printed
  4. Was that the one where they ran on shiny concrete? I remember seeing that in RC Race Car and Model Car back in the day. Did they have a truck event, I remember seeing a Hi-Lux monster racer?
  5. OG alloy diffs and the astute shock tower inverted at the front would be more authentic. However, as the carbon on this kit doesn't match the OG Tamiya I don't see much point using an OG Egress?? I would have liked just the blue arms and alloy arm mounts. The rest I could have sorted out myself to replicate the original.
  6. Finished this last night Forgot how much I find this hobby therapeutic for the mind, but I always ache after putting a few hours in on the workbench!!
  7. I use an old Futaba Field Force 3 stick radio. Its modular so you can simply plug a 2.4ghz unit in and your good to go. Very comfortable handset.
  8. My first Nitro rebuild, a TR-15T. Stripped the carb last night Just need to clean it and rebuild now
  9. Thanks! Its crazy how they price these. This will be a pure fun runner! Wish I could have got a second for spares!
  10. I bought the ARR for £35 yesterday (brushless setup and 2.4g receiver). Was going to buy a 2nd for parts but went instantly out of stock Think I was lucky to get mine. Paid more than that for just a brushless combo last year! This is my FIRST ever modern buggy!
  11. @wildwillydriver I bought a couple of TR-15Ts purely because your rebuild thread had inspired me to do the same!
  12. So for guns to be safe you need a law abiding nation? If it was a law abiding nation then why would you need to carry a gun in the first place - nice logic dude!
  13. I think this kit will seep into mainstream culture/shopping, and may even bring more of a revival back. This was the kit that every kid in the UK wanted because it featured in the Freeman's and Empire catalogues from BITD!! I'm looking forward to seeing the kind of excitement it creates when finally released
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