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  1. backtomyroots

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Well, now I've the following NIB: 1. Original Hornet Kit #58045. 2. Jun Watanabe Hornet Kit #58527. 3. Black Metallic Hornet Kit #84383. 4. Supreme Hornet Kit #92411. JUST ARRIVED !
  2. backtomyroots

    Supreme Tamiya Hornet

    Well, now I've the following NIB: 1. Original Hornet Kit #58045. 2. Jun Watanabe Hornet Kit #58527. 3. Black Metallic Hornet Kit #84383. 4. Supreme Hornet Kit #92411.
  3. backtomyroots

    Supreme Tamiya Hornet

    Some of us just want each version of the Hornet - particularly those of us who had the Hornet as their first r/c.
  4. backtomyroots

    Supreme Tamiya Hornet

    Is this available anywhere else other than Ebay ? I forgot about the release and have all the versions of the Hornet but this one !
  5. backtomyroots


    PM SENT.
  6. Shelf Queen Trailfinder 2 with working winch, trailer LEDS, single speed transmission. Tons of goodies, link here: Happy to sell to members outside Ebay.
  7. Shelf Queen F350 High Lift, rare Junfac chassis and many extras. Will sell outside Ebay to members if interested. Auction with all details listed:
  8. backtomyroots

    58059 Porsche 959 original body building / painting project

    Hey, I need an update !
  9. backtomyroots

    Oh Dear.... (Bruiser clone)

    I own an original Mountaineer new in box, 2 new built original Mountaineers and a re release Mountaineer, new in box. I'm a big Tamiya supporter, I think it's okay that I'm also going to order one out of sheer curiosity. .
  10. backtomyroots

    Ford F-350 - 3 speed issue

    Mine have been packed up for a few years, so I'm a bit rusty. Is my memory correct here, I think you have to keep the transmitter stick in the position you move it to and then accelerate. Are you doing this or just returning it to neutral after "selecting" the gear then accelerating?
  11. backtomyroots

    Single speed Transmission for Semi

    Great information, thanks. I'm assuming the stock driveshaft will work
  12. Fun to build, great fun to look at and admire when finished. Fun to run slowly around the beach when done or over some dirt. I've built several including one with the Novak HV-Maxx brushless system and another, the TXT-2 with a Traxxas Velineon brushless setup. The problem with Tamiya is that the Monster Trucks just are not I the same league as some others for performance. They can be made to at least catch up, but at a high $$$ amount. If you want complete durability, performance and value for running hard, than most other manufacturers are where to go. If you want a good build and some eye candy with some casual running stick to Tamiya
  13. backtomyroots

    Single speed Transmission for Semi

    I forgot about that option, I am looking to simplify the build, the transmission is too much work to build for a single speed I looked at the two links you provided, I'm not sure exactly what is included with each link ? Looks to me like the motor is basically the transmission replacement ? Mine will be for a Globe Liner.
  14. Is there an aftermarket manufacturer that builds a single speed transmission that drops in with little modifications for the line of Tamiya Tractor Trailers/Semi Trucks ? I have no use for the 3 speed included with the kits.