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  1. Just make sure the speed controller has decent airflow. If you are racing, meaning running at a consistant speed you will have no problems regardless. But for bashing, with lots of stops and starts, it will heat up fast. The Novak will automatically shut itself down until it cools enough. I've had no problems at all in my King Blackfoot (except eating dog-bones) but my Losi xxx-4 will overheat if I'm too aggressive as there is very little airflow over the ESC. Just something to keep in mind, you'll most likely be fine in either of your vehicles. ...and yes, they are awesome!!! []
  2. I've decided to try and sell my trusty TA04-R again (had a trade for a TNX that fell through). It's just been sitting as I have no place to run it, so I figure it's time to find it a new home. Check it out if you're in the market. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=5981467244 Thanks for looking. Dale
  3. What I've done, mainly because I'm a huge Martini Lancia rally fan, is choose a racing livery of a team that you really like, or whose design you like and try to adapt it to your buggy. I did this with my Losi xxx-4 and was very pleased with the results; I'm considering painting my Monster Beetle in the same livery. Good luck!
  4. I probably can't make it, as I'm moving Sunday. But Leo Carillo is easy enough to find. if you're coming from the valley take 101 W to Kanan Rd. South. (from Malibu or points South, just take PCH North) When you get to PCH, turn right (North) and take that until you get to Mulholland Hwy. There will also be a Campground on the right. You can flip a "U" and park on the shoulder. There is a lifeguard station with a tall flagpole on top of the bluf there, which makes it easy to spot. I don't know the availability of electricity there though. A better bet might be Zuma as there are bathroom buildings with showers ...there *might* be outlets there, but I wouldn't bet on it. At least at Zuma there is a small strip mall across PCH with a Starbucks etc. ...probably a place to plug in there if need be. Zuma is just North of Kanan Rd. on PCH, Leo Carillo is still a few miles further North and might be a trek for folks coming from as far South as Torrence, ...it's all a serious haul from behind the Orange Curtain. Have fun guys! -Z
  5. Well, I only have the one truck right now, my trusty beater King Blackfoot. Here are some pics. After playing in the mud. The Novak SS5800 Brushless is just stupid-fast in this truck. She squats a bit under full throttle! lol A little jump I set up in front of my office. Going for a bit more air this time! This truck is just silly amounts of fun, ...now if only I could keep it from eating dog-bones and outdrive cups!!! Cheers, -Z
  6. lol ...they call it the Polo in the uK? That's hysterical. In the uS it's called the Golf; I guess they just figure the two sports are equilivent between the two countries! Good luck finding a shell!
  7. Thanks Flopo, I'll definately look into those. I might just call Tamiya and ask ...you never know, they might know best after all! For the record, there are a few thing to conisder if running an SS5800 or similar brushless setup on your King Blackfoot. 1. You'll have to glue the tires, they will spin themseoves right off the bead, no problem! 2. Make sure you use a good lucking (nylon insert) nut on the left rear wheel. The standard ones will spin themselves off with the acceleration the motor provides! Also, I'm thinking of mounting my steering servo in the center and using a large servo-saver directly on the horn. has anyone else done this? I have a decent high-torque servo in there anyway (it's what I had lying around) and I'd like to get rid of some of the slop in the steering ...a heavy zip-tie around the current servo-saver did a LOT to help though. Thanks again, -Z
  8. That may be doable for me ...just remember that it's Memorial Day weekend and the beaches (and traffic to/from the beaches) will be a beach! -Z
  9. AFAIK = As Far As I Know
  10. I love all my Tamiya kits, even the ones I no longer own; my first kit ever was a Hornet back in '83 or '84 ...somewhere around that time. I'm not a tru loyalist though. I bought a Team Losi xxx-4 Graphite Plus a couple months back and WOW!!! It just kills the HotSHot I used to race as a kid (as one would expect). Just an aawesome car! Still, I currently have 4 Tamiyas and the one Losi ...and an Associated TC3 that I'm getting rid of. [] ...I really want a TXT for a craler and a TNX for uber-bashing! []
  11. First of all, let me tell you that I dropped a Novak SS5800 brushless system in my KB [] Wow, what a blast!!! The thing is just insanely overpowered now! lol makes it an absolute gas to drive! However, this brings me to my question. Even before the brushless I was eating driveshafts with a 15T motor. And now, not only are the shafts getting tweaked, but the outdrives are being chewed up. Does anyone make tougher outdrives and dogbones that will fit the KB diff? The thing is just too much fun to drive with all this power, but the metal bag that includes the dogbones and drives are spendy to be buying them every other week! Thanks for any input, Dale
  12. Sorry to hear you're so swamped ...I know the feeling. No rush on the instructions Jay, just whenever you get a chance. Thanks again! -Dale
  13. Thanks again Jay! I'll keep an eye out for them.
  14. Photos are fine, as long as I can read them ...and I got good eyes! You can email them to me if you like: rc@zenmoto.net Thanks a ton! Dale
  15. Great! Thanks guys. I'll clean it up tonight (nothing better to do) and see if it is in working order afterwards!
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