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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has come up with a good replacement screw for a Frog/Brat upright screw. I looked for bag D online and it's about $12 with shipping, which seems a bit high for just needing one screw. I know I have lost this screw in the past so I think it's a common issue and was wondering if anyone has a good cheaper solution? Thanks! John
  2. Hello everyone I'm still in the market for a Bruiser and am surprised that they haven't come down in price. Is there anywhere to get one shipped to my door close to $500? Thanks! John
  3. Thank you, are the codes unique to each user or generic to the price range? John
  4. Hello all, I have let my tower club membership expire but am looking to make another order and wondering if it's worth buying the membership first. With the holiday season in full swing are the members coupons still better? I'm in the 400 range and right now the standard coupon is $38 off. In the past I have had a $60 off $400, do those still exist if I sign up? Thanks John
  5. I have been waiting a long time to pull the trigger on buying the Bruiser. Can I beat $630, shipped to my house? I was hoping waiting a few years I could get one shipped to my house in the $500 range, but have yet to see it. Thoughts? I'm a US buyer. Thanks John
  6. Hey guys, I was trying to get the fast attack driver in the wild one but the left arm does not fit inside the car. Anyone have any tips on how to make him fit? Has anyone done this? Thanks John
  7. yea yea, got this the other day from stella, and couldn't be happier!!! I sold my NIB Falcon that pretty much paid for this. I already have a Hi-lift Hi-Lux that looks like a Mountaineer so I am going to do this up as a Bruiser. Hope someday I can come up with a way to get it's brother in a Bruiser NIB, but for now this will do. I was so against this and the Bruiser, simply because what they charged for the kit, but Stella made it possible for this US buyer! Shipping was amazing and quick. Box that was shipped to me was unbelievable how secure it was! Thanks again Stella, will be buying more kits from them going forward. Little left to say but very happy and excited! John
  8. Tower has dropped the Worlds car, I thought this kit was not going to be limited and would be available for a while. Does anyone know if they are planning on discontinuing this kit soon? I want to pick one up but was not quite ready yet. Anyone have any insider information? Thanks John
  9. Just did it, I ordered the Mountain Rider from Stella, we shall see how it goes. John
  10. Thanks everyone, I am looking to order the mountian rider myself and I think I will spend the few extra $$ and go with Stella. Looking forward to getting the kit. John
  11. Has any US buyers dealt with RC Mart before? Looking to order from either RC Mart or Stella. RC Mart is a little bit cheaper, but how is it dealing with them? Thanks John
  12. Has any US based buyers bought from stella? And if so how was it, would you recommend it? They have a great price on mountain rider and blows tower out of the water. Thanks John
  13. Raman36 is correct that the codes are now linked to your account. Thanks for the information everyone, I have gone ahead and renewed my club account and got coupon codes right away. John
  14. The club coupons are always better than the ones on their website for non members. Part of the perks. John
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