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  1. actually, digging through my parts box I do have a right mount...so just looking for a left!
  2. I'm hunting around for a pair of Supershot front suspension mounts from the pressed parts bag. Can these be purchased separately or is there any aftermarket alternatives? I've made some using Aluminium but just not the same at all.
  3. Are there any files you can share to print the chassis locally?
  4. HI there, Looking for the main drive gear which I believe is part 9005167 or H-Parts bag. Primary concern at this point is the drive gear that connects directly to the pinion gear of the motor. I'm based in Brisbane, Australia Cheers Francois
  5. Hi there - before I go hunting on Ebay, does anyone have any new plastic gears for the Hotshot available? Just had a look at my spur gear and it is getting very warn down...probably explains the noise from the gear box. Cheers FP
  6. Hi there..looking for a hotshot bumper skid/mounting-plate (Part C2). I have heaps of bumpers but somehow seem to have nothing to attach them to the chassis with Don't really want to pay ebay prices for a runner vehicle, especially when I'll end up with yet another bumper! re F
  7. Not seeing many parts on the bay yet....or have they all been snapped up? Is there any chance now of getting the supershot suspension parts for my hotshot rebuild? Francois
  8. will be looking to finally get my original '86 hotshot unto supershot suspension specifications when parts are available. Hopefully we can all be sensible and grab what we need from ebay without pushing up prices to much! F
  9. Bump - anyone want these? Will post them in Australia for free? Francois
  10. Looking to offload a 95% built Hotshot re-release that with exception for the tires has never been used. Offering this to the Tamiya forum first before I put this up on ebay. Includes 540 motor and ESC which aren't shown in the photo...... So, who wants to make me an offer that is based in Australia? (could arrange international shipping to if really wanted!) Cheers Francois
  11. Does anyone have a link to the correct part or parts? I'm just rebuilding my hotshot gearboxes...so may as well do it properly for the new 8.5T ezrun going into it. f
  12. Will the DF-02 Universals work on the hotshot also...looks like a good modifications. Also, does anyone have the part number for the DF-03 hex adapters? F
  13. Two cool things in that initial photo sequence...A nice shiny Rough Rider and an Amiga 1000 Nice one.. re Francois
  14. Yes, I've already considered making a duplicate of the right hand side...should be straight forward enough to shape it, cutting might be a bit harder though. re F
  15. I've just finished building my re-re hotshot and am now getting my original hotshot back in running order, however I've encountered my first problem. I originally ran a supershot suspension conversion on this hotshot and after cleaning and collating all the parts I've noted that the front left suspension mount (the Alimunium piece) is missing So, what other options do I have for a supershot style suspension modification on this runner without breaking the bank. I'm looking to fit this with some after market shocks also. re F
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