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  1. OldSchoolRunner

    Giving an old Frog a new life

    I love that people think that re-releases are now old! lololol Now I feel old lololol OSR
  2. OldSchoolRunner

    Super Champ re-release - Fighting Buggy

    Amazing! There are enough difference to make the originals still sought after. Love the fact that the bodies are being released! OSR
  3. I will keep an eye out for this thread. I have an MK1 that needs to be taken apart and went through too. Are you replacing any parts with re-re parts? OSR
  4. OldSchoolRunner

    Kyosho Scorpion Re Release at Shizuoka Hobby Show !

    It is just what happened before with the Sand Scorcher man! OSR
  5. OldSchoolRunner

    Funco Rough Rider - Bel Ray Bullet

    teambluegrove is his ebay username. Contact him and see what he says. A well known and reputable ebay seller. OSR
  6. OldSchoolRunner

    Funco Rough Rider - Bel Ray Bullet

    There is a guy here in Ontario Canda that does it. He sell a lot on ebay. YOU should contact him. I will get his username for you. OSR
  7. OldSchoolRunner

    Future Tamiya Releases (2014 Shizuoka Fair News)

    No Tamiya Blazing Blazer? OSR
  8. OldSchoolRunner

    Tamiya Falcon Redone

    Looks like a decent runner! Nice work! OSR
  9. Crash you are wound tight man! lololol OSR
  10. Just looking for an update. that's it, that's all. OSR
  11. OldSchoolRunner

    Funco Rough Rider - Bel Ray Bullet

    I would love a body like that! You can't run those can you? Someone should make a lexan of one of those body shells. OSR
  12. OldSchoolRunner

    New built Bigwig- how much?

    Any pics. I would love to see it. OSR
  13. OldSchoolRunner

    Striker/Falcon/FX10 Thorp steel dogbone setup

    No idea! I think that I posted a picture of mine way back trying to figure out the make. Never figured it out. I would run a good set of Real Thorp Falcon Dog Bones. Lots on Ebay recently. I would run good ones just so the original inner and outer drive cups are keep in good shape. I wouldn't trust those ones. OSR
  14. OldSchoolRunner

    One R/C One Photo - Post Your Favourite.

    Great thread! OSR