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  1. Looks really good! The nice thing is that parts are totally out there if you have any broken pieces. They did do a rerelease of this also there are some interchangeable parts as well. Tires are and wheels pretty easy to get your hand on too. (Ebay is your friend)... As for the electronics and old controlers I would personally ditch them and install new ones. The old ones were glitchy as all get out in the past and now with affordable ones on the market I would totally install new ones. Keep us updated on your build! Jay
  2. Is the Thundershot the only one that shares dogbones with the Blizter Models? Are there other models that share the same dogbones with the Blizter Models? Jay
  3. Cool I appreciate your help on this! Hopefully I can source a set on ebay! Thanks man! Jay
  4. So the thundershot ones will work! Cool! are the rear and front dogbones the same size? Thanks Jay
  5. Hey guys finally broke one of my Blizter Beetle dogbones! I know that the Stadium also shares the same chassis and dogbones. I know that some other models do as well but forget which ones. Can someone help me out please and give me an idea of other models that share the same dogbones as the Blizter Beetle and Stadium? Thanks, Jay
  6. Good hord of old parts! Becareful it is addictive!!! lol Jay
  7. It is really hit and miss. I have personally tried to find longer axles for several projects over the years and this nut sleeve was the best option. Now if you knew someone with a milling machine (a machinist) that could be a different story and they could whip a set up for you. Would love to see what they look like on the model when you are done! Jay
  8. These will work you! Yuo might need to open up the hole in the wheel just a bit bigger but they will work. Different application but mounting is relevant to what you are trying to accomplish! Jay
  9. Hey all, Hope that you are all staying healthy! Im looking for a set of Aluminum Rear Trailing Arms that were made by Don from 50 Caliber Customs? If you have a set lets chat! Thanks, Jay
  10. Looks awesome! I have one that one day I want to get into aswell! I will keep tabs on your build! OSR
  11. With a couple of mods you could always mount SRB wheels on i! OSR
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