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  1. After all these FF-01 buildings, there a some nice Hop-Up parts left. So what could be more reasonable than starting a new FF-01 project? This time I build a shelf queen, equipped with the original Tamiya carbon double deck, low friction aluminium damper, stainless suspension shaft, aluminium king pins, front universal shaft set, hollow carbon shaft set, aluminium front hub carrier, turnbuckle sets, aluminium motor heat sink, full ball bearings, tuned spring set... Most tuning parts showing some traces of usage and I really like this flair of racing. Only the body is a brand new 2010 RE-Release version. I hope it appeals to you and wish you enjoyable viewing.
  2. As promised there a some news about my Alfa: As italian sportscars are known as expensive and often not very durable ones, my Alfa is no exception... During the last Race day on schoolyard I had problems with the diff. Both blades were worn out and even the hardened outdrives were not in the best conditions. Fortunately I could fix these things and keep on racing against a Mondeo. The driver of this car never makes mistakes and it was hard to keep up the pace without making a mistake by myself. But this Modeo seemed quite a little bit faster on the straight. Later at home I found a lightly knocked out ball bearing. Don`t know if this is the only reason, so I decided to change the motor also. The new one has out of box a higher rpm, so maybe this is another reason. But all of this, didn`t stop me racing, till the tires were gone completely. The new Tamiya Type B last only for one afternoon. Perhaps I should drive that Clio... . We decide to test the Ride Tyres next time. The Type B generate so much grip, it is fantastic. But on the other hand it is very expensive. I also ordered a new diff and choose the TA-03 differential, as it already comes with the One-Piece Ball Thrust Bearings. So I am excited about the performance the next time...
  3. Jaccs Honda Accord as a Runner! WOW!
  4. Thank you! Yes you are right. The bodys is painted white. All coloured parts are stickers!
  5. Thank you! I also have a FF-03 "R", equipped with some Hop-Ups:
  6. Breaking News: The new Jaccs Accord Body has arrived! Cutting and painting are done quickly. Just white (PS-1) for the body and smoke (PS-31) for the windows. The wing and mirrors are painted with TS-29 like Tamiya recommended. At this point I save you from pictures, so you don`t get bored. The application of the sticker, was the most extensive part of the building. Tamiya did an awesome job, but they don`t tolerate mistakes. I did my best and it takes me a whole night to apply the first half of the decals. Thank God I have some warming help from Paris. And someday the last sticker was applied. So I proudly present the new body. What a difference to the worn out one. Finally the Jaccs Accord FF-01 Upgrade Special is completed: There are also some upcoming news of my FF-01 Alfa 156 Racer, so stay tuned...
  7. Cleaning was a real mess. Unfortunately the most plastic parts are damaged or scratched. But over the weeks a lot of spare parts for the FF-01 have accumulated, some other parts are newly ordered. So Re-Building can be started, but not without the original Manual: Let`s begin... Fortunately I can restore all the special parts from the Upgrade Special, like the springs, Aluminium Kingpins and of course the blue anodized motor heat sink. Building was a real pleasure and really goes ahead quickly. The completed rear: And front: Of course with a black Sport Tuned: After the building there are some nice Hop-Ups remaining Finally we did it Only the body needs to be replaced, but a new one is on it`s way.
  8. Since the beginning of this FF-01 fever, I am in love with the Jaccs Accord. Later on a friend told me that this is also an Special Edition called "Upgrade Special". So I had no other choice than building this in original Upgrade Special Version. Fortunately you can still get all the parts needed for that edition. All parts? No sorry one part isn`t available and have been never available (except the two Upgrade Special boxes). It is the blue anodized Motor heat sink. But sometimes you be fouvered by fortune and so I got a blue motor heat sink from japan. At the same time a good friend of mine wanted to build the Nissan Primera as a Upgrade Special, too. So perhaps some of you know this guy. He is a little impatient, so I gave him this heat sink, knowing there will be another one... one day... somewhere in this world. And the day has come, but I didn`t only get a blue anodized heat sink, I got a whole Tamiya FF-01 Jaccs Accord Upgrade Special!!! Unfortunately it is in a very bad shape, especially the body. But Beggars can’t be choosers. What the badword happened to this body shell??? It must have been storaged for years in a place I never wanna be... But it is equipped with some nice Hop-Ups and the "BLUE anodized Heat Sink" Next step ist cleaning and disassembling.
  9. Awesome job! And congrats for finishing your "Upgrade Special"
  10. Matching to your posts, I have finished my runner body today. But one by one, first I started with the assembling of the wheels. We have choosen the Tamiya Type B and hard inserts. They feel really sticky and I am excited about the performance. Next step was fitting the body... What could I say, I love the look of the Alfa. And yes this will be my racing body as well. On the schoolyard we have a lot of space und just a few driver, so the body will probably last for a long time.
  11. Just have been recognizing, that it is 15 years ago, I registered here on tamiyaclub. So it seems that it all comes full circle... Because also 15 years ago I owned a Tamiya FF-01, almost stock and just equipped with ball bearings. Unfortunately I sold it 2008. Actually I had planning another vintage project, but then wtcc5 came up with an idea of building a FF-01. I always liked the car and I know it quite performs well, so the decision was taken. These FWD cars aren`t very rare, but the Hop-Ups and original bodys are. So I was quite happy, to get one in good conditions. Now a few weeks later I have nearly all parts i want to (except the Upgrade Special Version, but this is a different story). I even found a picture of my first FF-01: Long long time ago... and this is my current one: Just have been making some Upgrades since the last race day and changed the TRF damper to this beautyful golden ones an equipped it with original neon springs. Setup ist nearly the same and the car is also well balanced for schoolyard racing. There is only one thing I don`t really like, it is the civic body. I guess I already mentioned, that it is hard to find original Tamiya FWD bodies, so it was even a challenge to get my hand on a NIB body set. Unfortunately the box was mouldy and the content started to suffer from the bad storage, but it is an official Tamiya spare part for the FF-01: Body is already painted, but the decals have to be done...
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