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  1. I don`t worry about that, got enough spare parts for keep them running.
  2. Actually I have 12 finished FF-01 projects. Nr 13 Laguna is still waiting for decals Nr 14 Golf IV waiting for the build Nr. 15 Indoor runner and Nr. 16 Outdoor Runner are already in the planning stage
  3. No FF-01 collection is complete without a New Beetle. Luckily I got my hands on a NIB kit. But I decided just to use the body and save the chassis parts for another project. Accidentally I have a recently restored FF-01 in storage, which had only to be equipped with the fitting wheels. As I have build the FF-01 Golf III VR6 recently, the suggested painting scheme of the New Beetle is a little bit boring. It should be a little more "racier". After searching the web, I found out, that there has been an own New Beetle race class at the end of the 90s, called "ADAC New Beetle Cup". So the decision has been made and I was starting to look for a fitting Beetle wing set and could finally acquire a set. The rest is merely a matter of form. And here it is:
  4. I can`t buy all the FF-01s out there
  5. Meanwhile I could finish a quick "Re-Build". Got a FF-01 Golf III VR6 in quite good conditions: Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I had just forgotten to make better ones. The previous owner obviously had the opinion that the Golf looks better with yellow stripes. I don`t agree. So I removed the stripes and also the paint of the windows: Already looking much better. I painted just a thin layer of paint to the windows and got the correct wheels. Unfortunately some decals are worn out, others even missing. So maybe I can get a new decals sheet someday. But I am quite happy with this "Low Budget" FF-01. As I could sell the rims the previous owner gave me and I just need to buy the original rims, that is a 30€ FF-01 Golf III!
  6. Great work on the body! These FF-01 bodies are just awesome!
  7. Thank you, I will try it the next time. Sounds good!
  8. Very very big thanks to my friend wtcc5! As my Castrol Primera came without wheels, wtcc5 surprise me with this birthday present So I can finally complete my "new out of box build" Primera Castrol: I have backed the metallic green with Pearl white, to get it a bit more shiny. At the beginning of my FF-01 addiction, I felt in love with the Accords, but now I prefer the Primeras
  9. Meanwhile I have finished the chassis. It takes 2,5 hours and I really enjoyed it! Making some pictures of the building process: Front section, with all this brand new parts Also the rear and the mid section: And this feeling when all comes together
  10. I bought mine for 200$ from U.S. with shipping and taxes it ends up at 300$. As mentioned the seller didn`t know if the kit is completly, so it was a little gamble.
  11. As mentioned before I got another primera NIB. The seller doesn`t know if it is complete, so I got it for a good price. After checking the box, only the wheels are missing. After all these FF-01 builds, this will be a rare "out of box build". So everything is ready and I will enjoy building without a cleanout before
  12. Thank you! There is no need for hurry, I have two other FF-01 projects to do
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