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  1. It is a 3d printed alternative created by wtcc5 https://www.shapeways.com/product/8HQRS4CSR/tamiya-ta02-bumper-like-tamiya-53145
  2. Thanks, it's your choice. All the parts are still available. 😉
  3. In the end it went really fast. A fan should provide the necessary cooling and a foam bumper was placed at the front. The most time consuming part was the completion of the body. As an anniversary model, the body should be something special. Therefore I decided to use the Nissan Skyline Axia R32 body. And here it is now my personal 25th Anniversary commemorative model TA-02:
  4. Finally the missing parts arrived, so I could finish the chassis: Meanwhile I got antoher LRP QC3, so I changed the ESC once again. The wiring was quite challenging, but now I am happy with the outcome. Unfortunately the "new" TA-02 Carbon Conversion Set (Tamiya 47479) isn`t available yet. But I have already preordered a set, to exchange the top deck. The next step is to install a motor fan and complete the front bumper. After that I will work on my Anniversary body, contrary to Tamiya`s Anniversary Edition this will not be a Porsche.
  5. As I am still waiting for some parts, I decided to take care of the electronics. Unfortunately the blue color of the Tamiya Super Stock doesn't really match the rest. So I got myself a LRP V10 17 turn bushed motor, because it has the same technical data as the Super Stock and looks much better. I also had to change the color of the controller. The first step was to disassemble the ESC: All cables were replaced by black ones and the case was painted black. A lot of work just for this look:
  6. After a few people on facebook complained that I had no rear swaybar, I had to change that of course. However, I have decided to go for a thinner stabilizer, this also fits better in color. After fixing this issue, work goes on. For the bottom I use titanium screws, on the top I stay with blue aluminum screws. So far so good, but I am not happy with the battery holder, since I plan to drive shorty batteries this must be changed. New parts are already under construction, now I will first take care of the rest of the electronics.
  7. Yes you are right. Standard tamiya bearings doesn't fit. But it is no problem to get fitting aftermarket bearings. You need 5x4x11mm flanged bearings for the inside and 5x4x12mm for the outside.
  8. All you have to do is pull the nipple through the Tab and turn it all the way up with the little crank;An arrow appears immediately and then they press on it and the tube is straight!
  9. When Tamiya announced the anniversary edition of the TA-02, I decided to build another TA-02 as a runner. As my "onroad career" started in the early 90s with the TA-01 chassis, first offroad as a Manta Ray, later also as an onroader. But since I planned to equip my TA-02 with all hop-ups it was soon clear that Tamiya`s Anniversary Porsche is not the right starting point. So I decided to create my own 25th Anniversary TA02. The first thing to do was to get the necessary parts. Fortunately I have a large stock of spare parts and tuning parts (like the Tamiya 53226 Front Hub Carrier). All other parts were ordered. However, I found out later that this are by far not all the parts I need, but more about that later. The complete chassis is built up with aluminum and titanium screws. At the front axle a spool, at the rear axle a gear diff will do its job. The engine will be a Tamiya Super Stock TZ (just because of the colour). For more weight savings, I use the Top Force hollow gear axles. It was a lot of work to find the right cardans for front and rear. Finally I use M-Chassis wheel axles 54623 in combination with lightweight swing shafts 53502 on the rear and double cardans with Low friction cardan shafts 42360 on the front axle. For the shocks I use Tamiya TRF shocks with black springs. After several hours the front and rear differential housing is completed. The next step is the installation of the carbon double deck. Here I decided to use chassis plates from a third-party manufacturer, since the Tamiya carbon decks are not available at this time.
  10. Nice work once again! 👏🏻 👍🏻
  11. Better have parts in stock you don't need, than the other way.
  12. Yes the Super Stock be be opened easily. I have changed to Ball bearings in my TOP Force Evolution too. But maybe a Super Stock RZ will fit better to all that blue alloy parts.
  13. Last weekend we were off for some schoolyard racing. It was the first time for the TA-03F to hit the track and it performs "out of build" better than expected. Even though you can drive it like a FWD car and it has been eaten some tires, it was a lot of fun! But unfortunately the front differential got loose. I used diff puty in he front gear case but it didn`t last long. Next time I will use silicon ear plugs to stiffen the diff. If this won`t be working i maybe change to ball differential in the front, or use a spool. I also decided to change the dampers. Always have problems with the vintage dampers, as they trap air after a few runs. So I bought a Tamiya 42102 TRF Damper set and equipped it with red alloy caps, to make it better fit to the rest of the car. We use the Ride Pre-Cut tires for our Racing Series as they proposing a good compromise between grip and durability. But the rims of the preglued wheel set don`t fit quite well to the Nissan Skyline Calsonic body, so I have changed to Tamiya 53471 5-Spoke wheels. The ride tires fits perfectly and it looks way better than before. So I am prepared for the next race...
  14. Last weekend it was time for the first outdoor run this year. Was a lot of fun and the FF-01 performed great. Only the dampers trapped some air, once again. So I decided to change them. As I got no blue parts on my FF-01, the Tamiya 42102 damper set is equipped with some black Square Hop Up parts. The Square parts fit great and I hope that I don`t have to rebuild the dampers after every run. Also I have changed the silver servo stay to black ones. Maybe I will change the screws to Titanium once, but for now I am happy: Last but not least some awesome news: wtcc and me contract a friend with the FF-01 fever, so next time we be racing with three FF-01!
  15. Let`s go on with the build... After the painting of the body, there were still many parts for masking: But I like the result: After spending a lot of time in bodywork, I had to realize that the body didn't fit, because of the front motor of the TA-03F. I`ve not checked it before, because the TA-03 was disassemble at that time. I was really disappointed and and I wonder how I should explain to my wife, that I will need another body? No problem my wife said "Don`t worry just buy another chassis for the Mercedes body and another body for the TA-03". I had never expected that kind of answer! But first I worked on the chassis a bit more. Managed to fit double cardans at the front. Therefore the front knuckles had been changed to plastic ones, to fit the new bearings in. Not much space, but it works real smooth und no loss of steering angle. As time is rare and I don`t want to do another body yet, I fall back on a body in storage. Fits very good and matches to the Primera: Both chassis will go out for a track day tomorrow. Can`t wait to see how it performs!
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