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  1. Yes the Super Stock be be opened easily. I have changed to Ball bearings in my TOP Force Evolution too. But maybe a Super Stock RZ will fit better to all that blue alloy parts.
  2. Last weekend we were off for some schoolyard racing. It was the first time for the TA-03F to hit the track and it performs "out of build" better than expected. Even though you can drive it like a FWD car and it has been eaten some tires, it was a lot of fun! But unfortunately the front differential got loose. I used diff puty in he front gear case but it didn`t last long. Next time I will use silicon ear plugs to stiffen the diff. If this won`t be working i maybe change to ball differential in the front, or use a spool. I also decided to change the dampers. Always have problems with the vintage dampers, as they trap air after a few runs. So I bought a Tamiya 42102 TRF Damper set and equipped it with red alloy caps, to make it better fit to the rest of the car. We use the Ride Pre-Cut tires for our Racing Series as they proposing a good compromise between grip and durability. But the rims of the preglued wheel set don`t fit quite well to the Nissan Skyline Calsonic body, so I have changed to Tamiya 53471 5-Spoke wheels. The ride tires fits perfectly and it looks way better than before. So I am prepared for the next race...
  3. Last weekend it was time for the first outdoor run this year. Was a lot of fun and the FF-01 performed great. Only the dampers trapped some air, once again. So I decided to change them. As I got no blue parts on my FF-01, the Tamiya 42102 damper set is equipped with some black Square Hop Up parts. The Square parts fit great and I hope that I don`t have to rebuild the dampers after every run. Also I have changed the silver servo stay to black ones. Maybe I will change the screws to Titanium once, but for now I am happy: Last but not least some awesome news: wtcc and me contract a friend with the FF-01 fever, so next time we be racing with three FF-01!
  4. Let`s go on with the build... After the painting of the body, there were still many parts for masking: But I like the result: After spending a lot of time in bodywork, I had to realize that the body didn't fit, because of the front motor of the TA-03F. I`ve not checked it before, because the TA-03 was disassemble at that time. I was really disappointed and and I wonder how I should explain to my wife, that I will need another body? No problem my wife said "Don`t worry just buy another chassis for the Mercedes body and another body for the TA-03". I had never expected that kind of answer! But first I worked on the chassis a bit more. Managed to fit double cardans at the front. Therefore the front knuckles had been changed to plastic ones, to fit the new bearings in. Not much space, but it works real smooth und no loss of steering angle. As time is rare and I don`t want to do another body yet, I fall back on a body in storage. Fits very good and matches to the Primera: Both chassis will go out for a track day tomorrow. Can`t wait to see how it performs!
  5. Yes the Red servo stays are quite rare. I am going to use a Robitronic Cube 2, as it is equipped with a lipo cut off.
  6. Let's complete the build... First of all, the carbon deck. This is what a TA-03F should look like: As there are some red accents (Super Stock TZ, ESC) I decided to add a little bit more: The next steps took a lot of time, especially the electronics. But Tamiya was far ahead of the times with the carbon battery mount, because my shortys are fitting perfectly! And here it is: I have also solved the heat sinking problem, by adding a fan. Now it is time for working on the body...
  7. Yes I am going for full option, as it will be a runner I only change some parts for better handling/easier maintenance.
  8. I have managed to get new black B-parts. So I spent some time completing the rear gear box, also fitted the dampers and anti-roll-bars. What a difference!
  9. Thank you! Awesome work! Now I can complete my Super Astute, too.
  10. Tamiya 53357 is already installed. But this aluminium motor plate sits in the middle, so no Chance to dissipate the heat.
  11. Thanks for the setup, I will assume this 1:1
  12. Today some brand new A-parts arrived and I could`nt resist to continue the build. I just love these little tuning parts, like the carbon axle in the front. Also mounted an adjustable upper arm set, as well as Modul 0.6 gears. Finally the front is done. Looks really solid, but I am just wondering how I could control of the motor heat. But no worry, Tamiya takes care of this problem, by including an air channel for cooling.
  13. After everything has been cleaned, it's time for assembly. First, the carbon deck was sanded and sealed and a protective film was applied: So everything is prepared and the building started. First of all I am going to use gear diffs at front and rear: But then the problems started. The front gear box is broken on several positions. Luckily I will get new black A-Parts to fix this issue. So I decided to start with the rear. But unfortunately the rear gear box is damaged too. Black B-Parts are sold out everywhere, so I will try to fix it, as there are no heavy loads at the gear cover. But this arrested me to continue the build, so I started to paint the body. I am sure you can guess what body I have choosen.
  14. Thanks for the informations! Did not have known that these parts are rare, as I´ve got a second pair with it
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