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  1. No pics, but it does say "Ripper" on the servo-bumper-protection thingy upfront, and it has got some Associated-shocks mounted to it..
  2. A good friend of mine left a Thundertech chassis´ed Clod Buster on my work table yesterday, when he left.. There are 2 LRP Truck Puller motors mounted in it, but I don´t expect much "race" from them.. What´s the deal with these chassis, and what would be suitable to use om it, concerning motors, bodyshell, etc. etc??.. Are there anything special, I should be aware of about the chassis, fragile parts and so on?.. Thanks in advance. Michael
  3. Well, just this friday, I signed a purchase-contract on a brandnew Toyota Hilux xtra cab 4x4, 2,5 D4D, in "Super White". Should get it around the 10th- of October, as they have to mount trailerhitch, bedliner and a new set of BF Goodrich All Terrains on it, so I can go play in some mud.
  4. Nice work on that bodyshell. The xl-5 and batterychoice will be just fine, and if you find it too fast, you can use the lower gearing for the car, as they came with 2 choices originally, a fast and a slower setup. I have chosen the "low" speed setting on mine, which is fast enough in my opinion.
  5. Really like that pink paintjob!!.. Smashing is what it is!. I seriously have to start building something soon. :/ In the "to-be-built-stack" are now: Beetle, Scorpion, Fighting Buggy, Egress, Dual Hunter, Mustang Cobra R, and Novafox.
  6. I have only had 1 TB-01, and I thought it was too heavy, so I got rid of it quickly.. Have plans to get some of the newer TB-versions for running at home, because i like the shaftdrive system better than belts when running outside.
  7. Well, the Champ arrived here in Denmark yesterday, and I have started to take it apart. I plan on going back to the original MSC, and I just might finish it off in the same colours as it had originally from Frogster, only re-done, and with new decals. Have also got hold of a set of NIP Pro Line rims for it, with gold plated outer rims.. It looks like it have not been driven a whole lot, e.g. the universals are pretty much like new, without wear, but the front suspension arms are sloppy as usual on these, but with a little fiddling around, I am sure, it will be OK once again.. Frogster did a good job packing it, so it arrived without any further damage luckily. Looking forward to getting on with the resto.
  8. Please show some Pictures of it. Super Champs are great!.
  9. Very sorry about your loss, F. At least, I can guarantee that your Super Champ will be well looked after in the time to come. Best regards. Michael
  10. I have just recieved 3 Fighting Buggy bodies and 2 full kits from Tamico.de.
  11. Thanks a lot, Jenny.. I´ll look into it.
  12. Hi all.. Does anyone know of a site who sells the RC4WD Trailfinder 2 within Europe?. Cheers. Michael
  13. As I recall, only the different front shock mounts are present in the FAV shock upgrade-kit from Tamiya, so I guess any type of shocks could be used, as long as another set of shock-towers are used.
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