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  1. These wideners are machined from aluminium and the axle extensions from steel. Each spacer adds 20MM to each side of your track width (40MM over all). Looking for £15 or swap for a set of Axial AX10 Cv driveshafts.
  2. Bumpity bump, anyone want to give me £100 inc P&P for this.
  3. Selling up some of my spare RC bits as I need a new roll cabinet for work. First up he Dash board Dready made for one of his fantastic Hilux's. This dash is almost as well known as the truck it came out of. I'm looking for £45.00 inc P&P within the UK. I've also got this interior from a 1/10 scale Land Rover Discovery. It's been chopped about a bit but could still be used. I'm looking for £15 inc P&P within the UK.
  4. This came out of my Daytona Thunder and is a little scruffy but ran nicely last time I use it. I'm not really sure what I want for it so make me an offer.
  5. I bought this for a scale project but never got around to doing. This is the styrene cab back only no other parts included. Clicky I'm looking for £12 inc P&P.
  6. I'm selling up some of my spare bits to fund a new roll cabinet for work, feel free to ask questions. Spectrum SR3100 2.4GHz receiver. This was a spare I got with the TX and have only used once, £36.00 inc P&P. Losi MRX3000 2.4GHz receiver. I took this out of my Losi MRc when I sold it still in good nick, £28.00 inc P&P. Hitec HS 525MG standard size servo. I used this in my AX10 one of the 4 mounting ears snapped from over tightening, £15.00 inc P&P. Hitec HS 325HB standard size servo. Just a spare that's been sat on the shelf, £5.00 inc P&P. TS Sreamer Epic 27 race motor. Bought 2nd hand for my race car but never installed the brushes and comm look good, £20.00 inc P&P.
  7. Still got this if anyone's interested, feel free to make me an offer.
  8. For sale I have my incredibly rare Thunder Tiger gas (Nitro) conversion for the Tamiya TA02. This allows you to turn your classic TA02 into a high powered nitro car by transfering your susupension, differentials and other misc items to this chassis while still retaining the ability to use the higher quality 190MM lexan shells. I beleive these kits are incredinly rare as I know of only two other examples one in the UK and another in the USA. I built this one a few years ago and ran the engine in around my yard but it is still in fantastic condition and includes the original box and build instructions. The pull start is missing and there is a small area on the header that has worn down to bair steel as a result of the large wheels fitted while running in but aside from that everything is good. I'm looking for £150 ono including postage within the UK and will happily ship abroad for extra. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.
  9. I've decided to start selling off a few of my lesser used RC items so please feel free to bid and ask any questions of may have. Thunder Tiger TA02 Nitro Conversion. Robitronic Race Motor Dyno. I'm happy to do these for £170 plus p&p each for anyone on here, if you're interested PM me.
  10. This is currently sat in a attic feeling unloved and unappreciated so I've decided to sell it to someone that has the space to display it as it should be. These are pretty darn rare as only 300 where made and they barely ever come up for sale. I am looking for £250 ono including p&p within the UK but I an happy to send it over seas for extra. Pictures here.
  11. I've had this from new and used it a couple of times in my pan car but it's not really any use to me any more. Its still looks pretty much new and has 4MM Corally gold connectors soldered onto the battery and motor wires. I'd like £25 inc P&P (with the UK).
  12. Thanks for the replies fellas, I guess I wont just chuck them in the bin then. Anyone on here interested in them before I put them on eBay?
  13. I've been sorting out a bunch of my old Tamiya stuff and found these in with a basket case SRB. I know the box is pretty nailed and the theres are probably past their best (although surprisingly soft with minimal perishing) but thought I'd just ask if they're worth anything or if I should just chuck them out?
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