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  1. And after more time fiddling thinking Whats that all about then? is wrong with this, it works! Must have been a dodgy electrical connection I guess.
  2. I'm not using the lipo as I haven't a charger for it, using a nimh pack. I guess I may have to take it into my local shop.
  3. Thanks for the tip! Just did that and it spins up a treat! So I assume the motor is fine, and it has to be an esc issue, even though it's working fine with a lesser motor?
  4. I've just checked the rv12 esc in my other car and it works fine, so everything is pointing to the motor...
  5. A few years ago I picked up a cheap mad bull. It has a msuk sniper rv12 esc and a lrp v10 spec 4 14x2 motor, along with a lipo battery. I never got it working so just put it in the shed. Trying to get life into it now, and the car runs fine with a tamiya sport tuned motor, msuk sniper rv20 esc and a 3300 nimh battery pack. So it looks like this v10 motor is kaput? There's no life in at all. Is there anyway of confirming?
  6. Cheers, that explains why it goes rather well. Good little buy this was, only paid £30 for it!
  7. Thanks for the info! I can see what hop-up's are available now, if any! Been having fun with this the past few days, first time I've driven a truck as such. Doesn't pop wheelies though? Even with a 540 sport tuned motor. Shifts in a straight line though
  8. Hi all, I've "rediscovered" this car I had in the shed. I got it up and running yesterday, but haven't a clue what it actually is. I think it's a Tamiya (I bought it secondhand years ago) and it has a gravedigger bodyshell, but it's a Parma one so not much help. I've been scouring images but struggling to find anything! Does anyone recognise this chassis?
  9. Brill, thanks. The size 190mm is useful as that seems to be how they are listed. Thanks for your help.
  10. I've got an old TA01 (was originally an Escort Cossie) that's currently got a Mondeo shell on it. This is looking tatty and I want a new one, also give me something to do over Christmas. What type of shells these days would fit? Ideally I'd like to keep to the Touring Car theme, but am open to suggestions
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