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  1. Couldn't agree more. I found a happy way to enjoy FB which is to join for hobby stuff only. No family or friend connections at all.
  2. Wonder if it's tough to get with covid? Anything someone thinks could be used to make hand sanitizer seems to be out of stock.
  3. Very cool to see. I have some old ads for the Monster Beetle and Blackfoot I plan to frame once I display them. Wow, that Avante price! Was that 1988? Equivalent to about 1k now.
  4. As an original MB owner, I couldn't pass this up. Love the look and I wanted something that I could do indoors with the kids. Once I build it, I plan to make some obstacles inside for the kids to drive over.
  5. Go for the MB! I still have my original from 85 and I drive the heck out of it with all stock parts, no issues. I think chances are you'll enjoy it and with normal driving you should be fine. If a problem arises you can always deal with it with some easy replacement parts.
  6. Thanks! No racing for us, just my son and I driving for fun. I appreciate the info! I'll look for a 25t pinion.
  7. I ended up buying two Hobbywing 10BL120 sensored ESC's and 2 Surpass Rocket 13.5t V4S sensored motors. For Tt02 on road cars, can you recommend a hardened pinion size? I'll be keeping the stock spur gear. I know I should change out the gears, but these won't be run often and I may wait til the stock fall apart.
  8. Thanks! Great, so then looks like the 120 can also reverse?
  9. Finally figured out how to get rear frog tires around the wheels. 😂🙌
  10. Will try the dish soap on frog body number 2! Have a 2nd ordered because I want to display 2 body colors.
  11. Yeah, by pulling the tire from each side I was able to get it into a more oval shape to force the wheel in sideways. Without pulling it apart it just wasn't going in. Yes, 3 piece for these. The ones where you add the other 2 once the middle is in the tire.
  12. OK, solved! I experimented and found a way that worked well. I pushed out the inner lip of I e side so it projects outward. Then I insert two fingers on the left and 2 on the right to pull the tire apart. Then have someone else (or hold the wheel in your teeth like I did) slip the wheel between your fingers and stretch it around the wheel. Hurts the fingers a bit but gets it in there so you can then turn it back 90 degrees.
  13. I am inserting at 90 degrees and still on the struggle bus... I'm so frustrated
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