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  1. uh oh. That vid just made me want to own one very badly. Argh, just bought some heli stuff a few days ago. Is it me. But, I don't even see any kind of torque twist in that video. Any more uodates Twinset?
  2. Guys. For a long time, my interest with monster truck dwindled down because there are no new electric MTs around to spark my love for it. All my attention went into flying helis and most of my budget went there. Then, you guys started posting stuff like this. I am beginning to look back and this one is just in time for SUMMER! TWINSET. Thank you for posting your build thread with nice pics! Please continue. BTMR...I can see that you will be joining in the build also anytime soon?
  3. I bought the 2.4 3PM for my Savage Flux since I get glitching with my AM or FM radio. I don't race, so the basic adjustability of the radio is enough for me. I don't even think I'll be using the other parameters of the radio. Just thinking about it, for sure the 3PK is a competition featured radio. You have to ask youself if you will be needing the "extra features" of those high end radio. For one, I read good reviews of how user friendly the Spektrum DX3R is and it's menu navigating system. Check youtube for some DX3R vids.
  4. They are so pretty. On the other board, they say the interior kit will be released in the future.
  5. Definitely much faster! Great job Admin!
  6. Forgot to post my experience with this ESC. I had one installed in my new built juggernaut. A few weeks ago, I was kind of just messing around the living room and crawling over my kids (my 2 little boys weren't hurt, they even volunteered to be the obstacles to crawl over). Anyways, while crawling over them for a few minutes...my youngest son suddenly said "there is smoke coming out". I saw the smoke coming out of the body and I hastily pulled out the battery pack. But unfortunately, the ESC casing is already deformed and it is quite hot! Plastic melting stinks, lol. I must have been pushing the ESC too much. It must only be good with real running or bashing.
  7. I'll second that one. I think it will be much cooler if they did this Levant to a short course truck, rather than an on road truggy. With the right Tamiya Detailed body shell, wheels and tires. Cool, 4wd short course truck! Much better if it is a kit also.
  8. I have to second on this one. I am one of those guys that gets confused with all the type of pitch/module Tamiya use in their vehicle. It is one of those most asked questions: "What steel pinion to buy with this vehicle". With so many kits Tamiya released, maybe someone will have the time to post the type of pitch or module for a particular group of vehicle (TL01, TB01, TT01, M0-series, TA-series, DF-series and the likes). If you can give a link or product number for the particular aftermarket pinion, it will help a lot. Thanks in advance.
  9. I am smiling while reading your 1st impression. Glad to know you are liking the E-Revo. I enjoyed driving mine before too. For sure you will upgrade in the future. One benefit from it (going brushless) is the longer run times with same batts compared to a stock set-up. Not to mention much more speed, power and torque. In any case, enjoy the thing first (stock). It can handle bashing and abuse, so...don't baby that thing. Find good jumps and see how easy to jump an e-revo.
  10. Looks new! sometimes, you really get good deals on ebay. I'm sure you are already excited (waiting sucks).
  11. Just have fun and just post your thoughts and impression with the truck. It's great that your batts are already ready. When are you expecting the truck? Any linky to the auction?
  12. Driven and owned E-Maxx (waterproof 16.8 edition) and E-Revo before. This is from my personal experience. In the E-Maxx, broken 3 stock rear shock towers (even with zip tie or stranded wire bracing), 1 front bulkhead, 1 upper a-arm, sheared 1 suspension pin and 6 stock shock towers (bent shafts or blown of cap). I like jumping and abusing my E-Maxx before. I bahe it on our local BMX track. If you are gonna get one, get the front and rear RPM skidplates, that is why I never broken a single one of the stock skids. I bought parts by bulk on ebay (chopped up / dis-assembled new E-Maxxes). Mine is powered by Novak HV-Maxx 6.5 brushless with 2 - 7 cell nimh. The whole driveline can handle the brushless power if you are upgrading in the future. Then, I got the E-Revo. It is so slow in stock form! Believe me. I find the E-Maxx in stock form much faster. You want to go brushless to make it really exciting. I sold my E-Maxx as roller and put my Novak in my E-Revo. Much better. This truck is really planted! No wonder lots of people are racing them (most especially the nitro guys). Jumps really well and corners really good. Lots of tuning option. Granted that I did not play my E-Revo as much as the E-maxx before, but no broken parts to report on the bashing done when I had it in my hands. Only the scrapped off rear wing. Now, I sold my E-Revo to a slightly used Savage Flux HP. I am not looking back . I am in love with this truck! Stupid fast and can take so much abuse. It has gone through 4 bashing session with 4S LiPo and still coming back for more. If you see me drive this truck...you will cringe on all the bad landings, cartwheels and what not. Still haven't replaced any part aside from the beaten up body. Definitely worth the money. It is now my favorite runner. In the end, they are all good bashers. I will choose the E-Maxx over the E-Revo because of it's monster truck looks, high ground clerance and handling. I will choose the E-Revo over the E-Maxx because of it's durability, design and tuning options. Now, if you have some extra money available, I am definitely going to recommend the Savage Flux. No need to upgrade anything. Poeple experience different things on their own trucks. Some might not even replaced a single bulkhead on their E/T-maxxes for the whole time they owned it, while others...they change that broken part constantly. E-Revo owners also complain of broken parts (most especially with the brushless edition). Even Flux owners report grenaded diffs with just 5 minutes run. In the end, I don't mind wrenching and replacing parts...just as long I enjoyed a good day bashing with it. Good luck and let us know what you think of your E-Revo.
  13. ^^^ LOL. That is the one I am gonna run when I don't want a stupid fast truck . But it is more for "nostaligic" reason why I got one again, lol.
  14. Delivered this morning. It is a biggie . NIB 3906 E-maxx. Was lucky to get one with the help of metalry101.
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