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  1. Have you still got the Saxo Car ?Have PM'd you
  2. I recognise the body and I have a pretty good idea what it is . Judging from your description of the chassis it is probably a PB Racing Porche 917 . This was Pb's 1st car so is quite rare so whatever you do dont split the parts .Post some pictures on here of the chassis for confirmation .
  3. Daryl at Lesro Models had some custom made for me a while back complete with grub screw retention .
  4. I will definately have one if you are willing to send to the UK .
  5. Hi Alex , Thanks for ALL the replies . Thanks for clarifying (get the pun ) the "issue" with the windscreen . Your shell looks great and If you still have this last body available and can get hold of the decal set and mask set I will take it . John
  6. Hi Incredible_Serious Yes I would be interested along with the Decal set if can supply . I had the intention of contacting you but wanted to try and find one locally to reduce the chance of any imort duty to the UK. One other thing I have noticed with this latest batch of bodies is a slight " frosty" finish to the lexan . This is OK with the body as it will be painted but are the windows the same ? John
  7. Thanks Terry . I knew I had seen these somewhere before. I'm building a collection of 80's Race /Rally weapons and need this to go with the collection.
  8. Many Thanks for the correct manual - this will prove invaluable in the re-build . My existing chassis is OK with no scratches underneath . It was actually well protected by a thick layer of Caster oil which is taking forever to get off. What bugs me about the chassis is the hole someone cut into the chassis just in front of the rear wheel - this is pictured bottom right of my picture and the small notches files around the engine mounting holes . I dont have the equipment to weld over these and machine the welds to as good as new so a replacement chassis will be on order soon .
  9. Actually I think I have the original Burns but the only manual I could download was for the Turbo Burns and I assumed wrongly they had the same chassis .It definately isn't the Turbo Burns as it does not have the counter sinking on the chassis screws. . As you can see it is looking a little tired so I want to replace it . It certainly is good news that I can go ahead and order BS51B . Thanks for all the contributions on this topic as this is my first Burns project . Thankyou INTEGRA FAN for your help - I will need a replacement shell in the near future and will be contacting you for a number of items from your ever growing list .
  10. This is where I am a little confused about the part number . I thought the USA 1 used the same chassis as it was based on the Burns but according to the Ben Racing Kyosho Spares Page 7 the USA chassis number is BS51B (which they have in stock) but my instruction manual says the Burns chassis is part number is BS61(which I cant find anywhere) . I'm after some clarification on this as I dont want to order the wrong part number . I've been all over Ebay but cant seem to find anything but I'll just have to keep looking .
  11. I'm looking for a new unused chassis for a Kyosho Burns and a set of gold shocks . Does anyone know where these are still being stocked ? Many Thanks
  12. Thats the guy !!! I'll see if I can contact him but I had the same problem with him not replying to e-mails just before my computer crashed . He use to have some great Hilux bumpers and I wish I had bought another 2 or 3 off him . Blazerfrazer knew him so I might try and contact him through Fraser . John
  13. These were pressed steel and chrome plated like the originals . I had a couple of them and they were very convincing . I think he had them especially made and at that time supply outstripped demand as he could'nt sell them for £5.00 each on the bay . I lost his contact details due to a computer crash . He also produced a ballraced leak free conversion for the 3 speed Hilux/Blazer gearbox.
  14. Anyone know what happened to the guy selling " original " hilux bumpers on the Bay some time back from Poole , Dorset in the UK ?
  15. Anyone know where I can get my hands on some ?
  16. I might have some spare brushes NIB . Cost me a fair wack then . Contact me if your interested .
  17. No Problems - I'm sure the CRB's work alot better than the Tamiya shocks .
  18. I've since found them . They are the complete shock and collars . Rubber bushings are perishing and could do with a clean - apart from that they are fine . I'll send you some pictures tomorrow morning .
  19. I think mine are the original SRB shocks with the inserted collars and springs .
  20. I've got some - I'll see if I can find them .
  21. Glad you got your hands on a diff Mike . Schumacher definately made a diff for thr SRB . I remember reading an interview in a magazine and he said he made some of these in limited numbers . I've not seen one so I have no idea what it looks like but if you could get you hands on one .....
  22. Cecil Schumacher made some Ball diffs in limited numbers when he 1st started. You may have one of the few he made .
  23. Rinkya.com . A good site which I'll add to my favourites list but I still cant find this conversion on there - I need one of these !!!
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