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  1. Just gone and looked chap and I'm sorry but your out of luck. I have a spur gear from something similar but not that style. Cheers Ryck
  2. Daz Which gear is that? I have most of those style gears in my sales box, any chance of a pdf of the manual page with the parts number? Cheers
  3. I've got an old one you can have for spares. Hasn't seen much use - £3 posted to you do? Cheers
  4. I have the following CC-01/XC parts for sale. Brand New front driveshafts and drive hubs pair - £3 posted in the UK Brand New Rear trailing arms top and bottom - £3 posted in the UK Used Rear trailing arms top and bottom, includes ball joints for the lower arms, bit rough but perfectly serviceable for a runner - £3 posted in the UK Lightly used front torque splitter - £5 posted in the UK Complete set of good used/new front driveshaft, drive hubs, steering hubs and brass bearings, ideal for spares or renewal for a runner - £5 posted in the UK I accept all payment methods and will post internationally on request. Best Wishes Ryck
  5. I'm sorry to hear that. I to have had a couple of small losses on TC and even one on ebay with people just not sending items. Again it wasn't about the money with a £5 part or £2 booklet its just the waste of time and the principle. Personnally if you have evidence of this member then I see no reason why you should not post that up for others to make their judgements on it. We have a suspicious traders section so might as well make use of it!
  6. All sold - Mods please can you close this thread. Cheers
  7. More Surplus bits, This lot of mostly Screws and washers etc that we always seem to need more off. The Screw ended shafts that we use on our trucks/scalers. I have a good number of all 3 below so please PM me with the number you need and I will check. The Blue bits from the TB02 kit that may well appear in other more racy kits. Never used - £2 posted in the UK F103 Adjustable rear ride height blocks - new and never used - £3 posted in the UK I also have a make your own mudflaps kit that I put together a few years back. Will make 1 pair of mudflaps from the nice flappy rubber - SOLD XC/CC-01 rear Bodymounts, very good condition showing no signs of wear - £2.50 per pair posted. Mercedes Truck sides spare from our 1850 box truck build. New and unused - £5 posted in the UK and I will chuck the 5th wheel also new and unused in as well. Tamiya PS-9 Green paint new in wrapping - £5 posted in the UK Futaba servo parts new in packet from a sky sports kit. - £4 posted in the UK Tamiya XC Pajero Light guards, ideal replacement or to use on a scale project. £2 a pair posted in the UK or all 6 for £5 posted in the UK Tamiya M3 Flag Nuts - Enquire for numbers and I can give you a price All payment methods accepted and I will ship anywhere at cost. Many thanks for looking. Ryck
  8. Created on an MO4L with an extra spacer and suspension from a range of models is my Dakar Buggy, Build thread here http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?...c=40507&hl= Pictures Cheers Ryck
  9. Now surplus to requirements I have the following hard to find spares for the TB01 Long Arm (LA) suspension set TB01 LA Drive Shafts in good used condition, these where replaced early on by universal drive shafts - £2 posted in the UK TB01 LA Hub Shafts, Again in good used condition seeing little use before being replaced by universal drive shafts. These have the unique spline shafts used on the TB01 LA set. - £2.50 posted in the UK TB01 LA Rear hubs, New and unused - £2.50 posted in the UK TB01 LA Front Lower Arms, New and unused - £3 posted in the UK I also have the aluminium machined spacers used on the lower shock mounts to space the shock out over the upper shock mounts. £1.50 posted Further I also have the Lower Arm mounts used with the TB01 LA set which I replaced with the aluminium suspension mounts. - £2 posted. Best Wishes Ryck
  10. Having a sort out of complete/nearly complete decal sets that I have spare. All items are advertised inc of postage, I accept all payment methods. I also have other assorted smaller decals so if you need anything specific please drop me a line and I will take a look. - Decals for the 2005 Williams F1 Team - £5 posted in the UK - Benson and Hedges Decals - £3 posted in the UK - Assorted Camel Decals - £4 posted in the UK - Hpi Decals from the CLK GTR bodyset, Nearly Complete £5 posted in the UK - Touareg Red Bull Decals - £4 posted in the UK - Large Golden Red Bull Decals 24cm across - £5 posted in the UK - Large Normal Red Bull Decal 24cm across - £3 posted in the UK - BMW M3 Schnitzer Decal Set, nearly complete - £6 posted in the UK - Sold to TIMECMDR Best Wishes Ryck
  11. As seen in my showroom (subscription now lapsed) by direct link http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=84137 Asking for £8 posted within the uk, Europe £10, anywhere else £12. Paypal or cheques/cash in the post Ta Ryck
  12. One option would be to make longer mounts by mounting another bodymount on the side of the mounts on the rear of the car with small bolts or self tapers. Alternatively you could look to source mounts from another chassis which are long enough. The only issue being that the TL01 style isn't the most interchangeable of styles out there. Another option if you where up for perhaps a bit more work would be to create a fake floor either to make a cockpit or rear section as I did with my ABS bowler shell seen below. This allowed me to use the standard short bodymounts from a TA02 as well as making it more realistic with mud flaps and a cockpit set in time. Hope this helps. Ryck
  13. Sorry to hear about this however it does happen all to frequently with some of the lesser sellers concept of packaging needing a fair bit to be desired. I would contact the seller and ask either for a full refund in your own currency or a replacement. Failing that I would go down the paypal route which is normally giving credit to paypal pretty swift. Hope you get this sorted. Ryck
  14. Hi All. I have the following 2 items for sale. - Mtroniks Viper Marine 25 Esc - Will run down to around 20 turn motors and unlike a normal Mtroniks RV it has full reverse so ideal for off-road applications, Fitted with Power Poles in good used condition and uprated Tamiya switch - £20 posted in the Uk. - Pair of Acoms 27mhz Orange crystals (27.095) - Seen very little use - £3 posted in the uk. Any questions or for international postage quotes please PM me, Best Wishes Ryck
  15. thesuper - Nice to see this thread has been revived. I scan the forums from time to time these days and post the odd trade as Im slowly selling off a lot of my stuff as being a uni student now I just don't get the chance to play around as much as a I used to with the small cars as I have my big car to keep me out of trouble I have still got the Schlesser buggy that I hope to get out on the beach soon and hope to get my hands on another new 4 wheel drive machine maybe the newer racing lancer to replace my TB01 and TT01 that I have moved on recently. I look forward to seeing some pics of the cars on the new track. Cheers Ryck
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