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Found 11 results

  1. Hi fellow Tamiya lovers, I have simple question for the Tamiya experts. Are the TRF dampers the only way for a reliable (no leakage), high performance suspension upgrade? Although the standard cva dampers work well, you can't avoid leakages. On the other hand, the trf dampers are quite pricey. Nonetheless, I recently bought a XV-02 Rs Pro and the quality of the trf dampers in the kit is mind blowing. What aluminum dampers would you suggest for the following models? 1. XV-01 long damper spec, 2. TD4 Super Avante, 3. FF-03.
  2. Hey all, Thanks for letting me in. I have really enjoyed building up my MF-01x ford escort mk2. Wanting to tune it up a bit I looked into shocks and bought some Yeah Racing big bore 50mm dampers based on reading 50mm shocks are for the chassis. However on fitting I realise the stock friction dampers are 55mm and fitting these will drop a fair bit of ride height. Since om running it off road I need to keep clearance. Can I swap out the piston lengths for longer or do I need a full set of diffrent shocks. With the note that the rear right arm clashes with body can I fit 60mm shocks here and try to space if off the body? Also what oil should I be getting for them? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for damper suggestions for my DT-03 Racing Fighter build. The Racing Fighter kit I have came with the CVA dampers and I also have the Tamiya Spring Set Hop-Up option #53832. However, I'd like to upgrade the plastic CVAs with alloy dampers instead. I tend to prefer using genuine Tamiya hop-up options (or TRF if budget allows) however I haven't found any direct replacements for the CVAs that came with this kit. As such, I've been looking at either going with a set of GPM dampers or a set from Yeah Racing. But before I pull the trigger on either of those, I wanted to ask here if anyone here has any suggestions for dampers. Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers!
  4. Hi, I know this is weird, but I am using a dt-03 chassis as a base to build something different based on a kyosho Tomahawk body And I am looking for some nice looking and also usable aluminium oil dampers. I thought about using the Ultima re-re or Optima re-re but are too expensive for this build, so I came out with these: https://www.rcmart.com/xtra-speed-aluminum-front-damper-set-for-kyosho-optima-2016-1-10-buggy-xs-om27001-00068009 https://www.rcmart.com/xtra-speed-aluminum-rear-damper-set-for-kyosho-optima-2016-1-10-buggy-xs-om27002-00068010 I really love these replicas from the original Golden Turbo optima, but I also have lots of doubts: Do you guys think these dampers are good enough or just a stupid copy? I I noticed the new Turbo Optima re-re has a different ones.. These replicas have a small c ring as the mechanism to retain the o-rings as the original ones had.. which seems quite outdated for today standards. Were these dampers reliable? As I asume these dampers, as a replica won't be top notch on feeling I was planning to replace the included o-rings with the red o-rings that new Turbo Op are using today, will they fit? Cheapo Dt-03 don't come with pivot balls for dampers, just some kind of flat screws with lots of play. With these dampers, on the Dt-03 body should I use pivot balls? Any idea of the ball size on the original Optimas? Any help is welcome. Thanks!
  5. Hey, I am building my DT-03 neo fighter and have some questions about the dampers. The kit includes the oil version ones. I noticed there are three small disk pieces with one two and three holes, which I understand are pistons you can chose to fine tune the dampers, but there is no mention in the instructions on how to use them.. and the included axle already has a metallic piston.. Any idea? I am not totally happy with these dampers, specially the rear ones seem to be quite soft. So I am looking to replace them for something better, aluminium oil filled ones, do I have to find specific DT-03 ones or can I use any others with the same specs? Any suggestions? I found these, but there's no mention about them being oil filled or just friction.. https://www.asiatees.com/display?id=102569&brand=Tamiya&model=DT-03 Thanks!
  6. Has anyone used fastrax aluminium lower suspension arms and shock towers for the TT02B? And if so did you manage to install dampers with the screws and spacers provided because I cant
  7. Hi, this is my first post here. I just figured I'd share this with the world, since I haven't seen any of those mods anywhere else. If you're only interested in seeing what and how, feel free to skip the next lines and check out the links below (hope that's allowed?). A quick rundown on this trucks history. I got it as a birthday present when I was 14. It was a dream come true and was quickly tossed in the corner for the next 13 years or so to come. I finally dug it out several years ago to strip it of its body which I ran on a Savage 25 a couple of times. Not a good idea, so I put it back where I found it. Over the years I did spend at least some time with the Blackfoot, however, and every time I ended up somewhat disappointed with the driving experience. The suspension was too stiff, unwilling and generally awkward. The worst part to me has always been the steering and it always spoiled the fun with its wobbly behaviour and useless layout (no offence). Anyways... I recently found myself having a brushless Racestar motor/ESC combo and 9kg digital servo lying around - both new since I only ever ran them a couple of times on another RC. On top of that I also had 4 Savage X shocks left. Yesss, you read that right! So I decided to put all of it to good use and revive my very first RC car after its 18 year slumber. That said, I just couldn't leave the steering the way it was - I mean the inner tie rod ball-joint positions are just ridiculous! What were you thinking, Tamiya? (Haha still no offence). Now, long story short. I decided to rework the poor front suspension geometry and throw in all the goodies I mentioned above into the mix for good measure. This here is the result so far. I've got more mods lined up - but I'm not telling. The facia is missing because this way the truck looks freakin evil! You can check out some pictures of the mods under this link: https://goo.gl/photos/F2X7zgJy7UHNmhmC6 Here's a (very) short video of the steering setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2PTnfTFsFQ Here's the first ever trial run - you are witnessing something here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leMEaFB_w5M I'm not going to bore everyone and their dog by listing everything I did and parts and electronics I used. Just ask if you want to know or see anything specific.
  8. I have for sale a full set of 2x front and 2x rear Tamiya Buggy Aeration Big bore Dampers, 54504 +54505. Comes with full spring set. All dampers are almost immaculate with only very very minor marring to the top caps where the plastic nut attaches. [/img] Any questions feel free to ask. £50 posted within the uk, or overseas at extra cost. James
  9. I'm sure some of you smart people know the answers off the top of your heads so let me throw out a few questions I want to verify and let the knowledge pour forth! 1) Super Hornet: - Are the front shocks Mini CVA Shocks (in black)? Mini as opposed to Short... - Are the rear shocks Long CVA Shocks (in black)? Or are they Short? 2) General Q: - Are the shafts for Mini, Short and Long CVAs always the same, respectively? - In other words, can I pull a Short CVA unit off of a Monster Beetle and bolt it directly onto the front of a Boomerang? 3) Sonic Fighter: - The front shocks are Mini CVAs in yellow, right? THAT'S ALL FOR NOW -- THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  10. Due to me upgrading to some nice big bore aeration dampers, my old DB01R Aeration TRF Dampers are for sale. They come as pictured, along with a full brand new set of rear setting springs and also a full set of Soft, Medium and Hard springs that have hardly been used. Also comes with a few spare hardware items etc to help attach to different vehicles. The pre load collars all have a small red paint mark on them to help make sure they are all centred, this doesn't effect the dampers at all. These are awesome dampers and are away to receive a full strip down and full clean and rebuild using some 35wt oil all round before whom ever buys them. They do have the odd mark here and there on them as they have been used for racing in my DB01R, but the shafts are not damaged and the seals do not leak at all. I have no idea what these are worth tbh, so lets say a cheap £30 posted 1st class in the UK . James
  11. These are from a display model and have only been built, so are pretty much still brand new unmarked. Comes with original blister packaging with instructions on the rear and a set of 12 damper pistons 4x1 hole, 4x2 hole and 4x3 hole. £30 posted to UK buyers, international postage at cost. I also have quite alot of other TA03 hop ups for sale too if interested before I list them all up. Thanks James
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