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Found 45 results

  1. Hey guys - I have a bunch of projects on the verge of completion and not enough spots on my shelfer / runner shelves to fit them so I've listed a bunch currently on the bay. The Varicom Panda is a fun runner but I have more runners than places for them. The re-re Hornet and Grasshopper are theoretically runners, but the GH has only been run a few times and the Hornet has never been run at all! The Traxxas Cat is the last of my early Traxxas buggies. I like them and have enjoyed owning the little pieces of history that they are, but have had to whittle down my fleet to just Tamiya, Kyosho and one RC10. I just don't have excess room and there are Tamiyas and Kyoshos that are must-haves for me still finding their way to my shelves. The Clod body actually came off of a Clod I got in a trade from TCer @markbt73 but I want it box art red and couldn't bring myself to ruin the nice vintage decals just to change the color. As for the Bandido and Pegasus stuff these are project cars I picked up for restorations that ended up being excess to my needs (new Bandido, Pegasus, etc showroom entries forthcoming sometime soon-ish). All the auctions are no reserve - if I wasn't the one selling them to make space, I'd be bidding on them for sure: http://www.ebay.com/sch/waynethebrain/m.html
  2. New Tamiya Grasshopper (2005) Body Decals Wheels Tires LINK: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Tamiya-Grasshopper-2005-Body-Decals-Wheels-Tires-0335062-Hornet-Frog-/331842964766 Brand New Parts Removed from a NIB Kit Includes Everything Pictured -- Basically 380 Motor w/ Pinion and Shocks are Freebies New Grasshopper (2005) Body p/n 0335062 NIP Grasshopper (2005) Decals p/n 9495468 NIP Wheels for Grasshopper, Hornet, Frog, Sand Scorcher, Super Champ, Fighting Buggy p/n 0555066 (F) + 0555067 (R) NIP Tires for Grasshopper (F+R), Sand Scorcher (F+R), Hornet (F), Frog (F), etc p/n 9805033 (F) + 9805081 (R) New 380 Motor w/ 10T Pinion p/n 7435039 New Grasshopper (2005) Manual p/n 1050428 New Grasshopper (2005) Rear Shocks (assembled) Flat-Rate Shipping: $7.95 for USPS Priority Mail within the U.S. and $14.95 to any International Destination
  3. Hi Guys, I am looking at getting a buggy to build once I have completed the CC01 that is currently on its way to me. I need help with making the right choice. So I am asking for advice from all the awesome guys on these forums. I'm looking at the three chassis below, 1. Grasshopper 2. Holiday buggy or any of the other DT02 Chassis 3. Racing Fighter or any of the other DT03 Chassis Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If you guys have other options for buggies, I would like to know that too. Thanks guys.
  4. Hello all, Like many my 1st rc hobby grade wise was a Grasshopper. I have a restored vintage one that sits on a shelf but I was thinking of getting a re re for a project. I primarily race modern cars and I do not fool to much around with the older ones but thats going to change. I recently seen a Grasshopper on ebay that was heavily modded and honestly that was what got me interested in building one again. My goals are to make the suspension the best it can be with what is out there. Can you guys point me to some pics,manufacturers, 3-d printers etc that can help me make this happen. Thanks George
  5. Hi There, I am looking for a cheap project for my nephew, He wanted a Wild Willy 2, but I don't think so! If someone has a Grasshopper 1 or 2, do let me know. I don't mind if it needs a little bit of work. Thanks for reading. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  6. Hey folks! I think this is the right place to ask this. I recently purchased a nice collection of vintage Tamiya models. Part of the goal was to sell some to get my money back and of course keep some. Only problem is I want to keep a lot of them! ha ;-) Anyways I have a hornet, frog, and grasshopper all NIB still sealed in the cellophane. I researched ebay a bit and even tossed up some to test the market, but my question is what do you think these are worth? It is hard to tell because you do see a handful of NIB's that are sold, but nothing that is sealed like this. Part of me wants to just hold onto them, part of me wants to build them lol. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I recently obtained this "barn find" vintage Tamiya buggy. I believe it is a Grasshopper, but I'm not sure. The back wheels are definitely not stock. Can anyone help verify my ID of this buggy? It's rough, but is there any value in it. Thanks!
  8. Well I am getting sick of destroying my spiked tyres so after some rear wheels for my hornet with the hopper / scorcher paddle tyres fitted. Ideally looking for the set as I want to be able to swap and change. Anyone got any they fancy letting go for a few beer tokens?
  9. Hi !! I'm looking to the part attached wich is a front shocks tower for finish my project on my gh, any ideas where i can find it ?? Or someone can built it ?? Thanks in advance !!
  10. Hi All, I have 3 Vintage Tamiya RC Models that I'm going to try and fully restore. This has a lovely back story and I got this when I was either 6 or 7 years old. 20 Years later I want to restore it to it's former glory. It was probably 10 years old when I got it so was already in poor condition and the shell was already broken. I'll let the pictures speak for me. I'm going to need advice on the best way of restoring something like this... Here she is, the green paint on the side was the original colour when I got it, was green with bumpy bits of light green...over the following few years and with a young and innocent mind I painted over bits that flaked off etc... As you can see from this shot, the body is completely shot. One thing to note though, I was always told it was a Grasshopper but isn't that shell a Hornet shell? This brings me onto my first dilemma. I know this car and what it looks like and to ME it's a Grasshopper with that shell, I only discovered it was a hornet shell when looking into it. 1.) Would you replace the shell with a hornet one to preserve the childhood memory or 2.) Be a strict original resto and put a Grasshopper body on it? (and perhaps paint it the green it was?) I'm assuming this IS even a Grasshopper and not a Hornet...I had a look at pictures and by looking at the circular part where the back assembly goes in, this is a Grasshopper, perhaps one of you could clarify for me? When this was last used, I was still young and there were just no spare parts around, well before the re-release. Either the plastic gear or metal pinion had worn down so much they didn't make contact with one another, so I wedged this in to create an angle so they would contact and work...(Also notice the sharp self tapping screws for the shocks!!) Seems to be some servere twisting going on at the back there?: This chassis is shot to pieces, It's been glued, bits missing, I even electrical taped over cracks and pieces to keep it together at the front..this is in such a poor state A spring went missing somehow, I cannot recall but this is how in my pre-teen years I solved that problem.. The hornet body again, shot to pieces. The supports on the chassis are gone to even hold it down, the wing just comes off and it's cracked in numerous places... What would you guys do in this situation? All of my cars were working things for me to use and have fun with. I want this one, out of all of them to be able to be used now and again just for memories sake but I do want this to be fully restored. Should I just buy NEW Re-release parts or should I do all I can to source Vintage parts for it? And the body thing, shall I get a re-release body as I'm assuming this is all far too gone, and then...the dilemma about what body to put on it. The servos work fine, that motor works fine and the gearbox works but I have that issue with the gears/pinion, The speed controller and resistor is in a Wild Dagger at the moment (which is going to be another thread as soon as I finish posting this one) which will go back in this as it's the original for the car. Any thoughts, ideas are very very welcome! Jamie
  11. I've probably crashed enough topics with this one. So I'll give it a thread of it's own... It must have been 2008 when I got this one off eBay... For a price that had only just reached double digits but then again it had been thrashed to the bone. Bought it off a fellow countrymen and the funny thing is that it was most likely bought at the same store where I got my first Grasshopper. Must have been around the same era (1986) as well. I'll post on the bodywork later but here's a preview slash flashback (for me) : Much to be done as the paint played a role in keeping the shell together. The term 'mad' in the thread title would in the mind of 'normal' people (read - that are not about RC) probably not only apply to where the state of this car will end up. Wanting to restore what the aforementioned people would only refer to as something to be quickly binned, the amount of time I've spent restoring and going into detail really is a bit crazy. Especially when you realise these can be bought in all variety for about half the price they were back in the day. None of that is a consideration of course when the purpose is to bring an original back from the underworld. My choice of broken chassis : A useful box of accumulated stuff : Taking the best from two to piece back together : Many trials later - alloy on top and FRP (cut from a Group C bit) on the bottom... Sides were reinforced with a combination of fiber glass matt and J-B Weld steel hardened epoxy : Added on the front - a new bumper, Super Hornet suspension arms and carbon reinforced knuckles for an F car. The suspension is not an exact match, it is slightly more forward so that got addressed with some modification : I cut off a bit too much and added the screws... They came in handy for a good finish : Another subject that may qualify as mad - trying to fit a high torque servo saver. Countless hours messing about with millimeters, making new servo horns and experimenting... Man, there really is no room to play with on this car. The basics on the image above but with those rings, it raised the servo way too much. Made about ten versions of similar custom servo attachments : But finally I got that to work! Also on the pictures - Super Hornet CVAs and home made tie rods for steering. Upper brackets were later replaced with the Super Hornet version because they are a bit better match (smaller). Once again, not much room to play with when fitting oil shocks. A crosslink for the shock mounts. Threaded steel with hollow carbon and reinforced adjusters : One of the adjusters got adjusted itself : Here with my other Hopper's shell for the picture : Oh my, rear setup yet to come. Let's post this and come back to see if it's not overdone.
  12. With the availability of fixed axle buggies not in question at the moment (Hornet, Grasshopper, Mad Fighter, Mad Bull and Rising Fighter in good supply) Is the Rising Fighter that launched in 2008, the last new fixed axle release buggy? Do you think there will ever be another? A Rising Fighter 2 or similar (I'm not counting other possible rere's like Grasshopper 2 or Super Hornet)? Although the design might dictate that it should maybe stop new models, its still officially the cheapest(?) tamiya model and I still like it, even with its inherent flaws! (Just obtained another Rising Fighter!)
  13. Hi all Does anyone have a spare pair of axle mounts for the grasshopper? Original or re re not fussed but they just need to be in good condition to finish if a project. Labelled B10 and B11in the manual. Let me know how much you would like for them posted to a uk address, or let me know if you want a swap, I have quite a few random tamiya parts :-) Thanks
  14. Hi Folks, I have just bought my little boy a Hornet but think he's struggling with the 540 at the moment, I have a 380 that I'd like to fit but know I need the plate/adaptor to make it fit - does anyone have one?? Cheers, Darren
  15. Well, the tinkering continues. I was going through a drawer I have that is completely full of MSC thinking about just dumping the lot on ebay. Let me start by saying i hate those @*&$#!* pieces of @$@. Those @(*%# %$#*@ and shove one @(*$@$@( when a @(*$&@( !@!#@ and a goat! There, sorry I had to say it. Why do I hate them? Let me explain. I restored my monster beetle and thought, like an idiot, dont put an ESC in there, use that cool old Aristocraft setup you've got laying around. So I did. Well, my wife and I were out at the beach on a cliff for a walk. The MB was putting along when some kid on a bike came around a turn and was going right at it. I floored it to get out of the way and to my dismay the ESC got stuck in full throttle. It blasted through a huge puddle, down a storm drain and popped out at the edge of a cliff, only to get stuck on some high grass. 10 more feet and it would have been off the edge of a 300 foot drop. The shrubs that saved it. It was clean as a whistle seconds before. Note the spinning rear tires. Here is that MSC that nearly killed it: Any way, despite my hatred of their useability, they look cool. On top of that, the notches in the Grasshopper and Hornet bodies got me thinking, why not install it for show? Well, cleaned them up and installed them. I had a few broken servos that I was going to recycle but instead put them in the cars For me the added weight helps these cars out. On top of that, these are cars I plan to putt around. I installed it and I think it looks great. I need to post more of the Hornet and Hopper. I did think about using a y-harness and a working servo to actually make them appear that they were working but space becomes a concern as there's already a lot of wires. Plus I wanted to use these broken units and I didnt want the MSC to get all scratched up. Remember, I just wanted to look at them in there but it could be a cool touch. This is the install in my Rockbuster. Sits right above the ESC: This was a test fit, Later I trimmed wires as the plugs for motor and Motor and battery leads go nowhere. Fitted in the car: Resistor in. Fits well right above the ESC. On the grasshopper ReRe, same deal but the speed control is too big to fit under the MSC. Note that the wires simply drop down and end. There was an issue with crystal height. I simply added 2 washers under the MSC to bump it up. I'll take more of the Hopper and get a bunch of the Hornet so you can see the installs. Worked well!
  16. Hi folks, I'm working on my Grasshopper 2 to restore and finish it to shelf queen condition. Now I'm working on the driver: http://www.tamiyaclu...id=115818&id=24 As you can see I made the body, the cockpit and the roll bar. Also made some mods to the head and the face and I add a sun visor on the helmet. My problem is: Leave the visor white or make it semi gloss black? My original idea was to make it black. Now I don't know. So I need your advice and suggestion please. Cheers and thanks Max UPDATE: Here some better pictures
  17. A couple of years ago, I did this modification of 4 independent suspension. My modified Grasshopper. Rear suspension and shock tower. Front suspension and a lower plate. To get the servo in central position, a small servo(Futaba S3002) is used. The servo horn broke twice due to car crashes. Because the modified model car was too vulnerable to run, now it is a shelf queen.
  18. I'm no longer a paying TamiyaClub member, but if you do a member search on my user name you will see all the models I had (and some I still have) from my old showroom - link --> http://www.tamiyaclu...=57867&id=18346 Currently up for auction on ebay (US only) is a restored grasshopper (mixed parts old and new). Take a look and be on the lookout for more from my collection! http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1586.l2649 I have started the clear out. More items listed today - wheels and tires to start, HPI and Traxxas and "eagle" brands. The Tamiya stuff will come tomorrow hopefully (grasshopper/hornet wheels and tires and screw bags)... here's a link to my listings: http://www.ebay.com/...=&_trksid=p3686 Thanks for looking! Much more stuff just listed. Some rarer pieces too. Take a look
  19. As title says, preferably used in good condition as im a useless painter and to keep the cost down. Im in the uk by the way.
  20. Hi everyone. I'm working on modifying my Grasshopper (re-release) which I bought recently. I built it up stock except for ball bearings throughout (luckily the Hotshot and Grasshopper have the same size bearings!) and drove it around a bit and decided I wanted to amp it up a bit. Mainly I wanted to upgrade to a 540 motor, but the more looking around I did, the more potential upgrades I saw. So the first thing I've done (so far... I'm waiting on more packages to come!) is attach a CRP FX-10 front suspension kit. I found a nice deal on Ebay from someone in Texas, so it arrived first. After more browsing, I saw that there are colored kits, specifically black ones, and wished I'd gotten black. But the white looks nice and my CRP kit came with dampers. Here are some photos. I had to cut out a lot, as advertised by anyone on TC who talked about the kit. I had a very helpful email correspondence with TA-Mark and I'd like to thank him for that. I don't have a Dremel tool, so all of this work was done with a linoleum carving knife and a lighter. Hot, sharp metal cuts plastic very cleanly and easily! A litlte bit of the body needs to be removed in order for fit around the new suspension arms. There's more to do; like attaching a turnbuckle for additional support in lieu of the suspension arms that came with the kit. They don't seem to be compatible with the grasshopper. All of this will be done in the next wave of modifications (with the next package's arrival in the mailbox). I'll post more after the fact!
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