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Found 36 results

  1. What you see here is a brand-new set of Lancia Rally wheels, which fit the original ORV-based model (58040). They are still attached to their sprues and have never been opened. These wheels will fit either the classic Michelin TRX-style rally tires that were stock to the Lancia Rally, or the Advan HF-style tires that were recently reintroduced by the Honda City Turbo. I am looking for 160 GBP (approximately $280 CAD at time of writing), which will include shipping, for these wheels, which will ship from Canada. I am open to offers and trades, so feel free to enquire. Upon request, I can pair these with a brand-new set of Advan HF-style tires from the Honda City Turbo's re-release, but note that their outer tire diameter is slightly smaller than the stock Lancia Rally tires'. Pictures ensue: And of course, if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them via PM. Thanks for reading!
  2. I am selling two sets of Tamiya rally block tires along with a set of generic 26mm wheels and shaped inserts. The tires came from a XV-01 kit and were never used. I have no clue what brand the wheels and inserts are since the came as part of a package deal, but they were also never used. I am asking for 20€ for all items. It is also possible to buy single items. The prices are as following: 1 pair of tires = 8€ 1 pair of wheels = 4€ 1 pair of inserts = free with the purchase of any other item Shipping is free within EU.
  3. Since everyone here knows the 037 thanks to Tamiya's beautiful kits, figured I'd post this. I'm a Lancia WRC fan first, the RC Lancias drew me to Tamiya. Having owned a Scorpion for many years, this is the car most Monetcarlo/Scorpion owners want!
  4. Here for sale is my TB-01 chassis in execellent condition with a Tamiya QD 2007 Impreza body in excellent condition also with full tamiya light units and control unit. TB-01 chassis - new build. Alturn USA 775 Servo - New TBLE02 ESC - New Torque Tuned Motor - New Real alloy wheels - New Rally block tyes - new Flysky Rx - used but new condition. Couple of minor marks on the bottom of the chassis but nothing serious. Diffs and drive train are smooth. Its spent its life on the shelf. Comes with spare Gold Tamiya Wheels. BNIP tamiya impreza decals. £110 posted to your door. Will ship international for extra cost. lots more pics on request. 07543967949 if any questions.
  5. I have a complete TA03R-S and body, but no box. I'd really like one if you have a spare or just don't want it.
  6. Hi Guys, I have been pondering this for a while. I have a TT-01 rolling chassis that I am not using at all. I have decided to convert it to a rally car. So higher ground clearance is the main priority. What length Shocks should I get? I wanted to know if anyone on these forums has done the conversion before and what pitfalls I should look out for. I have already got bearings, Alu main shaft, Tamiya adjustable upper arms for it. Tamiya Rally Block tyres on the way. What other rally tyres should I also consider? I am gonna try to make a type of dust/splash cover for the internals. I know that they need air circulating over the electronics to cool them, but I am planning on getting a motor heatsink with a fan and a fan for the esc, if they get too hot. Speed is not the biggest concern right now. Just want to be able to thrash it in the grass and dirt a bit. So gonna keep the standard silver can and TEU-105BK esc. Anything else I should look at, Other Hop ups? Alu lower arms? Alu knuckles? Sorry for so many questions at once. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
  7. I'm after a Tamiya Toyota Corolla WRC new kit or shelf queen condition car on the TA03F-S chassis. Also, I'm after a mint condition Tamiya 306 Maxi box! Thanks, Sam
  8. Hi All and welcome to my TT01 Rally car build. For any who don't know I have a thread already going that will hopefully document my 1st steps into RC racing and can be found at the link below. I also have a few other build threads and can be seen at the links below also. So here it is as and when I bought it, a standard Tamiya TT01 with a Ford Focus Body Shell. This was my 1st RC car in quite a few years and has served to re-ignite my passion for the hobby again. As I said I do plan to race with a local club but this one will not be for racing and is more a project just for fun and experimentation. So the plans for the car are to raise the ride height and put on some rally tyres to have some off road fun on gravel/loose surfaces and hopefully equip it so it will take a few small jumps ect. When I bought the car all the kit was standard including the motor and ESC. As of writing I have an HPI 15T motor for it. The car is 100% and the only fault is the ESC seems to have lost reverse probably due to age and being stored in a damp roofspace for a while.I have no plans to change the ESC at the minute as funds will be concentrated on other projects for a while although I may eventually get round to this. Aside from the motor, tyres and ride height modifications I plan to try and seal up some of the holes on the underside if I am going to be going off road and also possible waterproof the electrics to a degree. I also plan on keeping the same shell but will modify it to something slightly different looking.
  9. Hi All, Okay so I have decided to sell up most of the more notable models that I have collected. I have a genuine reason for selling and will explain why further along in this post. If anyone has doubts about me as a seller/buyer, I'm sure anyone that has dealt with me in the past knows that I am a genuine seller. Now for the reason I am selling a lot of my collection. As some may know already, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy a number of years back. Now I'm pretty good with brushing these sort of things off and getting on with life but recently things haven't been getting any better and in fact I see it as getting worse as my memory has been getting bad/forgetful (I have a diary now to write down everything if I want any hope of remembering to do it), terrible lack of concentration now, my speech has gotten muddle and it is getting hard to form sentences correctly or remember the right words to use (I've been typing this post for the last 4 - 5 hours :S). The real concerns though are these, on the last number of visits to the neurologist, I have been told that I need to take having Epilepsy more seriously and that I could die during a seizure or sustain severe brain damage (Seizures generally involve me being unconcious and not breathing for up to 7 minutes. Typically, the same amount of energy is used in 5 minutes as would be used by a person running a 26 mile marathon). My neurologist is quite concerned due to the high number of seizures I have had over the last 4 and a half years. Due to the importance that my neurologist has placed on me understanding that I could die and the fact that I have formed a tremor/shake/jerk in my hands I am choosing to sell these. I just am not able to complete these models with any justice now (I do regret not finishing them years ago, but I never planned on the diagnosis :/) There are a number of things that I have always wanted to do and since I am only 24, I would like to do them sooner rather than later, just in case the worst dose happen (Think bucket list ) In case anyone thinks that I may be lying just to try sell parts quicker, I will take pictures of my Epilepsy medication, prescriptions, and other related items beside the Tamiya models that I am selling. I will also listen to offers on the whole lot Update: Just a small update here for anyone interested in the items or my health for that matter. The items are still for sale, just let me know if you are interested. Health is a bit better, I've changed medications a couple times since I first put the ad up and am overall taking less pills in a day. Still the odd side effect but these things happen. So here goes; 3 - Tamiya Lancia 037 Rally (TA03R-S Chassis Version)(SOLD to r0t0rdr1ver) 4 - Tamiya Sand Scorcher Vintage Front Tyres NIB (SOLD) 5 - Tamiya Sand Scorcher Vintage Rear Tyres NIB (SOLD) 6 - Tamiya XR311/Cheetah Black bumper and Underguard. NIP + Chassis + XR311 Driver (SOLD) 7 - MRC - Tamiya Parts Manual III (May 1986) (SOLD) 8 - MRC - Tamiya Specification & Parts GuideBook (1986) (SOLD) 9 - Tamiya 53188 Cross - Country 4WD Torque Splitter Unit BNIP This is a BNIP Hop-Up Option for Cross-Country 4WD like the Pajero and Wrangler For this I want €12 + P&P and PayPal charges (4% - I don't like sending money as a gift as it reduces buyers comeback should there be an issue) Yokomo Nissan 180sx Drift Car - Up for sale as I still haven't done anything with it, So I think someone else would put it to better use than I have leaving it in the box :/ dncluded with it are the follow -Tamiya GT Tuned Motor - Hitec HS-925 High Speed Steering Servo - Kyosho 27MHz Receiver - Yokomo Volk TE37 wheels (1x pair only) - Yokomo spare wing. Looking for €220 + P&P + PayPal (4% - I don't like sending money as a gift as it reduces buyers comeback should there be an issue) 10 - Tamiya TRF Sticker B (Blue/Yellow) NIP For this I want €7.50 + P&P and PayPal charges (4%) or For €10 + P&P and PayPal charges (4%) I will include a second sticker sheet that has had two stickers removed. 11 - Tamiya TRF Sticker B (Blue/Pink) NIP For this I want €7.50 + P&P and PayPal charges (4%) I feel all the prices are fair and I will accept offers on them, but also remember if I get the full asking price I will be as generous as possible as I have no use for these things 6 feet under. I will ship to anywhere in the world and am willing to place whatever value is desired onto the box/shipping details. I will add more parts, details and pictures as I get through it all. If you have any questions or picture requests, You can contact me by my email PM or leave a comment below Thanks for reading Matt
  10. Hello everyone. This is my trail/rally TL-01 with a unimog body. first build some mods Hope you guys like
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