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Found 180 results

  1. This is probably going to be a long shot, due to the fact I cannot find even ONE of these in the UK, but does anyone have a spare set of Tamiya Aqroshot stickers laying around that they do not want? The item number is 319495852 if that's of any help, the chassis is the DT-03T, though that's probably less help. Like I said, long shot... but if anyone has one, please do let me know ASAP. Many thanks.
  2. One thing I've been curious about for a while due to the sheer volume of Tamiya static models that are WW2 related, many of which are of German military vehicles but also soldiers, uniforms, etc is how does this work in countries such as Germany where Nazi symbolism is illegal? If I'm not mistaken, you can't buy stuff like the below (legally, anyway) in Germany... and probably other European countries. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with the subject? I'm just really curious. Are historical models exempt? Surely it must be OK to own and display these things in academic settings. Where is the line drawn?
  3. Having bought this earlier this year and scanned through the many many pictures of offer (its all in Japanese so unfortunately I can't say I read through it at all) , I have decided to sell this on and let someone else appreciate it too. I was very careful when browsing it not to force any pages open too far etc, and so the book sits almost like brand new. Not a single mark or tear or blemish on it at all and no discolouration either. The book/catalogue, is 148 pages all full colour. With loads of hop up parts listings in colour too. Will be sent very very carefully packaged and covered in rigid cardboard as not to damage it at all, the price includes UK postage for this (will post overseas but at cost) , would make a nice Xmas addition. So I am asking exactly what I paid for it, £24 posted is the price. More items coming soon including loads of RC Line UP Booklets. Thanks James
  4. Tamiya "Tracked Vehicle Chassis Kit" & Carrera "1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Custom"
  5. For those who've collected new in box vintage Tamiya kits, or vintage kits and models from any other brands... Just interested to hear how you store them these days. Shelving - do you have a dedicated shelf space for them? Stacking - do you store them stacked, with one box on top of the other? How high do you stack? Vertical or Horizontal - do you lie the boxes down, or stand them vertically? Bags - do you keep them in bags of any kind, for protection? Display - do you have the good fortune of being able to have some kits on display? Or are they all packed in your closet/bathroom/minivan/grandma's kitchen? Climate/humidity - are they in a room with consistent temperature? Vaults - are your kits in the house? In the roof? In a shed? In a chook pen? Underground? In the Cloud? Security - Alarms? Rottweilers? Geese? For security, I enjoy the Weyland Yutani UA 571-C Remote Sentry Weapon System, as it has the convenience of self-targeting. Although it does require re-arming more often than I'd like, causing me to have to get off the couch. Also, cracked blisters... Cracked blisters are common in vintage kits, particularly the one for the motor. People have said over the years that this is caused by standing kits vertically, due to the weight of the motor gradually causing the blister to break. But do we have definitive proof of this? Does mere vertical standing of the box cause the cracking? It seems weird in a way, for the blister to crack along specific lines, when the kit is sitting completely still, on a shelf. I could imagine the blister peeling away from the cardboard as a result of this. But not cracking. Perhaps the cracking occurs more due to transportation, where the motor rattles around more inside the blister and deteriorates the blister. Kits that are 30 years old or more, may have been transported many times - in cars, planes, boats. Carried across borders, under fences. Along drains, sewers. People sprinting through fields, ducking and weaving past other collectors. Or dodging the bullets from a Weyland Yutani UA 571-C RSWS*. Or perhaps cracked blisters have simply been exposed to more light, as this is definitely something that will deteriorate the thin plastic. Thoughts? H. * Not possible.
  6. I'm after a Tamiya Toyota Corolla WRC new kit or shelf queen condition car on the TA03F-S chassis. Also, I'm after a mint condition Tamiya 306 Maxi box! Thanks, Sam
  7. As above, after a Tamiya FF02 chassis spacer. Thanks, Sam
  8. Hi! I have a feeling I may be looking for something that doesn't exist anymore, but I figured it can't hurt to ask. Need a body for a M1025 "Hummer". If you have one that's serviceable please let me know.
  9. samjones

    MASSIVE Tamiya M05 Package

    Hi, I'm having a clear out of my Tamiya M05s. I really haven't used the cars, but this is still a reluctant sale. The price may seem high, but for it all new it would be around £1,000! M05 Pro: Fantastic condition, used a handful of times, like new! Tamiya Carbon Front Damper Stay Tamiya Blue Alloy Front Hubs 3Racung BlueAlloy C Hubs Tamiya Universal Shafts 3Racing Differential Tamiya Ball Bearings 3Racing Blue Alloy Steering Link Tamiya Blue Alloy Steering Set Tamiya Silver Alloy Steering Posts (Slight Issue with screw, doesn't effect steering) Tamiya Alloy Rear Hubs Tamiya Stabiliser Kit Carbon Rear Damper Stay Tamiya BlueAlloy Motor Mount 3Racing Blue Alloy Motor Heatsink TRF Bronze Dampers (Not Silver Dampers pictured on car) Electronics: Savox 1251 Servo Hobbywing Xerun 60a 2S ESC Hobbywing Programming Box Hobbywing Ezrun 13t Motor Tamiya TRF Bronze Dampers (Not Silver Dampers pictured on car) M05RA: Great Condition, fairly new gears and shafts, not used often. Ball Bearings 3Racing Universal Joints 3Racing Alloy Motor Mount 3Racing Alloy Steering Set Electronics: LRP Spin Super ESC HPI Flux Motor 13.5t Futaba Servo (Please not, Oil Dampers on the front of the M05RA are not included) M05: Good condition, spare car, hasn't been used much by me. 1 Crack on front of chassis, doesn't effect performance. Tamiya Silver M03 Alloy Front Hubs Tamiya New Driveshafts Tamiya TRF Bronze Dampers Ball Bearings 3Racjng Alloy Rear Hubs Electronics: Savox Water Proof Servo Podium Brushed ESC HPI Saturn 20t Motor Spares: Carbon Front Bumper x4 Front Wishbones x1 Rear Wishbone x4 Friction Dampers x4 Roll Bars x1 Steering Bar x1 M03 Battery Holder x3 M05 Front Uprights x1 M03 Front Ipright x3 M05 Rear Hubs x2 M03 Rear Hubs x1 M05 Rear Suspension Block x3 M05 C Hubs x2 M03 C Hubs x7 M05 Rear Suspension Mounts x1 M05 Battery Holder x1 M05 Front Bumper x2 M05 Electrics Trays x1 Transponder Holder x4 Battery Bars x1 Compete Chassis Set minus Right Side x1 B Parts (Minus a Plastic motor mount) x2 C Parts (Minus a few parts) x1 3Racing Ball diff x2 Standard Tamiya Diff x1 Spare Gear x4 Bushings Shells: Tamiya Swift S1600: Good condition, few scuffs, minor cracks (under 1cm) Blitz Mini C30: Raced condition, paint scuffed under tape and 2 cracks over arches (Still useable though) Blitz Mini RS4 (Spider-Man): Shoo-Gooed and sticker under the paint on inside. No cracks. HPI Blue Mini: Used once, well painted, 1 dent. Looks great on a car, stripes painted not stickers. HPI Flame Mini: Shoo-gooed, race condition, glitter in paint, flames painted not stickers. Wheels: 1 Set of used Grey Minilite wheels, Tamiya Tyres. 1 Set of used 3Racing wheels with Tamiya Tyres. 1 Pair of used Sweep wheels and tyres 1 Set of new Sweep Racing Wheels in Packet. 1 Set of used Tamiya Rally blocks on Swift Wheels (On M05RA) Also: Etronix Stick Transmitter (Great Condition) Etronix Receiver (Case around bottom cracked and stuck back together, works fine). Tamiya M05 Manual (please note, the Spektrem receivers pictures are not included.) Will not split unless the price is right. £520 (ono) collected (will post, but due to vast amount of stuff I would rather it collected!) Thanks for reading Sam
  10. Hi, I'm after a Tamiya 306 Maxi FF02 Kit (NIB) or a someone's shelf queen. Equally, I will be open to body sheets and cars in reasonable condition. I'm also looking for a NIB Xsara and Focus WRC kit but am still open to good condition built cars and body sets. Thanks for reading, Sam
  11. Hi everyone, For sale is my Tamiya M05. Upgrades include: Tamiya Alloy Front Hubs 3 Racing Alloy Blue Rear Hubs Fully Ball Raced Tamiya TRF Dampers Tamiya TRF Short White Springs Tamiya Alloy Blue Ball Joints Tamiya New Front Shafts Electrics included: Savox SW-0231mg (High Torque, Water Proof) Podium 17t Brushed ESC (Lipo Compatible) HPI Saturn 20t Motor Also included are some brand new Sweep Racing mini tyres and an Blitz Mini RS4 body shell. A manual is also included. All you need is your own transmitter and receiver and it will run. I'm open to offers around the £120 mark, with £15 postage/PayPal fees or it can be collected. Thanks, Sam
  12. This Friday I received a tamiya high lift hilux, I am almost done building it, but I have some questions on it. First is there any way of lowering the height to a more scale look? Also are there any recommended upgrades for it? Keep in mind I will not be using the transmission in the kit, because I want to add a scale interior and the transmission height wouldn't allow me to do so.
  13. Tamiya sold, Wild Willy M83 model 1982 1/10 scale. It is in perfect condition. It comes from private collection. It comes with original box in perfect conditions and instructions. It includes mechanical drive. It has been used very rarely. Shipment is made within 24/48 hours of receiving payment and will always be sent by private enterprise, except for shipments to Europe will be by USPS. For other countries consultare shipping charges. By email you can ask me any question and I can move you even more photos. My email: the sale price is 400 euros + shipping. (the car is in Spain) payment by paypal Sorry but I use google translator
  14. WANTED: Tamiya Hornet C-Parts and D-Parts... More specifically, I'm after the battery cover from the C-Parts and the body-mounts (body posts) from the D-Parts. Having spent a butt load of money restoring this Hornet, my budget is somewhat tight at the moment. While I'd like to have BOTH sets complete, I really need those two listed items. If someone does have both Parts for a decent price (possibly between £10-£15) then I'll take them. otherwise, if someone has JUST the batter cover (in good condition, no scratches) and the body posts, I'll take them instead. PM me if you have them. Many thanks
  15. InsaneJim69

    Astute colours?

    Having purchased a used Astute from a fellow TC member (looking forward to its arrival) ....... I am wandering about what colour to use for the body? PS2 Red or should I do similar to what Wyoming has done with his Jimny, Metallic Red, backed with silver and then backed again with black? As that turned out very nice indeed. One side of me is saying go box art with the PS2 red, but going the other route still goes red, but just gives it a different look. ??? Thoughts and opinions welcome. James
  16. Hi, In an old RRC magazine there was a toy fair that featured Tamiya team cars the Astute and Top Force. I think they were Alan Harmans. The Top Force below was featured in a RRC magazine. Has anyone seen any info on the Team car Astute that partnered it, it had the same Mclaren Marlborough livery? Thanks, Andy
  17. ** If you wish to see the photos in one place, here is a link to the album on Imgur - ** Originally, I wasn't going to post this restoration/refurb on here, but I eventually decided otherwise. Basically, I purchased a 1980s (1987 I think) Hornet from a seller on eBay, as a partial restoration project the guy never finished. I've been on the hunt for a Hornet restoration project for some time, and this one was just right, The seller had already replaced the chassis, gearbox, wheels, tyres and servos with new ones. This was a shame in a way, as it meant I had less work to do, but on the flip side, it probably helped my wallet as well. He also included a brand new, un-painted body. The current body, which I've recently removed all the stickers, wasn't in a bad condition. Just a few cracks here and there, and a lot of paint chipping off. Once the Hornet has been restored, I'll have a go at saving the old body, if I can. Anyway, the car needed an speed controller to replace the mechanical one, a new receiver and a motor. Thankfully, I have a spare 17x2 motor I can use, and have recently purchased a new speed controller and receiver, which should be here soon. I've also purchased the paint for the body. Above photos show the chassis and the original bodyshell. Hopefully I can save that shell with a nice coat of paint on the inside and the outside. The spoiler couldn't be saved, but I have an idea how to obtain a new one. As mentioned, the old mechanical speed controller will get replaced with a new one. Once the new items arrive (hopefully by Monday) I'll upload some new photos, before starting the re-build and painting the new shell. And these one show the new shell, ready for painting. I wanted to paint it Metallic Red, but the site I usually get my paints from had none in stock. I tried to get all the parts in one place, but that failed. So I opted for a different colour. You'll see once I upload the photo. I'm sure this restoration.... I use the term loosely... won't be all that exciting, as most of the work was already done. So it'll most likely be a short one. Anyway... feel free to follow the build... or don't, I won't blame you
  18. Hi all, I have just rekindled my RC passion after rebuilding my Vintage Rough Rider, and as i had relied on this site for the knowledge i no longer had, i wanted to share what i had done, and hopefully contribute to the body of wisdom on the site. My Rough Rider was bought as a present for my birthday in 1980, and after i left home for Uni it stayed in its box for the next 30 plus years. So i am probably one of the lucky ones in that i still have my 1st and only Tamiya. I remember the original build, the painting and anticipation of getting to run it first time, only to send it careening backward into a wall and smashing up the rear cage. At the time i lived in Asia, then moved to provincial NZ with my parents before we returned to Australia, so there was a period where i couldn't access any spares or even knowledge (pre-web for you kiddies in the front row). This only dawned on me when i wondered why i hadn't replaced some items, or left some relatively simple things unfixed. The spur to get it out from its cupboard location was i had decided it would be a father /son resto project and on my sons birthday we carefully took it down, open the box, unwrapped the tissue paper, and started to assemble it so we could take an inventory of the needed parts. In the waiting period, my Sons generous Auntie decided she wanted to make a splash and offered him the chance to forego future presents for a few years, in return for a big gift now. I now think its a big win:win as he ended up with a tough-as-nails Traxxas Telluride, and i ended up with a new project (and a more sympathetic driving style) and we still get a shared interest. I wanted to share the unboxing and in another post, will detail the mods I've now made to improve stability, drive-ability and performance. I've linked to the images on Flickr so hopefully they display ok. Original box kept everything together and protected I still had the original Tx also All wrapped up, i'd had the smarts to remove the tyres so they didn't flatspot. Original battery can be seen, plus my box of spares and tools. The chassis was ok but grimy, and all the broken parts i couldn't afford to repair or didn't know how to fix were still broken. I believe this was a "mod" to keep the balls from popping out of the arm sockets A home made servo saver horn after i couldn't replace it locally at the time. The AA batteries are new, but all other electrics are 1980's new! Assembled and in its faded glory I was waiting on a new battery assuming the old NiCad was stuffed, when i stumbled on a charger with the Tamiya connector. On a whim i connected the battery and let it charge for about 6 hours and was blown away that when connected the whole system ran fine (slow, but fine). That gave me the confidence to move forward with a Brushless conversion knowing that the servos had survived the ages, the Tx/Rx still worked ok, and the rest of the electrics werent corroded beyond repair. This project has always been about getting a vintage much loved buggy into a state where it didn't embarrass itself and would let me share quality time with my son. That's why you won't see any detail about repairing the body shell, or getting period correct tyres or wheels. But......recognising the historical value many attach to the Rough Rider, all mods i have planned or have already been done are non-destructive with the aim that it can be returned to its factory self by the next person. Any pieces i removed or were damaged, have just gone into the box for the next owner (although there are no plans for a sale while she's a healthy runner !! ). Cheers and thanks for YOUR help in getting it back to a fit state. RMR110 PS i had a chance to get it onto the beach soon after i got a new battery Motor and tyres, and uploaded it to YouTube. Unfortunately while this was the best footage, it was also when i had removed the body shell and in my haste to hit the beach before we lost the light, i didn't put it back on, so she's in stealth mode.
  19. Hi, I received a brand new Tamiya FineSpec FM trasmitter with TRU-05 receiver yesterday. This has been pulled from a TT-01 Type-E XB set. Transmitter and receiver look perfectly fine and new, with no marks. The tape was even still on the battery door of the transmitter. However, I cannot get these to work. I've hooked up the receiver with a battery pack with 4 fresh batteries and put 8 fresh batteries in the transmitter. I use Panasonic Eneloop rechargables, and have verified that they're all fully charged. They're brand new and I just charged them. They work perfectly fine in an AM set I also received yesterday. I've tried connecting one or two servos of various brands to the receiver. I know that everything is connected correctly, because I've used Futaba-type connectors with the little guide tabs still on them to verify orientation. The battery pack has the tab. When I turn the system on (transmitter first) I only get interference type twitching from the servos. I have no control at all when I use the transmitter. However, if I wave the transmitter a bit, I get more interference. Both transmitter and receiver use the red channel 2 (27.045 MHz) crystals that came with the set. I've tried reseating both to ensure a good connection and antennas are fully extended of course. I've never had a FM radio system before. I'm leaning towards calling this a dud and returning it to the seller, but before I do I'd like to know if there are some more things I should try with an FM system before giving up on it.
  20. Looking for a set of rear Big Bore Aeration Buggy Dampers, item number 54505. Used or new, and if possible a set of rear tuning springs (not a must for the springs though) Let me know what you have. Paypal money sitting waiting to pay Thanks James
  21. Aristocraft Draggin Wagon Trailer Attachment for Tamiya/Traxxas/Kyosho : Looks interesting, maybe something like a tractor pull sled .. anyone know anymore about this item ? Not mine BTW
  22. Amazing flip flop candy paint All aluminum John Benson Motorbox Three racing gold anodized wheels factory built all electronics and asking 2000.00 or best offer transmitter, box, instructions all there
  23. I have recently gotten in to modifying the battery powered Nerf fly wheel Blasters .... Having pulled them apart and found that the Tamiya mini 4wd motors are a direct fit I have been modifying several types of fly wheel blasters. The fully automatic CS-18 Rapidstrike now has two Plasma Dash motors for the fly wheels and a Hypa Dash 3 for the pusher motor ................... The switch kit that replaces all the c r a p that was in the Blaster is by Blastersmiths UK. Running on a 1 cell lipo holy moses Batman ..... fire power The semi automatic Stryfe is using two Hypa Dash 3 motors for the fly wheels running on four AA NiMH's ..............
  24. Tamiya kit # 58218 Toyota Corolla WRC TA03F-S. This is a used kit with box but no manual. The box is a bit tatty, with a few signs of brown parcel tape being used in places but is still complete and not falling apart, the chassis is in good but used condition (but not trashed, just the usual bottom scuffs on the chassis), the body is in great condition with only 1 small split (as pictured). Includes the TA03F front upgrade bumper and a set of medium TRF springs for the dampers. The wheels included are non kit standard wheels, but they are the Focus WRC style wheels and suit the Corolla just as well. The TA03R front gear box in the pictures is not included (listed in a different sale) Feel free to ask any questions. Ideally looking to post within the UK, but may post overseas at cost. £75 posted (uk) overseas cost due to postage will be higher. Many thanks James
  25. Hi Guys I have a number of Tamiya items on eBay at the moment as I deal with a few changes in circumstance. I wont go into detail on here, thankfully, but what remains of my Tamiya collection has to go to raise much needed funds. I am keen that this good stuff goes to true enthusiasts, as I am, and hope one day to rebuild my collection - probably through this forum!! Anyway I have the following for sale - in case there is a buyer out there - Message me through eBay if you wish to find out more. Thanks for looking... Actualday Tamiya Madcap Tamiya Madcap Buggy Tamiya Madcap Rear Wheels Tamiya Madcap Aluminium Gear Box Plate Set Tamiya Madcap Bundle of BRAND NEW !!!! parts Tamiya Radio Control Guide Books Tamiya Radio Control Guide Book 1999 Tamiya Radio Control Guide Book 2001 Tamiya Radio Control Guide Book 2003 Tamiya Radio Control Guide Book 2004 Tamiya RC Line Up Tamiya RC Line up 2010 Vol 1 Tamiya RC Line up 2010 Vol 2 Tamiya Static Model Tamiya F189 Ferrari [Mansell] Late edition model Tamiya Parts Tamiya Oval Block Front Tyres