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Found 225 results

  1. Hello! I've been looking at the Tamiya XV-01 pro rally chassis, and I think it might end up under the christmas tree for myself this year I've found that a Novak Edge 2s ESC would be nice, since it's about 35% smaller than many other ESC's, and I've read that this chassis has quite limited space for electronics. But I don't know what kind of motor would be ideal in this car. I found this article, but he modified both the gearing and the motor itself to make it fit. So my question is, what kind of motor is the "standard" one to put in this kind of car? Anyone with experience on the matter? Thanks in advance
  2. Got involved in a new project, converting a 1986 Nikko Dictator to Hobby grade. The car is in pristine condition and it have close to zero wear. I removed all plastic bushings from the front, rear axles and the wheel carriers. Replaced the original Johnson/Mabushi 380 motors with two Traxxas Titan 18T 380 motors, installed a high torque servo with a Traxxas servo saver while still using the stock steering rods. Rewired the car with 12 gauge cables and used only Deans connectors, the ESC is a lipo ready 8T ESC. Installed a FlySky radio system. Will replace the wheels and tires with Tamiya Boomerang ones which I got off eBay. Also ordered 100mm and 65mm oil shocks which I should be receiving today, will update the folder with pictures for this. Below is a link with pics of the whole process documentation in pictures (Photobucket folder) http://s646.photobucket.com/user/cjmarti/library/Nikko%20Dictator%20modifications Video: (Select 1080p) http://youtu.be/pks70AkHsiM?list=UUy1qk1RirzC4OlPOAFDOg2g
  3. Hey Everyone! I have for sale on ebay an uncompleted kit. Audi Quattro 5836. Please check out my listing. Please note, however, that it is my first ebay listing ever so pics are good, not great. This is a rare item. My seller name is lorettarob. Thanks,
  4. Hello I am selling my vintage RC Ligier Js9 Matra. The car needs some restoration and it's good as a project to work in. The body is in good condition, and I have one more "training" body shell. I have a printed copy of the original instruction manual, It also has the original box in very good condition. I don't have the electronic parts. The price is 300€ (more or less 375$). It is in Spain but I could send it. Thank you
  5. Hi I don't know if this thread classifies as a vintage, but anyhow. I'm struggling to find good tyres for my Super Fighter GR I've just orderered Hop Up parts 53085 and 53086 Front and rear Star-Dish Wheels 2WD (hope I did right, and fit the Super Fighter) Most of my running is in tarmac, so spiked tyres wear out fast... Any suggestions? Front and rear. Thanks
  6. With the better weather on it's way (less rain in some parts of the UK) it will be time to get the trusty RC cars out of the garage. My six year old girl wants to go 'driving' with me and I'm all for it; kids after all are the future of the hobby so I'm putting these questions out there for some advice really; Is there any way that I can limit the speed on the cars as previous trips out have resulted in full throttle (direction optional) until a solid object has been struck? I don't want to be altering the gearing and motors I just want to restrict the forward and backward speed but still give her an enjoyable time so that she wants to go out again. And whilst I'm on is there any transmitters that are specific for smaller hands; she finds my Spektrum gear a little bit difficult to get away with? Cheers Mark
  7. Basically as per the title. Looking for any TA03 hop up parts, preferably used/unpackaged as they are going to go into a runner anyway. Ideal parts are, Aluminium Motor Heatsink, Lightweight Purple Driveshafts, Alloy Purple Servo Mounts, TA03F-S FRP Chassis set and Alloy Front C Hubs. Also interested in any other TA03 hop ups that I never listed also. Let me know what you have. Paypal ££ waiting. James
  8. Hello, as mentioned in a previous post I just got back into the hobby after an 8 year hiatus. I had sold all my RC stuff so I had to start from scratch. Since I am a vintage only buff, I picked up this Tamiya Falcon on CL for $40. I really wanted a Frog or Blackfoot, which I also picked up dirt cheap along with another Faclon Parts car dirt cheap on Ebay after buying this one, but those are future projects or will be sold. I first went to Ebay and bought a whole Laundry list of stuff, Three Falcon parts lots, including the one already mentioned, a used Airtronics MX-3 Transmitter and reciever for only $23 shipped, I chose this because its what I used when I was in the Hobby back when, A new Airtonics BL Racer ESC, A new Aitronics standard servo, full bearing set, shock oil and grease, CRP dogbones, CRP chassis stiffener and bumper, a Fireball 19 turn modified motor, four 5300 Nimh battery packs, a Radio Shack dual trickle charger, body clips, etc. To date I have spent a grand total of $430 for everything, but I do not think thats too bad, since in the end I will have two Faclons with parts to spare, a Blackfoot, pretty much complete, and a Frog, needs wheels and tires. I can always swap the electronics from one to another, so with the exception of a couple of new motors and the wheels and tires foe the Frog, I am done spending money. I totally tore down the Falcon, cleaned and replaced broken parts and rebuilt. I have taken pics and show the before and after of the Falcon, I have not yet run it but will do so as soon as I get the chance.
  9. Okay so the title was a slight trick, but I thought it was grap some attention since my FTX Vantage that "was" bought as a cheap runner now contains quite a large supply of Tamiya Parts and pays homage to a Tamiya Classic. I knew when I bought the clear spare body and wing that I wanted to pay a small tribute to an old Tamiya buggy and it took me a while to source what one that was. After alot of consideration into the style and point of the buggy was along with the body style of the Vantage body, the decals had to agree with the body design IMO. So I decided on the Tamiya Astute. So over the last 3-4 months I have slowly added parts, hop-ups and many other bits and bobs to what once was a FTX Vantage to create what is shown in the photos. So far on my Vantage my current upgrades are , Carbon front and rear shock towers Carbon top plate Carbon battery plate Tamiya TRF 201 48dp spur gears (slightly modded to fit) Tamiya 48dp pinions Tamiya TL01B long rear Blue anodized driveshafts Anodized Blue top Damper holders 3 Racing D3 Sakura 4mm clamp type Blue anodized wheel hex's White anti roll bars (medium) White tuned medium springs (Medium) Tamiya Anodized Blue stabilizer ends Tamiya Anodized Blue wheel nuts Lithium medium grease in rear diff Lithium soft grease in front diff Tamiya DF03 Wheels FTX Vantage standard Tyres Clear Vantage body and wing set painted into a tribute to the Tamiya Astute Powered by old school 8.4v Nimh custom soldered battery pack, using deans battery bars and deans connectors. Speed Passion Reventon R ESC with 5.5R Motor Spektrum DX2E Radio set Hi-Tec hi speed metal geared servo and a few small bits and pieces. Coming soon is ....... Tamiya DF03 hard type turnbuckle set Red Soft Anti roll bars Tamiya K Block 62mm tyre set and possibly lipo power. So needless to say not quite the RTR Buggy it once was. I do hope you all like it as my intention was just to show my liking and my tribute to the Tamiya Astute.
  10. Hey guys - with most of us starting to get into our builds of the NovaFox - lets see them! Ive just finished mine - minus the wing at this stage. Looking to put one on that is similar to MadRacers. Gun Metal Grey with some bling rims. Leaving swaybar off - as its useless. Cheers
  11. Ive just bought a Tamiya Super Stock RZ motor and was wondering what ESC I should be using? Tamiya Blitzer Beetle. BSP RC Electric Model 7.2v 3000mah. Tamiya TEU104BK. Many Thanks in advance!.
  12. Hi everyone, Further to a recent thread, here are some pics of my Wild One that I finally got painted and 99% done. I still have to paint and install the driver but aside from that, the exterior is done. I hope you like them!
  13. Hi all, I'm returning to a fun hobby and are in the middle of building a re-issue Wild One and have a couple of questions that I hope someone out there can help me with: 1) I have some aftermarket wheels that have a large, six-sided hub pattern, so I ordered some wheel adapters based on some information provided on another forum. While the adapters for the rear worked great, the front are not correct. The problem is that the front axles are just spindles and do not have an option for the small metal tube that runs through the rear axle - which the adapters use to lock onto the axle. Is it supposed to be like that for the front wheels? Or am I just supposed to bolt up the rims to the existing spindles? 2) What is the best method to trim the edges from the front bumper? As it looks like my aftermarket wheels are going to rub.... 3) I have a ESC and 10T 3500 brushless engine ( I think it was the "EZ-RUN" set). Is a 3S lipo a good match for that ESC/engine combination? 4) Is there any way to not use the 4xAA battery pack (which I believe powers the receiver) and still have it function correctly? 5) There is a small switch in the ESC that is connected by a thin wire - what is that for? Is there a way to override that and have it run on the receiver power? Any help would be much appreciated and I'll be sure to post pics of the build when it's done (att. is a mock up so far)! Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi people,I finished to restore my Monster Beetle.It was in decent condition except the body that had several coats of paint. After a long restoring work here is the result. Would like to introduce you my Monster Beetle and will make a S.i.g. And here is the showroom entry: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=116053&id=24 I'm very proud of the result. CiaoMax
  15. hi all, I thought it may be useful to start a thread dedicated to li-po stick packs that fit Tamiya cars as I haven't seen any detailed single source for this issue, please do add links if you have seen one elsewhere , I think I would useful if you could give any details about fit and if you had to make any mods to get the pack to fit , I have only tried the yeah racing 3200 2s li-po packs ,they are a bit too long but workable and have proven to be quite strong and reliable , I had to use cable ties to hold them in the mad bull , for the M chassis I ended up using the quick release battery holder with 6mm of spacers on each side , I used cable ties to get it to stay in the king cab too , will add more as I try them
  16. Hi all. I'm selling my Avante 2001. Kit has been dug out of the loft but is all good. Everything is in good condition and works perfectly. I've removed battery and radio gear. Things that are not original are: Rear shocks Tyres (need replacing anyway) Front shock mount (think my dad made the replica aluminium one on it!) There is no radio gear but does have original sport tuned 540 motor and all Cam Locks for wheels are present and working. Post to the States is around 35.00 Euro Post to Europe around 32.00 Euro Price 180.00 Euro I'll give it a week and then it's going on eBay. Many thanks for looking! Adam
  17. Hi, finished building my M05 only to have a play on the drive and try to jump a small speed-hump and shearing off the front-right hand side suspension mount. When I say small I wasn't being too ambitious, it was about 10cm tall, if that. I've tried epoxy, it worked until I stupidly tried the same thing (I'll never learn), should I fix it the same way again and just not attempt jumps or is there a way of reinforcing the mounts so they don't break again? Thanks Adam
  18. hi all , i have long wanted a 1/10 RWD rally car or more specifically a MK1 ford escort , i was planning on building a chassis from scratch using the gearbox from a 2WD buggy and a carbon chassis plate but, that's still in the works, in the mean time i came across a modified M04 chassis on a forum somewhere , it looked real easy and cheap to do so i thought what the hang lets give it a go, i ordered some TL01 suspension arms and set too, its an easy mod ,you will also need two lots of the chassis extenders, i had some in the box of muchness , i had some 42mm dogbones laying around in the bitz boxes too , they should be 39mm with 'o'rings but the 42's are fine if you leave the 'o'rings out of the drive cups , one small issue i came across were the front shock lower spring cup was fowling wishbones , i used some longer shock rod ends to overcome the issue , no biggy, i may have to adjust the wheelbase slightly but that will have to wait until the shell gets here , i haven't run it yet as i am waiting for the ESC and RX to arrive . i will update this thread as i get the parts and time to bring it all together and tune the handling to get it to drift as realistically as i can
  19. So, my chosen winter project is the Twin detonator, thanks to some great advice and information from you guys on this forum. Again, thank you. So I decided to paint it a Tamiya racing green, sanded the chrome bits and painted them bronze, along with the wheels. I had some side view mirrors laying around and mounted them. I modified the roof light buckets to fit some white LED's and covered them up with some lenses from an Integy lighting kit. Rigged up 2 Venom 8.4 batteries to a Traxxas waterproof dual motor/battery esc, powering 2 Traxxas 550 12T motors, and steered by a Traxxas water proof high torque servo. And it's fully ball raced, including the gear boxes. All of the aluminum control arms and hubs are awaiting installation, just waiting on the shocks to come in. Tires and wheels are next, and would love to see some pics/ideas.. Also would love to find out who makes a dual battery chassis for it. Maybe someone here could help Anyway, enough chat..here's the pics..
  20. I'm selling some parts and NIB kit Please, No swap. Tamiya Honda S800 M02 NIB : Price : 159 euros + shipping at cost (from France) Lot 4 bodysets 1/10 Renault Megane Maxi : - 190mm - 260mm - No decals - Fit on FF-01 et FF-03 Price : 25 euros for the whole + shipping at cost. (from France) HPI Bodyset 1/10 BMW 2002 Turbo : - 225mm Price : 29 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Ta02 Racing Special NIB : - NIB Price : 189 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Tamiya Clio NIB : - NIB Price : 195 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Blue Roll cage for Marui galaxy RS - good shape Price : 22 euros + shipping at cost. (from France) Tamiya BMW M3 TT01 - NIB Price : 100 euros + shipping at cost. (from France)
  21. All on eBay- http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/giddings1980/m.html?item=321037839438&pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item4abf58ac4e&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  22. I am currently selling my BMW Z3 M Roadster on eBay from the year 2000 It is completed but has never been fully run (it has obviously been tested but not used) Take a look- http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1555.l2649
  23. I have a F201 Tuned Chassis with new chassis plate, 4 sets of tires (some new, some used), a new in box Ferrari F2001 Bodyset (clear body, rear wing, front wing, sticker, driver) and lots of spare parts, used bodies. I`m looking for $300 $250 shipped anywhere in the world.
  24. After having built a few Scania R470/620s, I've decided to make a P340/380. The main difference between the R and P series in the cabin height, the R-cab, (being the premium body) is taller and offers more comfort and space. I've modified an existing R-cab to a P-cab, and converted it to a low-roof. Main visual difference is at the upper front grill. The R-cab has 3 rows of horizontal ventilation, while the P-cab has only 2 rows. Showing the 2 trucks side-by-side:
  25. Guys, i have recently found a great place to run my bikes and now fancy a 4wd touring car just for bashing, no plans to race competitively. but i do want to run brushless, so not thinking of a TLO1 or anything like that I am really only a collector of old cars and totally lost touch with modern stuff. is Tamiya the best option or maybe another brand, i fancy buying lots of Ali hopup parts and making a real nice chassis What do u suggest that i can pickup cheap on Ebay that will run brushless and handle ok. Can u turn a touring car into a drift car easily or are they two different setups, ie can i just change the wheels or is it a different chassis. thanks Chris
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