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Found 221 results

  1. Hey Guys, I'm looking for the Tamiya 58170 Castrol Toyota Toms Supra GT body / bodyshell for such a long time. I want to have thei sbody / bodyshell. Has someone of you the body / bodyshell for sale? Whatever painted and finished or unpainted. Also I'm interested in parts like the stickers or wing-set. Please do offer all. Thanks.
  2. I'm going to refurb my FF-03, some raw ideas on my mind and a nice set up found using stock spur+pinion and a LRP Runner motor (22.400 rpm). Current coditions are shown below :-)
  3. Hello guys, a little help trying to figure out which vintage car this is.. I got a couple boxes of old RC parts, and want to get them going, but kinda need some help identifying the car(s).. Thanks
  4. My FF-03 is on sale from ages, none want it so I decided to revamp the car with some new stuff. I'm a basher, not a racer and I need to know if the 54297 reinforced lower deck is more durable than the stock one (that is covered in deep scratches). Tnx in advance
  5. Just starting to get the parts in for a new project... called X here is what I will be starting to work on, got this chassis from my good friend. Will be modified... . new rim :-)
  6. I'd love some recommendations for set of street tires that will fit the vintage Hornet/grasshopper/etc. I've heard the Brat tires could work but the wheels don't look like they will fit the axles. I bought a set of 1.6 slicks but they inside diameter is too big and do not grip the wheel at all. Suggestions?
  7. After rebuilding my original 84 Hornet I've decided to tackle a second new Hornet build applying all that I learned from the first build. I'm sure I'll still make some mistakes and learn more throughout this build. Your suggestions are welcomed and needed!
  8. Hi! Does anyone have a Tamiya TT01E knocking about? Thanks, Sam
  9. Hi can anyone help...got a newly built Honda city turbo with Tamiya TBLE02 ESC hooked to a Carson receiver, a reflex wheel pro 2, transmitter is stick style. Batteries are fresh in transmitter and fresh charged Nicad (it works as just in my grasshopper!) pic below shows setup. When I turn on it appears to connect, and then it may or may not throttle , and then cut out...then back on again, reverse if you flick the stick a couple of times. Steering can work, then stops again, then works...any ideas guys and gals?? Thanks, it would make my 8 yr old day....!
  10. Hey Guys! one of my friends made me a quick vid on the Juggernaut, let me know what you think! for my blogs on my builds follow me on Instagram @RCBah Thanks For Looking!
  11. Ever since it hit the shops in 1991, I wanted a Bullhead. I never got one as a kid, but now I'm a grown adult/big kid I've finally got myself one, albeit the re-released version. I've had it a while, but believe it or not only finshed the build over the Christmas holidays. I didn't manage to get many buld pics at all, but i did get some while painting the shell. At last! Painting - primer coat then a few light coats of Tamiya Metallic Blue, then Tamiya Clear. This is the only build picture I managed to get (spot the little helper) And the finished article. Fully ball-raced and painted box art. The only difference is that I bought an extra flag as I always wanted two when i was a kid. This thing is a beast. Took it outside for some shots, although the light makes it look like a flat blue even though its quite shiny in the flesh Won't be running this near any tarmac, if i take it out it will be soft dirt or a beach - frightened of rolling it and trashing the body. Might have to get a spare shell Cheers
  12. Hi folks, Well, this is time for me to sell this incredible lot!! It’s a Tamiya 42139 TRF511 upgraded + an impressive bulk of spare parts, most new in box. The car is already in excellent condition, but you have also ALL the needed parts to rebuilt the car as COMPLETELY AND BRAND NEW. For example, you have some of the alloy suspension mounts that are currently almost impossible to find (or at high prices). You have complete driveshafts for front and rear, hub carriers, all suspension shafts, wishbones, belts, pulleys, cups, balls, and so on!!! You have 3 more spare geared diffs. Added to the 2 already in the car, that means 5 complete geared diffs!! Let’s do a complete tour Upgrades fitted to the car are: Titanium turnbuckles 12 deg front caster blocks HL aeration shocks Grey ball cups Hex head ball joints Tamiya complete alloy steering (almost impossible to find as complete nowadays) Tamiya geared diffs front and rear TRF shock bushings. Blue springs all round (new) Alloy servo mounts with take-off titanium bolts Gold shock shafts all round Tamiya 0.5 deg rear alloy hubs Tamiya alloy servo saver Rude bits weight kit Lipo tray Blue alloy screws allround for top visible screws Blue serrated wheel nuts Tamiya spring kit including box (all the springs of all rates, not on the pic but sent) Double front shock mount (for strength) LMR wing Spare parts NEW IN BOX Qty / Description / Ref. 2 x Front suspension mount rear blue alloy (2 per pack) 9804296 2 x Front suspension mount front blue alloy 3454428 1 x Rear suspension mount rear blue alloy 3454659 1 x Tamiya blue alloy 12 deg caster blocks 54063 1 x Hinge pin inserts (8) 50994 1 x Complete rear driveshaft (2 per pack) 54119 1 x Complete front driveshaft + front hubs (2 per pack) 54118 1 x King pin (4) 51290 2 x New TRF503 rear hubs 51504 3 x Rear wishbones DB01 51313 3 x Front wishbones DB01 51311 2 x Gear diff internals 51470 2 x Belt 54140 1 x Belt tension adjusters 51278 1 x Diff pulley 37 teeth 53988 1 x Centre pulley (2 per pack) 53989 1 x Diff cover (quantity for 2 diffs) 53970 1 x RW spur gear 91 teeth 1 x Tamiya spur gear 91 teeth 51314 1 x Low friction rod guide set 53979 1 x X ring (8) 42214 1 x 1,3mm pistons (4) 53977 1 x 1,4mm pistons (4) 53978 1 x Wheel pin (10) 9805776 1 x Rear inner hinge pins (4 per pack) 9805681 1 x Front inner hinge pins (4 per pack) 51093 1 x Front and rear outer hinge pins (4 per pack) 9804301 2 x Heavy duty ball cups (8) 51283 1 x Grey ball cups 54257 2 x Balls hard 5x5mm (5) 53968 2 x Balls hard 5x8mm (5) 53969 2 x Nut nylstop blue (5) 54411 1 x TRF sticker set 42164 1 x Rear wheel 51321 1 x Diff cover front Fredrick 1 x Diff cover rear – long Fredrick 2 x TRF chrome sticker set 42234 2 x B spare set (bumper, wing mount, …) 51271 1 x Front hubs 54131 1 x Tamiya undertray 1 x Spacer set 53539 1 x Locking battery post 84304 1 x Shock cap 51280 Spares parts also included, opened from bag and still new or used: 3 x Complete gear diff 54329 1 x Front carbon upper top deck 4024016 1 x Rear carbon upper top deck 4024017 Yeah racing complete alloy steering 2 x ball diffs, just had new thrust race and diff plates and ceramic balls fitted, done by Ralls racing 2 x used rear wings 51460 x 1 gear diff internals Bumpers and tails Ball diff pulley NIP Spare grey used ball joints 4 x front arms 1 x rear Front and rear roll bar kit Used rear towers x 2 Front hubs x 2 pairs Spur gear Centre pulleys Original plastic steering parts Extra rude bits weights Spare aerial mount 3 bodyshells as picture 1 complete set of wheels/tires + minispike yellow in good condition 1 complete set of black wheels 1 pair of rear wheels 1 pair of front wheels Box and instruction manual SOLD
  13. Hey, I have just restored my Tamiya Vanquish and would like to share. Vanquish is a really nice rc car. But the driver do not fit the cockpit so I remade one. I am still using the old Am 27MHz controller with Tamiya CPR unit. But what would be the difference if the electric parts were upgraded to 2.4G? Also could you suggest any hop-up for this master piece?
  14. My first spray paint since my college years with some inspiration from other guides on the internet. The new Honda/Acura NSX body is going to be on my TRF419X chassis. Note. The image may not be very clear as it was taken inside a DIY spray booth. Main body colour scheme Pearl White, Tamiya PS-57 Roof, Rear and front bumper I'd changed the standard black (PS-5) having got some interesting information from a blog at Soul RC in the following order:- Translucent Purple, Tamiya PS-45 Pearl Clear, Tamiya PS-58 Metallic Red, Tamiya PS-15 Gun metal, Tamiya PS-23 The pearl clear was suppose to be the first layer, but I didn't want high reflective (or sparkle?) in the finish so I'd decided to the change layering sequence. More image to follow. Front close up (image below) of the bumper; you can just about notice the dark metallic/pearl purple effect.
  15. Finally found one thanks to OCD on here. Also, thanks to all who helped me and for the friendly replies!! This pic ain't the best but I finally, finally own one 😎
  16. I've built a simple rear mount for a spare tire for my Pajero, but since Tamiya only supplies 4 wheels and tires with their kits (how dare they!) I am now one short. Does anyone here have a Pajero MTW tire + wheel left over from an upgrade or something, and is willing to share? Many thanks. (This is one of the front wheels posing for the shot. Note the gangsta-lean of the car.)
  17. I've recently acquired a TA03R-S in an auction, but really just wanted the body shell. Now you can have the rest. The tires are shot from sitting (splits). Price is negotiable, but please no less than $50USD. Here's a pic: and the bottom:
  18. Hey gang! Well, I decided to try something fun today live on the internet with our love and past time hobby Tamiya. A website called Twitch.tv allows people to stream creative hobbies to anyone who wants to watch. I usually play video games on Twitch but decided to try my creative thumb and stream some live vintage Tamiya restoration, painting, repairing and anything else that I have on the backlog just waiting to be finished. I have never seen anyone cover anything Tamiya on Twitch, so I figured why not be the first! Would love to have ya stop by and say hello! My handle is AmericanPixel on Twitch and you can view my channel here: twitch.tv/AmericanPixel I go live every day at 4pm (PST). If you pop in, be sure to shoot me a follow and say hi in chat and tell me you came from the forum! It's 100% free and you don't even have to register to watch!
  19. Hi all, I am looking to sell my Nitro Thunder to someone who will look after this model and use it to its potential! See pictures below. The car has never been run in, having only been used for a few hours. It has recently been overhauled and serviced, by Nitroflight Models Ltd, Rotherham, and is fully functioning and runs perfectly. There are a range of spares, including charger, spare batteries and fuel can. All original paperwork is provided, along with original packaging. Looking for offers so fire away! Any questions feel free to ask and I shall reply as soon as possible - I have a price in mind for this. Thank you, Dan
  20. Tamiya big wheeled truck event at Kidderminster 3rd July 2016 Kidderminster is hosting the first Tamiya big wheeled truck event. See facebook link for full details..... https://www.facebook.com/groups/1042784125780236/ booking is open and via email - pay on the day. Tamiyatruckfest@gmail.com A minimum of 5 entries will be needed to run any class. Camping is available on Saturday the 2nd of July at a small cost of £2 each tent/caravan. Entry into 1 class will cost £5 and every other class will at £4. You can run as many classes as you wish. Please contact (Malcolm McDougall) at Tamiyatruckfest@gmail.com with any questions.
  21. I have two original Tamiya RC2400SP 2400mAh Ni-Cd batteries up for sale like the one in the picture. They have not been used in a long time but I am pretty sure that a few cycles would revive them. They are in very good shape appearence-wise so they can be actually used for display purposes as well. I am asking for 20€ for each of those or 35€ for both. I will accept offers on those. Shipping is free for Europe. Please note that the green sticker can be removed (it was there to tell the 2 batteries apart)
  22. Hi All, I*m new here, treat me nice ;-) I've bought a Bruiser off eBay, with the idea being to restore and re-build where necessary. I work on computers every day, so this is a great way for me to work with my hands and get my mind away from computers and screens! I bought it as a semit-complete kit - so the chassis & running gear are are all there, with working electrics, but the body needs to be completed, and there are two seemingly serious issues to deal with before the truck can run... But, the last time I worked on an RC car was about 30 years ago and it was fleeting - when I was a kid this was the thing I wanted to do but my parents couldn't afford for me to do, so it was only with a few friends once or twice! So basically I'm new to this, and have probably bitten off a bit more than I should to start with. [To remedy that, I've bought a bunch of Grasshoppers off ebay too, which I'm going to work on as well - time to satisfaction much faster!] So I have some questions which I hope the folks here can help with: 1) slop on the front axle? When I put on the wheels, there was a bit of slop which I put down to tightening. Now that I've spent more time on the truck, I can see that the hub shafts are moving around in the knuckles too much. More tightening, or is this normal? What to do? 2) what should it sound like? What should a good motor + running gear sound like when it's running - what are the warning signs for more grease / bad lubrication / problems / etc etc? 3) shifting the tranny? This thread from Nitomor is excellent, and it's highlighted how important it is to get the shifting right. My one only shifts into 4wd drive if I really push the rod as far as it can go manually with my fingers, certainly can't do it with the servo alone - so how do I adjust this so that the servo can do it for me? What are the measurements I should be watching out for? 4) what servos to use? Again, the thread from Nitomor is great for inspiration! Would metal gear servos be good as a matter of course? What ones are recommended? Which is tougher on the servo - direction (left / right) or shifting the tranny? I'm in the UK, so any suggestions on what to get would be appreciated. Could follow Nitomor exactly, but then sounds like his Bruiser is mostly for the shelf, so wonder if there are better options? Also, which servo saver? Mine has new white circular ones on the tranny servo. 5) what transmitter to use? I can get the transmitter to shift into the 2wd gears no problem, but moving the rod far enough back to switch into 4wd reliably, then keep it there, seems to be beyond the transmitter / servo combination. Is there a way to tune this I'm missing? Again related to the servo question - seems like using a gate on the transmitter is a bit of a hack if you can use a switch instead? Seems like if the switch can do Neutral, Left & Right, then you've got the 3 speed shifting you need? If so, which transmitter is recommended? Would any 6 or 7 channel transmitter within budget work, or are there specific models only? Nitomor is using the Futaba FF7, and there is a guy who posted a build using a Carson tx - so what should I be looking for? Lastly, I'm not building this for the shelf - this is being built to run around with my kids. I'm hoping to hop on a GoPro or similar so that I can take photos of my kids running around without having to actually keep up with them ;-) So when answering please bear that in mind - I'm not looking for beauty or perfect lines, mainly something that will last and will be bomb-proof, much like my real life 1:1 Bruiser! Cool, over to you guys, thanks in advance!
  23. I am selling two sets of classic tamiya Piaa Accord VTEC wheels and Celica GT-Four racing radial tires 50724 and 50419. Both wheels and tires are 26mm and the wheels have +2mm offset and use 12mm hexes. Wheels also include wheel nuts. Tires come without inserts. I am missing the label for the second set of wheels. Nice combo for rally and drift applications.These wheels are not aceton friendly.I am asking for 30€ for everything but items can be also sold seperately for 7€ for a single tire set and 8€ for the single wheels set. I am also willing to take offers. These need to go! Might consider trading these for a set of HPI 26mm wheels or a set of x-pattern tires. Shipping is free for Europe.
  24. Good condition TXT-1. Driven twice (the second time, one of my dear children drove the front tire into a curb at an odd angle cracking the front axle guard - it has been replaced with the stronger carbon re-enforced part off the TXT-2 see the last pic). It's missing one body post that I don't seem to be able to find in my hobby room (which can be had off eBay for $15 shipped - or the TamiyaUSA web site has it for $6 - but the body is fine without it as it rests on the bumper). Asking $300 CAD, pickup in Whitby Canada greatly preferred
  25. I have a brand new built Tamiya TRF414M2 with all available Hop-Up Options. This is a rare collector's item now. Hop-Ups installed: 49219 TRF414M2 Chassis 49320 Lightweight Aluminum Servo Stay (Blue) 49258 TRF414 Front Stabilizers (Pair) 49269 TRF414M Lightweight Front Bulkhead 49270 TRF414M Lightweight Rear Bulkhead 49271 TRF414M Lightweight Motor Plate AO-5017 TRF415 Carbon Bumper Support 51065 TRF415 Suspension Mount (A) 51067 TRF415 Suspension Mount (C) 53480 TA04 Lightweight Diff Joint Set 53638 6mm Aluminum Ball Nut (Blue) 53681 Titanium Wheel Axle For Assembly Universal Shaft 53612 TA04 Racing Front One-way Unit 53687 TB Evolution III Aluminum Rear Upright (1°) 54130 TB-03D Aluminum Wheel Hubs (Brake Disc Shaped) 542XX Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft 3454071 Bulkhead Beam (Pair) £1000 plus international shipping and handling fees.
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