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Found 4 results

  1. I'm looking for a Marui Shogun, ideally in the best possible conditions that I can afford, to showcase as a shelf queen. At the same time, I happen to have a Marui Samurai and a Team Associated RC10 Edinger Gold Pan that I could (reluctantely) let go of. I know that chances are slim, but maybe there's somebody there in the opposite situation! Anybody looking for an R10 or Samurai and willing to let go of their Shogun? I don't really know how it works here, if the trades/swaps and sales are based on trust, reputation, paypal or what (first time I venture in this part of the forum9), but I had a look through the topics and trades history and it seems that everybody is happy with it! So why not trying, before I venture on Ebay for something I don't really wanna sell anyway. I know it obviously depends on the condition of the items, but I thought there would be good chances of such buggys having more or less rhe same value (please correct me if I'm wrong!). Here's a little summary of what I've got to trade, then of course in case of interest I will provide detailed descriptions and more pictures as well as answering any questions one may have. The 1986 Samurai is a shelf queen, all original, in good conditions especially regarding the aesthetics. Comes with period correct electronics and remote, bench tested and still fully working. In its many years of life t's been used though, so it's far from perfection but still absolutely gorgeous. The RC10 is a 1984 Edinger edition and comes with original box, manual, diff grease, some spares, and correct Futaba vintage electronics with respective booklets. Original body shell and wheels/tires are missing and have been substituted respectively with a Dahms body shell and HPI wheels/tires, both vintage (late '80s I think) and with their mini-booklet and spare hub adaptors. It's a runner and is also no stranger to scuffs and marks, that being said it's in overall very good conditions. It screams for some tlc: stripping, cleaning, ballf diff tuning, shocks refilling and all that, amyway all the wealth is there for a proper restoration (which was actually my intention when I bought it in the first place). Here's the Samurai and the RC10 So yeah if anybody is interested let me know, and maybe with some patience and proper communication we'll sort something out! One little final twist: I am based in Canada which will not make things easier, though I'm sure it's still doable . Cheers!
  2. This was the motor I put in my old Hornet years ago. I remember it running pretty well-but now I cannot remember what company made this motor or how it stacks up against a Sport Tuned 540, for example. I think it might have been made by Associated, but I can't be sure. Can anyone I.D. this motor? Thanks for any info.
  3. Thanks, all for inviting me into the Tamiya Club...... I have been in the process of moving the past few weeks and re-discovered my old Hornet packed away in a box of stuff. It originally had a yellow body (photo 1) and a stock 540. I eventually put all ball bearings in it and a "Black Magic" Associated (I think) motor. After cleaning it up and finding all the missing parts, unfortunately I discovered that the original Airtronics radio bit the dust. So I decided to restore it with a new twist...... I always liked the look of the Grasshopper 2 body-and so I stuck one on the old chassis (photo 2) -it fits perfectly after drilling 1 hole in front of the Grasshopper 2 front post hole. And it goes well with the Hornet nerf bars..... Now she has a Sport Tuned 540 ready to go with a new set of tires (photo 3). The Black Magic motor still runs-so it'll be a decent spare...... I'm just waiting for a new Tamiya ESC and some new rear shocks.......Thanks, everyone, for taking a look......
  4. Bit of a long shot here, but I'm looking for an RC10T2 for a project. I don't need a whole kit, but am not opposed to it for the right price. I would like it to have: - Chassis - Rear bulkhead - Transmission and motor plate - Battery mount and hold down. Thanks guys!
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