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Found 32 results

  1. I have alot of incomplete threads on this forum so I thought I'd follow the lead of some of you. This will be my one go to thread to track all of my projects as I go. All of the projects are running now but are in various stages of their build. There is atleast one more that Im going to add in the near future but first I need to update you all on where is what in what stage. First up is the Astute. The Astute is the first Hobby Grade RC I got. I spent a summer doing chores for my Grandfather to save up for it. AFter about 27 years of neglect I decided to bring it back, man I am really that old. Ill update that thread one more time, Ill post the finish goods here as well. First the group shot!
  2. looking for a set of astute front tires 53048, does any one have some nip ones. thanks
  3. As some of your might have seen here, I've been working on some new parts for the Super Astute series of cars. One of the projects I've been working on is a replacement gearbox for the Astute that accepts modern internals (ie a modern slipper and a sealed gear diff). The main reason behind this is because Super Astute TTC gearboxes are too rare, there is nothing at all that has a sealed diff and the Astute and Kingcab series are DESPERATELY delicate in the gearbox and a drop in replacement would allow far more of them to be used/raced. I settled on the Schumacher Cougar KR for internals as it has a 3 gear setup (similar to the Astute / SA) and is relatively common. I modelled everything up in CAD and made a test print via shapeways. Some pics below. For a 1st prototype, it's actually gone together pretty well, the parts mostly hang together and work. Clearly there are still some issues to fix though: Major: Motor fouls gearbox a bit (pinion size, hence gearing options are restricted). Will cause issues especially with King Cab (where pinion need to be smaller). Major: Motor Plate fouls wishbone pins (I could mod the motor plate to fit but as I want this to be a drop in replacement part, I will tweak the motor plate's angle instead) Minor: Outdrives are smaller on Cougar than Astute (53mm for SA vs XXmm for Cougar). Doesn't look too bad (see pics) but might cause some issues when driven hard. Not sure how it'd affect the King Cab. Minor: Nut recesses have some minor issues (too small / too big, doesnt affect use but should be fixed) Minor: Chassis post recesses are ~1mm too deep Minor: Small amount of binding in the gearbox (this might actually run in fine, dont know until its tested, if not may need to shift idler gear a little in CAD) Now for the reason I'm writing this thread now before the part is ready..... I NEED SOMEONE TO HELP ME TEST IT! Confession, I do more technical stuff than actual driving and I get most of my fun from the build however it's obviously critical that my stuff works properly when it becomes available to others. Hence for a part like the gearbox which takes precision and a lot of abuse - I want it properly tested before I make it generally available on shapeways. So Im looking for a volunteer from the community to help test my models. I'm looking for someone as per below: Has an Astute / Super Astute / Madcap / Kingcab RUNNER that they use regularly. Must be a runner, must be usable via some "proper" driving to actually test the part. Has a modern brushless / lipo setup than they are willing to test on the car. Is willing to test the parts I send and then post them back to me (with comments/feedback via regular TC pms / emails) UK based (sorry don't want to post internationally when prototyping - too slow/expensive) Longstanding & well known TC member who is knowledgeable about parts and has build experience (quite a few $ of kit so I want to test someone who's likely to be trustworthy (and not disappear & take my stuff!) and knows their stuff (essential for troubleshooting)) Ideally - Has modern 2wd experience (aware of what "good" is actually like for this class and some modern 2wd parts to use, spurs, pinions etc) If you're interested in helping me develop the gearbox and/or other parts - please let me know (and confirm the above points). I'm thinking the gearbox needs one more round of my own prototyping before it can go to my nominated tester for a thrash test (but you never know - I might mess up). BTW - Please don't be offended if you volunteer to test my stuff and I don't take you up on the offer, my wallet can only cover so much shapeways prototyping at any one time
  4. Hi, I want to restore my Tamiya Astute. I need one set of parts b. If you have part a, please also let me know. Many thanks!
  5. The car has been completely restored and has the shapeways 3d printed brace to strengthen the front suspension chassis mount.It has a custom built driver in the lexan body.Pictures speak for themselvesI'm looking for 275euros.Based in europe, belgium
  6. Looking for the following Super Astute Parts: Battery mount (G2, G5) G1 5mm spacers Bumper E9 TTC Parts: H3 Clutch Spacer H4 Disk Spacer BK7 Pressure Disk Any usable condition considered, payment via paypal.
  7. After deliberation and with an upcoming trip to an amateur ice hockey tournament in mid-May, I have decided to list my Tamiya Astute for sale. Unlike previous attempts, I am not wavering on my promise: this car is and will remain for sale until sold. The memories I have are unfortunately not enough to overcome the room and board and equipment fees I will be facing abroad... What you see here is a Tamiya Astute. Several modifications have been implemented, including: - modified suspension front and rear, using simplified Madcap components to reduce weight and complexity compared to the original Astute specification - alloy rear suspension blocks (replacing Astute parts D1) - a complete Tamiya Traction Control geartrain, purchased separately and installed as stock - Super Astute central battery holder (G parts) - ball bearings installed in drivetrain and other areas (where bearings are still used; suspension modifications negate many of the original Astute's areas) In addition, a reproduction shell and wing are included - minor scuffs and scratches appear on the shell and undertray. Blue anodized wheel nuts anchor original lightweight racing wheels and correct kit tires. This car is in good working condition, tested with the electronics pictured (which will be included). These electronics can be removed upon request for a discount. All mechanical parts are in solid structural condition, with no visible cracks or evidence of fractures. I bought this car used and refurbished it prior to running it; since then, it has been run five times, and only twice with the TTC geartrain installed - personal photo records verify this claim, as well as the notion that RC circuit-type jumps were never encountered while in my ownership. I am open to offers and trades; however money is a priority given the circumstances under which I am selling this car. At present, I am looking for approximately 250 GBP (amounting to roughly $445 CAD at writing), which will include worldwide shipping. Where other currencies are considered, the Canadian dollar will provide a baseline for conversions (and remember that it is weak at present ). As this car is based in Canada, this fee will facilitate paying for faster shipping options overseas; otherwise I am willing to negotiate offers if you are willing to accept less expensive (if slower) shipping. I accept PayPal, either marked as 'gift' or with a nominal increase added to compensate for transaction fees. As well as I have attempted to describe the car, pictures do a better job; thus: Of course, if you wish for more detailed photos and/or have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me! I have ready access to this Astute and wish for you to buy with confidence, so I will be more than happy to answer your queries. Thanks for reading!
  8. Hi, I'm selling my old used, but in great shape, Astute. The RC comes complete with servo, CPR, Motor - everything except transmitter and battery. I won't go into details about the hop-up's used - I think you can all see most of that from the pictures. Please observe that the shocks are not original Tamiya though! https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ank3lVSjNEmUgaxcv3Z-VVp5QeCB1w Make an offer :-) Reach me on martinjordt@hotmail.com (I'm in Denmark) Cheers Martin
  9. I am not going to restore all of these right now so i was wondering if anyone was interested in them. I have a link to the pics of the collection i have, PM me for that. Or if you want detailed pics of anything. Some are missing a few parts some none at all. If you are interested I can go through the whole rc with pics so you know what you are getting. I also have a fishing box with servos, gears, shafts....alll sorts of things. I would need help figuring out what it all is but i'm willing to take pics and go from there. king cab astute avante vanquish the fox and there are a few more.
  10. I am trying to restore a vintage Astute for a friend but unfortunately, may have promised him more than I can deliver. I need a C and D parts tree. Anyone have any leads on parts for this poor Astute?
  11. Hi All, I'm very excited to share my latest project Many of you will recognise this car, I won it on fleabay a couple of weeks back and after contacting the seller it turned out the seller was fellow member neverfollow. Link to his original thread http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/71961-astute-restoration-with-modifications/&page=1 I'll start with a brief run down of where it's at and where it's going. All cars start somewhere and this is how it was when neverfollow acquired it from japan Current parts: A&L lethal weapon trans (soooo much sexy ) Stadium Blitzer front + rear hubs F103 carbon reinforced front uprights Super Astute G4 support TA-04 Pro steering linkage TA-04 Pro aluminum servo mounts Super astute front + rear arms DF-03 CVD's Super Astute battery tray Avante upper links front and rear Front carbon fibre turnbuckle brace Alloy D1 suspension blocks Standard yellow kit shocks (neverfollow kept his Hi-caps for obvious reasons) Standard kit wheels Pictured is how neverfollow had it when completed his restoration Here is where it's at now: Other than removal of the shocks I haven't touched the frontend and the rear end has only been stripped and put back together whilst I contemplate upgrades. I will re strip the car and clean up everything once I'm happy with it and post more pics as I go. Test fit of battery and servo. As it is an Astute, holes will need to be drilled for the Super Astute battery tray. Bel (neverfollow) originally drilled holes for various mounting trials but they aren't suited to where I want them for my particular battery option. Planed upgrades are as follows: Modern turnbuckles Rear carbon turnbuckle support brace Modern wheels and tyres Lipo battery BZ superstock or similar motor (I have a few vintage motors I may throw in for fun depending on my mood) TBLE-02 ESC (have one leftover from my re-re monster beetle purchase) Shocks... This one is tough, I've always loved hi caps and am leaning towards them but as it's going to be a runner I feel the TRF aeration dampers could be a better option with a lot more tunability. I'm open to suggestions/opinions here Please feel free to add any other suggestions keeping in mind I'm after reliability first and foremost. I know the A&L can handle a lot more motor and I may increase motor options as I grow confident with the car. One thing I love about it is the ability to run any 48p spur and pinion combo so gearing options are endless. FYI internal gear ratio is 2.22, pretty close to most buggies 2.6 That's it for now, stay tuned for progress updates
  12. I have for sale my Tamiya Astute that is made up of alot of Madcap parts too. The Chassis plate, and damper stays are Astute as are the Battery Holders and the rear gearbox too. The Front Damper holder/kick up plate is a Madcap one as is the rear Damper Stay holder. Madcap front and rear arms and Uprights. The gearbox has the metal motor mount plate. I have run it twice and its just sitting on a shelf now so would be good to find a new home for it. It comes with an old original Tamiya Astute body, undertray and wing that have seen better days, but they are still tidy enough, and also a brand new (non original) Body, undertray and Wing that has been painted Tamiya Metallic Red backed with silver and then Painted Metallic red again and non original decals have been applied. All the wheels are Astute wheels and are in great condition, as are the tyres front and rears still have loads of life left on them. Also comes with 2 spares sets of used front (1 set Tamiya and 1 Set Proline) along with a fair few spares. The upper arms would need replaced as they are made up of 3mm threaded rod for running purposes. All in all its a good buggy and looks fantastic, but would look even better a gentle runner for someone. SOLD !!!! Thanks James
  13. bjorklo

    Astute Gator

    After seeing Beefmuffin's conversion of the DT-02 to a replica Astute, i just knew that i wanted one like that. This is the real deal where the inspiration comes from. in 2012 I sold my Desert Gator thinking that I will never need it, yeay right, i started to regret that a few weeks ago. I was searching the web for a new or used one, but shipping and possible customs tax it was going to be a bit expensive for me. Then I thought why don't I just search my inbox and find the guy I sold it to and ask if he still have it, and if he is willing to sell it. He did have it and he was willing to sell it to me for a good price. Here is a picture from when I had it And here is a picture of how it looks now The one thing I knew I had allready for the conversion was the Astute light weight front wheels, but I don't have tires. For rear I found a set of old Egress wheels and new tires. To find these I had to go trough my huge wheels and tires box, and of course i found them at the bottom The car is equiped with an old acoms reciver, V3 esc and Kyosho Mega 18x2 I must say that I'm very impressed with the speed in that motor, and will be keeping it. I might change the reciver and controller to a 2.4GHZ. I have made some orders for most of the parts i need for this project so just waiting for it to arrive
  14. Well its time to put a few items up for sale that I either no longer need or is looking for new homes. Prices include UK postage, overseas postage will be extra at cost. ....... Tamiya Astute Body, Wing and Undertray. Body is in good overall condition with only a few splits and holes for body mounts etc and with only a few decals missing. Wing is in good condition but does have 1 split and the undertray again is in good used condition (has some scuff marks). £15 Tamiya Astute E Parts New. Both bumpers have fell off the sprue, but are brand new unused. (not pictured) Provisionally SOLD !!!!!!! Tamiya Madcap Joblot of spares and tyres. £17 Tamiya TL01LA with Tamiya Xanavi Nismo GT-R R34 Body. The chassis is in good condition, but would benefit from a strip down and rebuild. Comes with optional black CVA Dampers installed. It is however missing the servo horn and servo saver. The Body is in good condition, a few decals lifting in places but only has 2 splits (around the side airdams). Comes with Black painted 6 spoke wheels and used slick tyres. SOLD !!!!!!!!! GPM Tamiya TA03 Universal Driveshafts in anodised light green, I have 4 of these, also fit the CC01 I believe and also a GPM Tamiya TA03 Aluminium Anodised Green Damper Stay. SOLD !!!!!!! Tamiya R/C Collection 99 on Video CD. Case etc are all mint with disc only having minor surface marks due to use. Works 100% fine and showcases alot of the kits from that year in short videos with them running on the Tamiya track. Also includes footage of the 1998 Tamiya cup races etc. £7.50 Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1 Plastic Parts, Wing mirrors and rear wing. Brand new in packet. £10 Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1 Bodyset (Used), windows are dark tinted (almost black) has also had some front end damage that has been repaired, but still looks fantastic and would a brilliant runner body. (I actually had it on display in my living room before finding a NIB one to paint etc) Comes with rear wing and unpainted mirrors and in original brown bodyset box (with a tear at the end which has been taped) Also includes a set of Porsche 911 GT1 wheels and a used set of tyres. £25 Tamiya DB01 Front One Way Diff with Pulley installed. £10 3Racing Silver Aluminium DB01 Front C Hubs. £5 Tamiya TL01 Friction Dampers with springs x4. (not pictured) £3 I will have more items for sale soon, motors, astute parts etc etc. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Paypal only please, and I am open to sensible offers and discount for purchasing more that 1 item. Many thanks James
  15. ** UPDATE: I'VE DECIDED TO DROP THE PRICE TO $48 (FIXED) ** I had been holding onto this for my Astute project but I've decided I don't plan to run the Astute anyway so it isn't likely to break the plastic part, and doesn't do much for display either since this piece is inside the gearbox. So, have it up on ebay for $60 obo - but would accept $50 from a TCer, just let me know who you are. If you're paying international shipping I might accept less to offset your shipping. This is not an easy part to find and I'm probably selling it at a loss - don't remember what I paid for it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIP-Thorpe-Dirt-Burners-Tamiya-Astute-King-Cab-Madcap-Center-Gear-Support-4946-/331707092119
  16. Hello oh ye Elders of the Internet (IT Crowd joke), I am hoping someone can help me unravel a mystery. I've had several Madcaps now, and have an Astute underway, and as we all know the narrow front 2WD stud-spike tires are rare, and there are a couple hop-up options like the rib-spiked. Somewhere along the way I came into 2 pair of tires that I imagine must be a hop-up option or from an unknown kit which not only fit the Madcap dish wheels and Astute lightweight wheels but are a much cooler match to the rear stud-spike tires. They have "Tamiya Cactus Tire" embossed on the sidewalls and the studs are an exact match to those on the rear tires, as opposed to the stock tires where they are smaller. I put together the composite pic below showing the tires I'm referring to on the chassis on top, labelled "B" while the stock tires are on the chassis on the bottom, labelled "A". Does anyone know anything about these mystery tires?? For the avoidance of doubt, here is a better angle to see that these are definitely not regular Narrow Hybrid Spiked, which have a 2-3-2-3 stud pattern -- these have a 1-2-1-2 pattern:
  17. Hi all, I'm hoping that one of you guys will have a solution for me. I've fully restored my 1989 vintage Madcap 58082 and taken it out for a few runs now. It runs great, especially with the Hop-ups and the GT-Tuned motor, but I keep breaking the C4 part - Front C-Hub (not the steering arm, which is now upgraded to carbon reinforced) I know its 26 years old buggy and not up to todays quality standards, but its so annoying as this is the 2nd time now in a month (and sourcing new C4 parts is getting harder) I know newer models have alloy parts from GMP, Yeah Racing etc. Is there an alloy part that will fit my buggy Tamiya or otherwise?... or am I destined to spend £££ on 3D printing an alloy version. Photo attached Thanks Madcap74
  18. A recent bulk purchase on ebay has yielded some nice items, but alot of them I do not need. So I might as well sell them onto others who could better use them. So the first batch for sale here is ....... Brand new Madcap chassis. Some extremely light marks underneath from storage but its mint. £20 Madcap/Astute front tyres. These are in extremely good condition, no signs of ever being glued at all and approx IMO around 80% life still on them. As you can see on the pictures the pin grips are still in good condition. £15 Astute Gear set brand new in packet. £15 and finally a Fibrelyte Astute front Carbon Fibre damper mount. used but in great condition, with only slight marks where some screws and bolts have been to mount it to the bulkhead. £10 Here are the pics ...... No idea what these are worth tbh, so I can either sell all together or separately. I have added some prices, but these are rough guesses at what they are worth. Feel free to make an offer. Willing to post worldwide at cost. I also have found some brand new Madcap front and rear damper stays in mint condition. (pics to come tomorrow) More items to come soon. Thanks James
  19. As per the title I really need a metal motor mount plate for the Madcap/Astute. Either new or used condition. Let me know what you have, can pay asap with paypal. Thanks James
  20. Having purchased a used Astute from a fellow TC member (looking forward to its arrival) ....... I am wandering about what colour to use for the body? PS2 Red or should I do similar to what Wyoming has done with his Jimny, Metallic Red, backed with silver and then backed again with black? As that turned out very nice indeed. One side of me is saying go box art with the PS2 red, but going the other route still goes red, but just gives it a different look. ??? Thoughts and opinions welcome. James
  21. As per the title. I am after a manual for the Tamiya Astute. Doesnt need to be mint, but at least in good usable condition. Let me know if you have one. Thanks James
  22. Hi, In an old RRC magazine there was a toy fair that featured Tamiya team cars the Astute and Top Force. I think they were Alan Harmans. The Top Force below was featured in a RRC magazine. Has anyone seen any info on the Team car Astute that partnered it, it had the same Mclaren Marlborough livery? http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa378/percymon/58100%20Tamiya%20Top%20Force/TRF1.jpg Thanks, Andy
  23. Surplus to my needs, I have a set of Proline 2WD Front buggy tyres in 1.9" diameter (Madcap/Astute size). These are in their packaging (little tatty) and have been used once on my Madcap so have loads of life left in them. Not looking for much tbh as I would like to see someone get the use of them, so say £10 posted? I also have a few Madcap spares, brand new front shock tower, used but in great condition front support/body mount plate. Also have a used metal motor mount plate with a few marks on it but still 100% working and useable condition. And a Set of the 2 different sized Spur gears for the Madcap series cars. Make me an offer? as I have no idea what they are worth tbh. Again would like them to go to someone who is going to use them so not going to be asking alot. Pictures to come this evening. (I do apologise) Any questions then feel free to ask away. Thanks James
  24. I hope to keep this updated with my findings of turning a run-down Madcap (Tamiya No# 58082) into a half decent runner. Hope to include as many part numbers, costs and suppliers in the posts for my own reference and for others interested. Note costs will be in various currencies and approximate only. I know for a fact the costs will also not be the cheapest, however, for me cost is not everything...service and convenience plays a big part too. As a lot of my research is done on TC I will try and reference members and posts where I gained info from so others can follow up. Will also be adding lots and lots of photos. (From Showroom) Dad bought me and my lil brother a second hand Madcap in approx 1999. At the time it was a basher for me (13yrs old) and my lil brother (9 yrs old). Once the novelty of the remote control car wore off it was placed in the shed. It briefly made a reappearance in approx 2004 to get a respray of the body and then placed back in the shed. In Jan 2014 (my age twenty eight) I was remotivated to take another look at it only to realise it was a Tamiya!! Its storage in a non weather proof shed has taken a toll and as I mentioned the body has been resprayed black (very roughly). It is/was always a great conversation piece between me, my brother and my dad and decided rather than to buy a brand new Tamiya model (very tempting) I will look at getting the Madcap up to a running state and then improve on it as much as I can. I started looking on the Bay for a body and any spare parts which could be a bonus. I found/bought a good condition Madcap (Tamiya No# 58082 from zulu_warrior1976 for approx AUS$160 delivered) with body (no servos or transmitter/receiver). Although it was a touch pricey it has a really nice body (which is exactly what I was after) and the rest of the parts were in a great condition. Since I was never involved in the original build I decided to strip both models down to nuts and bolts and select the best parts of each model and reassemble one Madcap. The rest of the parts were boxed and will be used as spares as it becomes necessary. The original Madcap had a Sanwa Dash Saber Transmitter but in the years I have lost the battery cover. In all my hunting the only way I could replace the back cover was to buy a new remote (Approx AUS$50 from various on-line vendors). This has not happened.. Top View (Original) Bottom View (Original) Top View (Added Model) Bottom View (Added Model) Body (Added Model) Only reason I really bought the Added Model Before I dismantled both models to nuts and bolts I took a few photos. The following are the original Madcap dad gave me and has been sitting in the shed for some time. Original NiMH batteries do not hold charge anymore, which shouldn't be a great surprise. We didnt have the patience back in the day to wait for a charge at 1C. Dad used to connect the battery to the car with a current limiting resistor and we could charge a battery in about the same time it took to run one flat... Good times.. Bought 5 new Powertech 7.2V 3.3A NiMH batteries (Jaycar Part No# SB2314, Cost AUS$50, down the road from me so extra cost doesnt bother me). Went with NiMH as the Madcap can house the battery in the chassis. Will look at Lipos at a later stage. Original Tyres (I think it is Tamiya No# 53040 Hybrid Wide on the back, GBP16.25 from Vintage_Tamiya and Tamiya No# 53039 Hybrid Narrow on the front, GBP 14.29 from Vintage_Tamiya). Original Wheels. Original Motor and Resistor, Has definitely seen better days. Original Friction Dampers.. Original Receiver and Steering Servo Some photos of the Added Model bought through the Bay... Added Model Motor, Resistor and Friction Dampers Added Model Friction Dampers Added Model Motor Controller and Rear Friction Dampers All parts were broken down to nuts and bolts and thrown in a Ultrasonic Bath with some detergent. I then picked the best parts and turned the two madcaps into a single stock madcap. So the current plan is (Will keep updating as I figure out what the plan is).. Reassemble all good parts between the two Madcaps to end up with one Madcap. This will be almost stock everything... Transmitter, receiver, servos, MSC, motor, gearbox, tyres, wheels etc.. Only part not original/stock will be the batteries. See how it all goes with stick transmitter and original tyres. Swap out tyres, still stock but in newer condition. This was from the Added Model I bought through the Bay. Swap out MSC for ESC. This will be a Tekin RS Gen2 Brushless Sensored/Sensorless D2 ESC 8.5T (Tower Hobbies Part No# LXDHNS, Cost: US$175). The ESC allows me to test my Brushed setup for initial stock reference and then change over to brushless without too much effort. Completed Will buy ESC in combo with Tekin Redline 17.5T Motor (Tower Hobbies Part No# LXCVMC, Cost US$100). Combo for ESC and 17.5T motor (Tower Part No# LXDHNY, Cost US$250, I wanted quick delivery so approx US$300 to Perth, Australia in 4 working days!!). Will not install motor till after first reference run with brushed motor. Completed Swap out Transmitter and Receiver. From various discussions at my local club it seems everyone loves Spektrum DX of some sort. Will go for latest version Spektrum DX4R Pro, comes with receiver SPM4100 and SR410. Bought through stealth351 on the Bay for AUS$440 delivered. Touch pricey but he is an Australian supplier and would like to support him as much as I can. Do a practise run at my local to establish base time. Completed, 62secs where most cars on the night did 35 to 40secs Swap out brushed motor for Brushless motor. Completed Do a practise run at my local to establish base time. Start modifications Buy Hi Cap Dampers Rear (Tamiya Part No# 53037 Cost GBP 65, Supplier Vintage Tamiyaparts), I have put this on the back burner due to cost.. bought Yeah Racing (#DP-1004Tl) 70mm Damper Set from RCMart (AUD$14.63). Completed Buy Hi Cap Dampers Front (Tamiya Part No# 53036 Cost US$73, Supplier Vintage CTY300 Ebay), I have put this on the back burner due to cost.. bought Yeah Racing (#DP-1006Tl) 90mm Damper Set from RCMart (AUD$14.63). Completed Buy Al Gearbox Plate (Tamiya Part No# 53060 Unsure, will check Ebay) Buy Stainless Steel Ball Bearings 8*2.5*5. (RS Part No# 138641 Cost AUS$8.77 for 2, Supplier RS Eec, NMB Brand) Buy Stainless Steel Ball Bearings 11*5*5. I think this should be a 4mm wide bearing but while I am going to RS I will try this one. (RS Part No# 747765 Cost AUS$9.40 for 2, Supplier RS Eec, NMB Brand) Buy Stainless Steel Ball Bearings 16*8*5. (RS Part No# 747765 Cost AUS$9.40 for 2, Supplier RS Eec, NMB Brand) Bought Tamiya (#51206) Astral Rear Wheels 60/29 (35mm) (AUD$5.31 RCMart). Completed Bought Tamiya (#51205) 2WD Astral Front Wheels (60/19) (24 mm) (AUD$5.31 RCMart) Completed Bought a few sets of tyres, mainly just to try them out.All Initial Tyres Completed Tamiya (#54284) Off Road Wide Grooved Soft Tires (2WD/Front,60/19) (AUD$6.39 RCMart) Jconcepts (#3004-02) Groovy Tire Super Soft (Green Comp) For 1:10 2WD Front Buggy (AUD$10.83RCMart) Jconcepts (#3017-01) Bar Codes Tire Soft (Blue Compound) For 1/10 buggy (F) (AUD$11.81 RCMart) Jconcepts (#3005-02) Rounder Tire Super Soft (Green Comp) For 1/10 Buggy (AUD$8.78 RCMart) Jconcepts (#3006-02) Double Dee\'s Rear Tire Super Soft (Green Comp) For 2.2 (AUD$10.73 RCMart) Jconcepts (#3016-01) Bar Codes Tire Soft (Blue Compound) For 1/10 Buggy ® (AUD$10.78 RCMart) Jconcepts (#3016-03) Bar Codes Tire Medium (White Compound) For 1:10 Buggy ® (AUD$13.87 RCMart) Jconcepts (#3016-04) Bar Codes Tire Soft (Orange Compound) For 1/10 Buggy ® (AUD$9.64 RCMart) Jconcepts (#3016-05) Bar Codes Tire Soft (Gold Compound) For 1/10 Buggy ® (AUD$14.30 RCMart) Cont...
  25. Two Auctions: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331131251002 AND http://www.ebay.com/itm/331131252225
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