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Found 46 results

  1. Hey, I'm building a project I've been thinking about for a couple years. Looking for ideas.... Im going the rat rod look due to the original condition of the body. I've already got about 20 hours into the body.... i need colors. I didn't want to go all black. I am thinking a deep red in the sides and black on the top. Also any ideas for the antenna mount. It's currently mouthed to a monster beetle skid plate with a super Blackfoot antenna holder. additionally, I need a vintage MB window to hide all the innards.
  2. Hey, I'm building a project I've been thinking about for a couple years. Looking for ideas.... Im going the rat rod look due to the original condition of the body. I've already got about 20 hours into the body.... i need colors. I didn't want to go all black. I am thinking a deep red in the sides and black on the top. Also any ideas for the antenna mount. It's currently mouthed to a monster beetle skid plate with a super Blackfoot antenna holder. additionally, I need a vintage MB window to hide all the innards.
  3. While digging through the RC junk pile, I found an old CRP catalog... DL it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ehh73fs3sjwczq/Team%20CRP%20-%201987%20Catalog.pdf?dl=0 Thanks, Terry
  4. Left over stuff and spare parts from my Frog and Bush Devil rebuilds... Most if not all will work with the new Re-Re Monster Beetle and the (maybe) upcoming Re-Re Blackfoot... Prices include S&H to USA... I can do international, but you'll have to pay... ---------------------------------------------------- http://jpegbay.com/gallery/004948924-1.html#1 ---------------------------------------------------------- CRP #1622 - no hardware - $10 CRP #2623 - red - $3 ***SOLD*** CRP #2623 - red - $3 CRP #1617 - servo saver only - missing servo adapters and hardware - $5 DIY - Servo Mount - $2 ***SOLD*** DIY - Rear Shock Mount - aluminum - $10 Traxxas (?) - Telescopic Drive Shafts - these are slightly longer than the #4851's, otherwise identical. I got them from JSourbeck - $5 HPI 105629 - 12mm hex hubs w/ pins - I pulled them out of the package and fitted them... Decided to stick with what I had - $5 ***SOLD*** Vaterra 246009 - 50mm turnbuckles - supposedly 4/40 but they are not... I tried to fit them but they didn't fit... $5 Tamiya OP-913 - Frog 12mm hex adapter - MIB - $10 ***SOLD*** CRP #2107 - used, broken, but still functional w/ hardware - $5 CRP #2107 - used but good condition w/ hardware, dyed black - $15 CRP #2107 - used but good condition w/ hardware - $15 CRP #3041 - used, dyed black, one screw missing, one metal wing bent - $10 ***SOLD*** CRP #4124 - MIB Tire Spikes - $10 CRP #3043 - Frog front skid plate - missing hardware and support piece, dyed black - $15 CRP #3045 - Frog rear skid plate - dyed black - $15 ***SOLD*** Tamiya ORV Part Tree "C" - C3, C6, and C18 only... - $5 JG #5001 - Blackfoot front bumper - additional DIY hole for CRP #3403 - $15 ***SOLD*** Tamiya ORV Part Tree "C" - C13 - Brat front body mount - $2 Tamiya ORV Part Tree "C" - C13 - Brat front body mount - $2 Tamiya ORV Part Tree "C" - C13 - Brat front body mount - uncut - $2 Tamiya ORV Part Tree "C" - C17 - Brat front servo mount/center steering mount - you'll need B7, C5, C8 and hardware - $2
  5. No affliation... Just thought I'd throw it out there... http://r.ebay.com/vYwB6X Good deal on used CRP part... Missing the piece(s) that go inside the tranny case, though... Doing a little more searching on Fleabheyz turned up this: http://r.ebay.com/CczAXp Matches the red chassis of the MB, and is complete. Albeit, it is more expensive... Again, no affiliation... Terry
  6. See listings for details: http://www.ebay.com/sch/waynethebrain/m.html FYI if anyone here wants / needs / could use the Clod MSC I'd accept $30 for it... just make the offer and let me know who u are in the note.
  7. Well, with three little kids these days, too much work and life going on, I am thinking of selling my ENTIRE collection, down to the last screw and axle. Problem is, I have a rough idea of what I've paid for things over the years, but not an idea of what I could realistically sell everything for. Here's what I have: - A completely restored Fox with a lot of spares (including a good set of wheels)and black can motor, box, and all radio gear - A completely restored Blackfoot with new decals (yet to put on), black can motor, fully ball raced - A completely restored Boomerang new decals (yet to be put on), black can motor, fully ball raced,lots of spares, full radio gear - Brand new in the box FAV (opened and looked at, but as it was) - WRC Focus TT-01 with I think every option possible, full radio gear, box - Brand new, in the box and never opened Schnitzer BMW M3 - An all original, unrestored Wild One in very good shape, an easy restoration - A very modified Grasshopper that is nothing but a body and chassis right now. Oil filled dampers, black can motor, Baja Bug-style body, lots of spares There are also batteries, chargers, extra radios, servos, oil, grease, extra, extra parts... Everything is almost all vintage. It is generally a lot of stuff that has never been fully catalogued. :-) Pictures of almost everything I have can be found in my other posts. This is not a "for sale" post, this is a "feeler", an information gathering post if you will. Nothing is for sale yet, but when it is, everything will be offered here first before it goes to Flea Bay. I have collected all of these things over the past 25 years, moved with them through college and marriage and kids. This isn't an easy thing for me to do, but I think the time has come to take stock in this collection's worth.
  8. Hi guys - for a while and over a few different threads I've been working on various aspects of a Blackfoot 3 runner for my 5yo son Oliver. It's got the dual motor conversion and have gone with the classic look for it and I think it's come out great. Especially when it's running around outside it really looks quite a bit like the original Blackfoot. To add to the vintage charm I wanted to figure out how to mount vintage wheels onto it. There were some challenges that I detail in this showroom entry I just posted for it: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=128320 Go check it out, and I'll post up the pics below as well. If it weren't for the stability benefits as a runner for a 5yo of the extra wide stance I'd definitely use the Amarok suspension conversion which I think would really make the result look great. However, as it is I think it still looks good and it dang near impossible to roll.
  9. I'm looking for any Super Blackfoot or Bush Devil spare parts. I'll also take any King Blackfoot spare parts. Also looking for any Frog or Blackfoot hop-ups (vintage or otherwise). Used but working condition is fine. New is preferred. Especially WTB part E5 (side-ways servo horn). Whatcha got??? Terry
  10. Already have a Blackfoot Xtreme 2-motor conversion runner with a BF3 body set, so don't really need to build or hold onto this. Will give you guys a chance to grab it before putting up on ebay. Comes with full ball bearings. ps- Just the included body set alone is going for about $130 shipped on ebay...
  11. Hello, I am looking for a set of stickers for the Tamiya Bush Devil or a complete body in decent condition with the stickers on. Not the Bush Devil 2.... Thanks!
  12. So I finally took some photos of some my collection. Here they are. Vintage frog in used condition...I havent touched it since I bought it off CL.
  13. Hello, I'm looking for a pair of steering uprights for the tamiya frog or brat. Not sure if any other models use these but if so then those models too!=) I'm trying to make a frog out of leftover blackfoot parts.. Does anyone have some they'd be willing to give up? Thanks, John
  14. Hello, like the title says I'm looking for a NIP uncut sticker sheet for the Vintage bush devil. It seems impossible to find so I'm hoping someone here knows someone somehwhere that has one in their closet or attic. I would be ok with a whole body with box art stickers in good shape. No cracks. some scratches are ok. Thanks!!
  15. Hello, looking for a reasonably priced king, and or super blackfoot. hoping to spend around $100. Thanks, John
  16. Has anyone had any success casting usable chassis parts in plastic? I'm wondering if the basic resin casting kits would be strong enough to take abuse as chassis parts.
  17. Hi all. I've picked up a vintage Blackfoot from ebay. It's in pretty good condition for a 30 year old model but far from perfect. I'm going to strip it down and give it a good clean and replace any damaged parts. It'll probably be on my shelf most of the time with the occasional drive. I've already bought a few things which I knew were missing. Firstly I bought a chrome grill which is from the blackfoot III. This will do until/if an original comes along. Secondly the spot lights were missing so I ordered a set of these too. After a brief look at the truck I'll need the small front mount that goes into the bonnet of the shell which has snapped off and the strut brace that goes between the 2 mounts for the rear of the shell has split. Also I popped off the rear wheel to see if it was ballraced but when I did the plastic hub fell in half so I'll probably be after a pair of those too! (It's not ballraced ). The parts list is starting to build up!! Oh and I'm after a driver too. The electrics have been changed to an Msonic 4 RV 15 speed controller (doesn't mean anything to me, good/bad?) and a Vision modified 23x1 motor. On the speed controller is a SET button? Are these items worth keeping? It looks like they have put some plastic at the other side of the motor which has been cut to to size so I'd like to replace this with a proper motor mount (if that's what it's called). The power switch is on the chassis but all the wires have been cut. It's got an old 27mhz 2 channel receiver and lastly an acoms IC servo AS-12. The shell is solid with no cracks or missing pieces and it has the original stickers which some have started to lift slightly at the edges. I'd ideally like to paint the shell a gloss black and put the new decal set on but is this a no no with a 30 year old vintage tamiya with an original decal set!? If I do paint the shell there are some little nicks which I'd like to fill with some kind of plastic modelling putty so it's all straight as it should be. Any recommendations? Wheels and tyres are near perfect. I'm really new to all this so any recommedations about how to do things, where to get stuff and source items, upgrade etc is more than welcome. Oh feel free to post your pics too, I'd love to see some other original blackfoot and what you've done to it etc. Current shopping list : Driver ✔ Hubs for rear wheels x2 Motor mount front mount for shell ✔ Strut for rear shell mount points Chrome grill - original blackfoot Tamiya paint - black Ballrace kit 2.4ghz radio gear (any suggestions?) May be a flysky FS-GT3C or b (I do like the old stick controllers though ) Esc if I replace (suggestions?) Motor Tamiya torque tuned Some large capacity NiMH batteries Rear axles (black plastic parts which connect the rear suspension to the wheels) Servo cover for chassis Already bought : Blackfoot III chrome front and rear bumpers ✔ Spot lights ✔ Decal set ✔ Dual charger from modelsport ✔ Here's some pics : Pics bigger now. Thanks matman.
  18. as above please, really need one for a project. Also I could do with a nice grill and rear bumper. Cash waiting or I do have SRB parts to swap including Ranger body mounts. Thanks
  19. Hello, as mentioned in a previous post I just got back into the hobby after an 8 year hiatus. I had sold all my RC stuff so I had to start from scratch. Since I am a vintage only buff, I picked up this Tamiya Falcon on CL for $40. I really wanted a Frog or Blackfoot, which I also picked up dirt cheap along with another Faclon Parts car dirt cheap on Ebay after buying this one, but those are future projects or will be sold. I first went to Ebay and bought a whole Laundry list of stuff, Three Falcon parts lots, including the one already mentioned, a used Airtronics MX-3 Transmitter and reciever for only $23 shipped, I chose this because its what I used when I was in the Hobby back when, A new Airtonics BL Racer ESC, A new Aitronics standard servo, full bearing set, shock oil and grease, CRP dogbones, CRP chassis stiffener and bumper, a Fireball 19 turn modified motor, four 5300 Nimh battery packs, a Radio Shack dual trickle charger, body clips, etc. To date I have spent a grand total of $430 for everything, but I do not think thats too bad, since in the end I will have two Faclons with parts to spare, a Blackfoot, pretty much complete, and a Frog, needs wheels and tires. I can always swap the electronics from one to another, so with the exception of a couple of new motors and the wheels and tires foe the Frog, I am done spending money. I totally tore down the Falcon, cleaned and replaced broken parts and rebuilt. I have taken pics and show the before and after of the Falcon, I have not yet run it but will do so as soon as I get the chance.
  20. Two Auctions: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331130975798 AND http://www.ebay.com/itm/331131234478
  21. hey guys - continuing to prune my collection and have several really neat things up on the bay at the moment. links and some pics... http://www.ebay.com/itm/330941634758 http://www.ebay.com/itm/330941642406 http://www.ebay.com/itm/330941649168 http://www.ebay.com/itm/330941656380
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