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Found 47 results

  1. Wondered if anyone needed a box, see this link. Seems steep to me but if its all you need to complete a car. https://www.gumtree.com/p/hobbies-collectibles/vintage-tamiya-boomerang-box-spares/1277040174
  2. Messaged a mate who I used to go buggy racing with at school (about 25-30 years ago) turns out I lent him my original boomerang and he still has it, dropping it up but sent me this photo.
  3. Hi there, My RC history in short:- I got a second hand Boomerang as a teenager for a Birthday present, Then got a Thunderhot, heavily modded it and still have it along with a Midnight Pumpkin (boxes for both) again modded. Then got a Traxxass T Max(still have box) but was never great with the nitro mix and found it a pain to get running correctly. Still have it as well....Then in my mid 20's started racing Mini Z F1's then Mini Z touring cars. Got into trikes and never looked back till this week....now in my 40's and two boys are looking at my RC cars and started playing with mini Z kits..... I know the Tamiya kits are WAY more fun so went on Gumtree and bought a decent looking used Neo Scorcher, ordered 2 new batteries and ballrace set.....here we go again I think. Photo attached I hope. QUESTIONS:- 1-Does the Neo Scorcher (TT-02B) model have any notable weaknesses I should know about? The motor has been uprated and from state of tires its not been used much. It also has the wheel transmitter I have preference for after my Mini Z years. The original motor and case are included as is the charger you see below. His batteries are shot so need to get some. All for under £100. I have ordered a ballrace set already which when I fit will at least give me a chance to strip and get inside the kit to see what has changed in nearly 20 years! Hope he still has the instructions, I did check and he does not have the box. Collect in a few days. 2-Are the Pumpkin & Thundershot boxes and instructions of any value? The cars are WELL USED with a few of my own mods (larger heavier duty bumpers to name but one) so will, unless someone REALLY wants them, keep them for the boys. Can add photos if anyone is interested. 3-or the Traxxas T Max (its complete with Box, instructions, radio gear, EZ start and a few spares as well as some mods BUT as mentioned above never had it run for long as was poor with the Nitro mix, so its been run in about.......15 years I reckon) 4-To get the Thundershot up and running I need to get the little steel pins that go through the stub axle to drive the triangle wheel carriers and also 4 new wheel carriers. Anyone any links for these please? I know I have them but cant lay hands on them after nearly 20 years. 5-Whats the sensible value/choice for RC 7.2V batteries these days, was 1700 Red packs over yellow in My day, just ordered 3300NiMh so hope I got that reasonably right?
  4. NOTE: Currently I'm replacing the hosting for the pictures. This means that I must replace all the pictures of the thread. I will need several time to do it so, when you will find a missing picture please be patien. Matter of time and I will replace it. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. Hi folks, today I decided to open the Boomerang gearboxes and make some refurbishment. Short description of the car: Vintage Boomerang Status: Runner Modifications: carbon fibre sway bar stays, carbon fibre rear dampers tower, carbon fibre front damper mounts, carbon fibre rear arms brace, alloy rear lower arms, locked battery door, battery quick release, full ball bearings, cnc machined ball beared steering bar, Hi-Torque BB steering servo, small bumper, front arm brace, hard propeller shaft, steel pinion gear, front and rear ball differentials, front and rear universal joints, alloy dampers with Titanium Nitride shafts, speed disk wheels, battered body. The general conditions of the car are bad because it had an hard life on the tracks. This Boomerang is equipped with a 12 turns brushed motor, the car is fast and it crashed many times. Many parts will be broken for sure and I'm a little bit scared from what I will find inside the gearboxes. I never made manteinance on this model because it's hard to disassemble due the ball differentials and the locked battery door. I decided to do this job because the rear ball differential doesn't turn smooth and I don't want to ruin it. The car was never cleaned inside nor outside. It's time to do it. Max
  5. Hi guys looking for 2 thrust bearings that fit in the gearbox if anybody has any they wana sell please let me know. cheers
  6. Hi guys anybody got the rear wing mount and part that the rear wing screws to for a Tamiya boomerang they want to sell? if you do please let me know cheers
  7. £162.99 I feel like i'm 9 years old all over again and it's Christmas I always wanted one when I was younger. wahooo
  8. Hey all - I am in the process of restoring a few vintage tamiyas. I am active on my boomerang. I noticed a few of you have installed adjustable upper arms and i think it looks really cool. I think one or two were parma ones, but I can't find them on ebay or anywhere else online. Does anybody know if some of the later model tamiya adjustable upper arms will fit on a boomerang? (or with a little tinkering?) Many thanks!
  9. Hi all, Does anyone know where in Australia I can get steel pinions for the boomerang/supershot? I have tried a couple of stores in Newcastle with not much luck. doesn't have to be Tamiya brand can be aftermarket as long as it suits the cars. Thanks Michael
  10. I have bought a wing for my boomerang and it's a dish type like an egress wing. So if I paint it, it will have paint on the top surface or on the underside and outside of the end plates. What's the best way to paint the wing?
  11. I have a re release supershot which has the standard esc and a brushed 540 motor (what came in the box). I also have a vintage boomerang that will probably need an esc and new motor as the mechanical speed controller and motor are shot (I think). so my thinking was this, put the supershot kit esc and motor in the boomer and get a brushless motor for the supershot. now I don't want to put to much power into the gearboxes and shred the diffs/gears but I want to give it as much grunt as the standard boxes will handle. I am not going to race them, I am just going to be having a bit of fun driving them with my son. so is it worth the effort (and cost) to go brushless or should I just stick with a good brushed motor?
  12. So I have a vintage boomerang shell that I painted by hand nearly 30 yrs ago. Can you get the paint off the shells? Also any tips on where I could get a new shell and wing, doesn't have to be genuine. Another style of wing is also in my thinking. I like the one I saw on the hotshot Evo iv. anyone made a thin sheet aluminium body?
  13. Well, with three little kids these days, too much work and life going on, I am thinking of selling my ENTIRE collection, down to the last screw and axle. Problem is, I have a rough idea of what I've paid for things over the years, but not an idea of what I could realistically sell everything for. Here's what I have: - A completely restored Fox with a lot of spares (including a good set of wheels)and black can motor, box, and all radio gear - A completely restored Blackfoot with new decals (yet to put on), black can motor, fully ball raced - A completely restored Boomerang new decals (yet to be put on), black can motor, fully ball raced,lots of spares, full radio gear - Brand new in the box FAV (opened and looked at, but as it was) - WRC Focus TT-01 with I think every option possible, full radio gear, box - Brand new, in the box and never opened Schnitzer BMW M3 - An all original, unrestored Wild One in very good shape, an easy restoration - A very modified Grasshopper that is nothing but a body and chassis right now. Oil filled dampers, black can motor, Baja Bug-style body, lots of spares There are also batteries, chargers, extra radios, servos, oil, grease, extra, extra parts... Everything is almost all vintage. It is generally a lot of stuff that has never been fully catalogued. :-) Pictures of almost everything I have can be found in my other posts. This is not a "for sale" post, this is a "feeler", an information gathering post if you will. Nothing is for sale yet, but when it is, everything will be offered here first before it goes to Flea Bay. I have collected all of these things over the past 25 years, moved with them through college and marriage and kids. This isn't an easy thing for me to do, but I think the time has come to take stock in this collection's worth.
  14. Look carefully, it's not a regular 1/10 Boomerang. Somebody did this himself. Great job. Source: http://hrsm.exblog.jp/page/21/
  15. For Sale I have a few Sealed Nib DT03 Neo Fighters They come with ESC, oil shocks and torque tuned motor £59 delivered in the UK Tamiya Universals, new but not in packaging £10 each inc. UK shipping Suitable for Boomerang, Thundershot, Top Force, Blitzer beetle, DT02, DT03 (DT02/3 both also need metal gearbox joints) 1x Sealed Nib Fighting Buggy (Super Champ) 84389 £239 inc. UK delivery 1x Super Dragon bodyset, near mint from 1989, suitable for Hornet,GH2 and tshot chassis £125 inc. UK shipping
  16. I'm feeling impulsive this morning and so I have relisted my Boomerang and Madcap NIB body sets at reduced prices and I'll also offer, for fellow TC members (make sure to tell me in your 'best offer'), to drop the price to $100 for either or $180 for both if you buy both ($100 accepted for first, $80 for second). Shipping included in the U.S. or at-cost 1st-class int'l post, and probably cheaper than quoted by ebay (will adjust down / refund excess). http://www.ebay.com/sch/waynethebrain/m.html Vintage Boomerang NIB Body Set (TCer price = $100, or $90 for 2) Vintage Madcap NIB Body Set (TCer price = $100, or $90 for 2) Vintage QD Manta Ray NIB Body Set (TCer price = $30) Vintage Saint Dragon Decals (TCer price = $25, or $20 with anything else)
  17. A friend recently got his re-re Boomerang built and is bashing around with it. While building cars is my passion in this hobby, it would be great to get out and bash with friends now and then. I'm not keen to tap into my stock of vintage shelf queens for bashing, and while I have some modern buggies, they're too far ahead spec-wise of the Boomerang. And I think I need to build a car specifically for bashing for it not to end up on the shelf itself. My friend has ball-raced his Boomer and put in a torque tuned motor. Apart from that it's stock. I'm thinking I'll run a silvercan or torque tuned as well. It would be most fun if the car is similarly matched in other areas. I think I can convince him to modernise his tires if needed. So, any recommendations?
  18. if only it were a commercial product.... =( http://blog.go-wml.com/?eid=982221
  19. Hi, as per title, I'm searching for a Boomerang new in box, also 2008 re release. No speculators, no make an offer please, simply let me know your price. I'm located in Italy. Many thanks Max Up
  20. Today has been a full on, get it done kind of day here at work. so i decided to take a break and browse TC and the showrooms, which lead me to the SIGs, which lead me straight into a pet peeve... not so fantastic photoshop work, and more importantly, stretched out of proportion graphics, blurry (not with a purpose). I don't mean to insult the person who made the current image, but I just needed to do something. It's been driving me nuts since I joined the group. Without further ado, here are two images which may be used for the Boomerang SIG. If I've broken a rule, I'm sorry, I'm just trying to help. Let me know what you think.
  21. Ok TC, I finally have my first 4wd tamiya buggy on the way, a Boomerang. Thanks Dave959!! Very excited, as the 4wd buggies (hotshot, supershot, and boomerang) I wanted as a kid, but never had one. So, with my tendency towards heavy throttle, hard use and breakage, I would like some advise from those who've had experience with these cars. So, what are the weak points, what will I break, what upgrades have you guys found are the best? How are your runner's suspensions set up? Yes I do want to know everything. Shock oil weight, piston selection, springs, preload. Wheel/Tire choices and favorites. And lastly, for the boomerang, which high wear and hop up parts are interchangeable between different cars? You know I don't go easy with my cars, and shelf queens are just part bins. So this bad boy is gonna get run. Thanks for all the help and info guys. Cheers, Burleson
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