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Found 30 results

  1. Hi all, I recently purchased some bearings from Ebay to ball race a restoration I'm doing, and I would like to share the negative experience, to help protect others. The ebay listing stated ... Seller = pflhobbyboy - Fit To TAMIYA PORSCHE 959 CELICA Gr.B RC Car - 2x6x3mm x6pc - 5x8x2.5mm x16pc The 16 large ones fit fine but the gear box won't go back together properly with the small ones in. I managed to strip another chassis I recently purchased and found that these small ones are actually 2.5mm thick/wide, not 3mm. - 2x6x2.5mm x6pc = correct I contacted the seller but in very poor English they say the fault is mine. I tried to ask them to remove the false statement about fitting 2x Tamiya cars but they are not interested. I search other sellers and 2 are selling bearing kits with the wrong size, 3mm, and 2 are selling the kits with the right size, 2.5mm. I can't open an ebay case because its over 45 days old, 35 of those in shipping. Be careful fellow TC members !
  2. hi folks - i'm reasonably sure this isn't breaking any rules. but i've bought a few things from the ebay seller jimmylovestoeatspam and he's a really nice guy. he and i have chatted a bit and he's dealing with some ... issues. he's been selling off most of his collection. he reads TC 'religiously' but hasn't joined up. anyway he specifically asked if i'd help him get the word out on a NIB bigwig kit he has listed on ebay. it's listed as a BIN for $899 but said he'd drop down to $750 for a TC member since he prefers "real collectors" to get his stuff. here's the bigwig: http://www.ebay.com/...7-/281068287756 in his own words: "Ben, I cant join TC right now...I have too much going on. I don't feel social anyway////I can take 750.00 plus shipping for the BigWig. [ ... personal stuff ... ] I think my price is right. Best Regards, Jimmy me- will see what i can do jimmy, TC has some pretty strict rules about promoting ebay auctions that aren't your own. that's one reason i was encouraging you to join i'm sure it'd pay for itself in one or two sales. if i can point people to it the TC guys are pros and know exactly how much things should cost and they won't bite if it's not a good deal. what would be your bottom line number you'd want from a TC member for it? him- Ben will you please help promote my Tamiya BigWig auction on TC? I need that money to put new tires on my car and drive to [ ... personal stuff ... ]. It would mean alot to me.... Hope you can help. Kindly, Jimmy" here are all his items: http://www.ebay.com/...oeatspam/m.html
  3. I am currently selling my BMW Z3 M Roadster on eBay from the year 2000 It is completed but has never been fully run (it has obviously been tested but not used) Take a look- http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1555.l2649
  4. I have made a purchase on ebay using paypal and not received my items. I have closed the bank account that I used to pay. The seller has refunded the money to paypal who have refunded the card which is impossible as the account is closed. I have called the bank and they say the money would not have come to them as the account is shut. I have called paypal, they say a different thing every time. I have called ebay and they hung up on me!!!. I didn't swear, I just keep getting told to call paypal or call the bank but they are all blaming each other. The value of the items amount to around £60 and I just want my money back.Edit to add, Just been on the paypal help forum and it looks like this happens all the time and I just have to wait.
  5. Is the seller of fleabay item 170854660639 legally allowed to sell it (them)? Surely this is blatant copyright theft?
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