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Found 11 results

  1. Recently in another buying spree on Yahoo Auctions I bought a Tamiya Toyota HKS Altezza body in the carbon print, as that was still missing from my collection of HKS bodies. I kindoff forgot what chassis came with it, so when it finally arrived a few months later I was surprised to find a decent looking stock FF01 under it on drifting tires. Not sure what was going on there, but of course that doesn't make any sense Since I already have plenty of cool FF01's I don't really need this one, so I decided to clean it up so I can perhaps sell it on. It arrived pretty dirty and dusty, but in what seemed like good condition. No obvious cracks in all the common places. Now it's time to pull it apart, see what's missing or broken, clean it all up and replace what needs to be replaced. It should end up being a tidy looking stock FF01 for someone else to enjoy racing/building.
  2. Hey everyone. I wanted to post pics of my 99% finished Tamiya FF01 and FF03 cars. It's taken forever to get them to this point so I guess I'm kinda happy I'm about done. First is my FF01 which started out as the FF01 New Beetle kit. I purchased it new on April 2, 2000. I raced it and wore out multiple VW New Beetle bodies and wheel sets. I've replaced the VW body with the Honda Castrol Civic body set. Next is my JAS Honda Civic Type R FF03. I originally had this done minus the body attachments but the decals started peeling around the edges of the body. I removed most of the decals and purchased a new set from Tamiya USA (psst...they are having a sale on some FF03 parts.) Anyways, I made some edits to the decals and used the heat gun and now everything is sticking nicely. Also, I'd totally buy a Tamiya heat gun. I don't know how you can apply decals without one for some of these body sets. Seems like a missed opportunity for Tamiya. My heat gun has two settings, low and high. Even on low, you can only point the heat at the decal for about a second maybe two before things can get out of hand. Last item for this kit is installing the roof scoop and wing. They are primed but I need white paint and I've been lazy in obtaining it.
  3. A quick bit of history about my FF01, which came to me way back in the late 00s as a pre-built runner Calsonic Primera. I'd already built a Calsonic Primera from the box but I had to have something to run, so when this one came up on TC I jumped at it. It had seen some use but the body was in near-perfect condition (just some bare spots on the rear arches where the tyres had rubbed the paint off) so it would make a perfect light runner for the local bashes that were popular back then. I can't find any original unboxing pictures or showroom photos, but here's some I got during one of its rare outings at a Cider Bashers meet in Bristol
  4. THIS has been a long time coming! A long time WAITING. This is the very start of what I'm calling "Life 2.0" 😁 What does that mean? WELL...... After more than 9 years of living destitute, begging like an animal - and being harshly shunned for it. After not knowing how we were going to make Co-Pays, or some weeks EAT...... It's ALL OVER! Covered for the rest of my Life, providing for Kids and my Grandbabies.... Time to get SPOILED!!! 👍👍😊 So the first of the Kits I'll be doing, is the FF-03, which some of you already know. I DOVE RIGHT IN and started building! So I missed out on doing a step by step... Which is OK, because there's Guys here who can do it much better than I. 😜 I will be posting highlights, and all modifications here... There might be a small chance that I come up with something that you guys hadn't thought of. 😲 It could happen!!! 😜 These will also end up out of order.... As I get to processing pictures of the build. I promise I'll be more organised by the next Build. I just got EXCITED!! Starting in the middle, with a different way of fitting the Servo, offering more protection, then doing the same for the other side, for the ESC and Reciever. I guess for Racing Weight - the Chassis is quite narrow! Starting with the Servo fitting, 20kg, all Metal Geared for some OVERKILL!!! 😜 Thanks to the 2.4GHz Radio, I can do enough adjustments to keep this 20kg Servo from RIPPING apart the Steering Gear!! In the FF03, the Servo is held in with the typical two Screws.... But the support is a wide open Plastic Frame, that leaves the Servo basically hanging over the side of the Chassis, COMPLETELY open and exposed to Road Debris and abrasives!! I'm compelled to FIX that! .... I'm notorious for making odd shapes out of Styrene. 😜 (I'll STILL be using my Poorman's Shapeways when possible!! I like working with Styrene)😉 Like THIS!! I've filled the hole...... Just a bit of reengineering!! 😉 AND it will also help prevent Pebbles from being kicked into the Steering by the Tires!! Tried to make it look as good as possible... but its first function, IS function! Of COURSE my OCD had to do the OTHER side - so it's symmetrical!!! 😜 I'm really having so much fun building AND modifying this! BTW, they DO clear the Body on each side, by at least 18mm. 😊
  5. For Sale 58217 Tamiya FF-01 New Beetle Newly build with ball bearings, did not see much action on the track. mostly shelf queen. Minor damage on the front of body shell Can be delivered as a roller or with the installed electronics. Asking price is € 120,= shipped without the electronics or € 145= shipped with the electronics.
  6. Brand New 53195. Pictures of exact specific item to be sold. What you see is what you get. Asking $200 AUD/ now $150AUD Shipping worldwide. Paypal only. Cheers.
  7. Evening, Over the last few months I've been buying all the rolling chassis' of the cars I wanted when I was a kid but couldn't afford. These included a TA01, TA02, TA03, M01 and an FF01. The TA's and M01 I have eventual plans for, but the FF01 I bought to turn into a speed run car. I already own another FF01 Ford Mondeo but it's a shelf queen and I don't want to run it. So for the last few months I've been desperately keeping an eye out for another FF01 that wasn't extortionately expensive or completely knackered. I eventually got bored of waiting and paid over the odds for one from Italy It arrived last week and looked like this.
  8. Back when I was 17 I bought a new in box FF01 chassis Opel vectra from a guy at work. I built it up, did a dodgy red paint job and ditched 99% of the stickers. Dropped a 12x2 brushed motor in it (actually there was no brushless or Lipo in those days!) and basically burned rubber in straight lines everywhere and drove into curbs and walls while having nearly no control of the car in a continuous fashion. I never really got the car, it didn't turn, it didn't slow down, it didn't grip.. it just didn't. So by the time I was 18 the car was dumped in its box never to be looked at again. Fast forward 18 years and I don't know where the rest of the car went, but I think it deserves to be made into the car it should have been. With the release of the ff03 has ment I can buy the Opel vectra shell again and start this process from scratch, of course ff01 parts are a bit thin these days. Pictures below show what I'm starting with. I've got about 10 orders coming from all corners of the earth to get this thing back up and running in the coming week.
  9. I try to race at one of the local clubs at least once a week, we don't have a club in the town where I live, but there are three or four within 30 miles radius. There's a bunch of four or five of us that usually descend on the chosen club of the evening, and we try not to cause too much trouble. However sometimes its just just much more fun to take something to race that's a little bit less serious than the latest 1/10 competition touring car, so we've started racing our older cars. It came about as we were reminiscing about the old cars that were still hanging around in the lofts and sheds. My first proper car was a TA01 tiger strip Escort Cosworth, and I still have it, sort of. It's a bit like triggers broom and only a handful of parts are original. It's still great fun to drive tho, and very forgiving. Thats mine on the left wearing the Cavalier body, and my mates TA02 wearing a Carson Astra body. They looks really good as they tussle, pitching violently into each corner. They are nowhere near as composed as a modern chassis, but much more forgiving. We are using old 27t stock motors as the track is quite small and has a ban on brushless to keep the speeds down. This isn't a bad thing per se, as it means the cars are having a relatively gentle time. More recently, I tried one of my FF01s there, it was great but the old plastic seems to be very brittle and I broke the front gearbox. It was good while I lasted tho. Ill get more pics when we try to take things less seriously. But we still end up having good racing.
  10. Ever built a car based on one single, special part? I've got to admit, I haven't before. I have had ideas of building kits with all the option parts, I've had ideas of building cars from scratch with raw materials. Some of these do happen, but I've never had a single part start and dictate the path of a car. A while back I was browsing on this here website, and stumbled across the thread detailing the Japanese action service, 'Jauce'. I took the plunge and bought this little gem with the aid of Buyee:- I first saw this part a few years ago, possibly 15, in an imported Japanese magazine. I can't for the life of me remember where the magazine is now, having moved house a couple of times since. It is a billet aluminium lower gearbox cover for a FF01 chassis. The FF01 is my favourite chassis, and I now feel I have to build a special one, around this very special part. I have started to gather gather parts already, and am only waiting for the final pieces of the puzzle. I am however fighting with potato bucket, so will have to continue this thread later.
  11. For further information please see my wanted ad in my showroom. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=113812 Thanks
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