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Found 48 results

  1. While digging through the RC junk pile, I found an old CRP catalog... DL it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ehh73fs3sjwczq/Team%20CRP%20-%201987%20Catalog.pdf?dl=0 Thanks, Terry
  2. Left over stuff and spare parts from my Frog and Bush Devil rebuilds... Most if not all will work with the new Re-Re Monster Beetle and the (maybe) upcoming Re-Re Blackfoot... Prices include S&H to USA... I can do international, but you'll have to pay... ---------------------------------------------------- http://jpegbay.com/gallery/004948924-1.html#1 ---------------------------------------------------------- CRP #1622 - no hardware - $10 CRP #2623 - red - $3 ***SOLD*** CRP #2623 - red - $3 CRP #1617 - servo saver only - missing servo adapters and hardware - $5 DIY - Servo Mount - $2 ***SOLD*** DIY - Rear Shock Mount - aluminum - $10 Traxxas (?) - Telescopic Drive Shafts - these are slightly longer than the #4851's, otherwise identical. I got them from JSourbeck - $5 HPI 105629 - 12mm hex hubs w/ pins - I pulled them out of the package and fitted them... Decided to stick with what I had - $5 ***SOLD*** Vaterra 246009 - 50mm turnbuckles - supposedly 4/40 but they are not... I tried to fit them but they didn't fit... $5 Tamiya OP-913 - Frog 12mm hex adapter - MIB - $10 ***SOLD*** CRP #2107 - used, broken, but still functional w/ hardware - $5 CRP #2107 - used but good condition w/ hardware, dyed black - $15 CRP #2107 - used but good condition w/ hardware - $15 CRP #3041 - used, dyed black, one screw missing, one metal wing bent - $10 ***SOLD*** CRP #4124 - MIB Tire Spikes - $10 CRP #3043 - Frog front skid plate - missing hardware and support piece, dyed black - $15 CRP #3045 - Frog rear skid plate - dyed black - $15 ***SOLD*** Tamiya ORV Part Tree "C" - C3, C6, and C18 only... - $5 JG #5001 - Blackfoot front bumper - additional DIY hole for CRP #3403 - $15 ***SOLD*** Tamiya ORV Part Tree "C" - C13 - Brat front body mount - $2 Tamiya ORV Part Tree "C" - C13 - Brat front body mount - $2 Tamiya ORV Part Tree "C" - C13 - Brat front body mount - uncut - $2 Tamiya ORV Part Tree "C" - C17 - Brat front servo mount/center steering mount - you'll need B7, C5, C8 and hardware - $2
  3. New Tamiya Grasshopper (2005) Body Decals Wheels Tires LINK: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Tamiya-Grasshopper-2005-Body-Decals-Wheels-Tires-0335062-Hornet-Frog-/331842964766 Brand New Parts Removed from a NIB Kit Includes Everything Pictured -- Basically 380 Motor w/ Pinion and Shocks are Freebies New Grasshopper (2005) Body p/n 0335062 NIP Grasshopper (2005) Decals p/n 9495468 NIP Wheels for Grasshopper, Hornet, Frog, Sand Scorcher, Super Champ, Fighting Buggy p/n 0555066 (F) + 0555067 (R) NIP Tires for Grasshopper (F+R), Sand Scorcher (F+R), Hornet (F), Frog (F), etc p/n 9805033 (F) + 9805081 (R) New 380 Motor w/ 10T Pinion p/n 7435039 New Grasshopper (2005) Manual p/n 1050428 New Grasshopper (2005) Rear Shocks (assembled) Flat-Rate Shipping: $7.95 for USPS Priority Mail within the U.S. and $14.95 to any International Destination
  4. No affliation... Just thought I'd throw it out there... http://r.ebay.com/vYwB6X Good deal on used CRP part... Missing the piece(s) that go inside the tranny case, though... Doing a little more searching on Fleabheyz turned up this: http://r.ebay.com/CczAXp Matches the red chassis of the MB, and is complete. Albeit, it is more expensive... Again, no affiliation... Terry
  5. Hey folks, I want to get either an 1/8 scale buggy or 4WD SCT to race at the local track since the 2WD buggy class is sketchy at best. It's essentially a runner that has been turned into a self queen. The current body has never seen the outdoors. Here's the link to the eBay listing.
  6. I'm looking for any Super Blackfoot or Bush Devil spare parts. I'll also take any King Blackfoot spare parts. Also looking for any Frog or Blackfoot hop-ups (vintage or otherwise). Used but working condition is fine. New is preferred. Especially WTB part E5 (side-ways servo horn). Whatcha got??? Terry
  7. Hey all here's another NIB vintage kit I'm parting with that has the tiniest imperfection but for that reason I am selling it at another bargain price. The ONLY thing wrong with this kit is that in ONE place on one of the chassis sprues the chassis has disconnected from the sprue. SEE PICS! http://www.ebay.com/itm/331683479642 (** UPDATED LINK **) Note: there is a small dent in this corner (only) Here is the imperfection:
  8. Hey folks! I think this is the right place to ask this. I recently purchased a nice collection of vintage Tamiya models. Part of the goal was to sell some to get my money back and of course keep some. Only problem is I want to keep a lot of them! ha ;-) Anyways I have a hornet, frog, and grasshopper all NIB still sealed in the cellophane. I researched ebay a bit and even tossed up some to test the market, but my question is what do you think these are worth? It is hard to tell because you do see a handful of NIB's that are sold, but nothing that is sealed like this. Part of me wants to just hold onto them, part of me wants to build them lol. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hello! I bought broken Frog from fleamarket. I have been fixing it and now it mainly works. I'm thinking of buying LIPO battery to it (currently I have tested it using normal recharable batteries 1.2v x 6). It would be great if you could help me with these questions: 1. What is the maximum current that the standard motor can consume? 2. Can the battery have too much current (breaks the motor or something else)? Here is some pics: Forgot to take proper 'before' pic, but here is something: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e0au78dnb8lz8zu/20150801_225542.jpg?dl=0 Washed parts and fixed some part using clue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rmzmyntv7bmc7wd/20150806_175218.jpg?dl=0 Ready https://www.dropbox.com/s/6iridd3vi5j4hwo/20150908_202042.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/mfsm3on5fbk58kw/20150908_201818.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/hbhusyabi8qvmef/20150908_201853.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7jf55fi9scyj2ad/20150908_202216.jpg?dl=0 Thanks! - Timo P.S. I'm total RC car newbie..
  10. So I finally took some photos of some my collection. Here they are. Vintage frog in used condition...I havent touched it since I bought it off CL.
  11. Hello, I'm looking for a pair of steering uprights for the tamiya frog or brat. Not sure if any other models use these but if so then those models too!=) I'm trying to make a frog out of leftover blackfoot parts.. Does anyone have some they'd be willing to give up? Thanks, John
  12. Hello, like the title says I'm looking for a NIP uncut sticker sheet for the Vintage bush devil. It seems impossible to find so I'm hoping someone here knows someone somehwhere that has one in their closet or attic. I would be ok with a whole body with box art stickers in good shape. No cracks. some scratches are ok. Thanks!!
  13. Has anyone had any success casting usable chassis parts in plastic? I'm wondering if the basic resin casting kits would be strong enough to take abuse as chassis parts.
  14. Looking to clear some space at home. All kits are new in the box. Shipping extra. PM me if interested. 58450 TT01R Type E (bearings, oil dampers, turnbuckles, metal drivetrain) - $12558399 DF02 Plasma Edge + aluminum prop shaft, turnbuckles, steering rack - $125
  15. Since the Hotshot is now finished and the Astute restoration is going to be one that will take much longer than expected, i needed a new project and after a long search i found one This Frog that i picked up on a local 2nd hand website deserves a new life. From the decals of the shell i would say it's the re-release but i am not sure if the shell was replaced. The rest seems older. As with most of my restorations, i am going for box-art with that difference that i spotted Parma rear damper upgrades some time ago on a dutch forum and since this one came without rear dampers, it seemed like the right thing to do so they are on their way to me . Furtermore, it is missing the rear shafts so i am considering installing upgrade #53908 universal shafts. also needs bearings on the wheels which have been ordered. I stripped the car yesterday and all in all, all parts seem in fairly ok shape except for the kingpins, which seem to have been replaced by home-made versions. Need to check if the TA04 versions fit on it as i have these in my stash. In terms of motors, i am running out of vintage ones (i knew i shouldn't have gotten rid of that other Technigold ) except for an Acto Formula but i am not sure that is the right choice for a Frog so i'll probably go for a tin can and the TEU101BK that i still have around. For the rest, it will get a new body and new decals and also the rims will require replacing where the tires are still quite good. To be continued...
  16. Hello, as mentioned in a previous post I just got back into the hobby after an 8 year hiatus. I had sold all my RC stuff so I had to start from scratch. Since I am a vintage only buff, I picked up this Tamiya Falcon on CL for $40. I really wanted a Frog or Blackfoot, which I also picked up dirt cheap along with another Faclon Parts car dirt cheap on Ebay after buying this one, but those are future projects or will be sold. I first went to Ebay and bought a whole Laundry list of stuff, Three Falcon parts lots, including the one already mentioned, a used Airtronics MX-3 Transmitter and reciever for only $23 shipped, I chose this because its what I used when I was in the Hobby back when, A new Airtonics BL Racer ESC, A new Aitronics standard servo, full bearing set, shock oil and grease, CRP dogbones, CRP chassis stiffener and bumper, a Fireball 19 turn modified motor, four 5300 Nimh battery packs, a Radio Shack dual trickle charger, body clips, etc. To date I have spent a grand total of $430 for everything, but I do not think thats too bad, since in the end I will have two Faclons with parts to spare, a Blackfoot, pretty much complete, and a Frog, needs wheels and tires. I can always swap the electronics from one to another, so with the exception of a couple of new motors and the wheels and tires foe the Frog, I am done spending money. I totally tore down the Falcon, cleaned and replaced broken parts and rebuilt. I have taken pics and show the before and after of the Falcon, I have not yet run it but will do so as soon as I get the chance.
  17. Greetings: I have been looking to remove some of the play in the rear arms of my O.R.V. chassis, but found few rear arm upgrades that appear to do so. However, I noticed that the rear arm holders included in the original Mud Blaster kit - located on the K parts tree - have grooves which look to keep the rear arm in place. Given that the metal holders on the Frog can wear out easily without sufficient lubrication, do the Mud Blaster's plastic units offer any advantages? Will the wear problems continue at the same pace it does with my O.R.V. and its metal parts? Can the Mud Blaster's parts be fitted to a car that already has worn-out rear arms? I noticed a rear arm holder kit in aluminum on the Internet, but wanted to see if Tamiya has already made a solution. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Hi all, I currently have a Re-re Brat and need some advice regrading bodies. Is there any way of mounting a different body on to the chassis? The problem is to do with the fact that the body mounts are not really adjustable, thus limiting the type of body I can put on. However, has anyone had any luck in putting a different body, other than a stock Brat lexan shell, on to theirs? If you can suggest a body that would fit on the Brat/Frog chassis without too much difficulty, then please suggest it. Cheers, Mack.
  19. Tyres are used but in very good condition with almost full profile. Wheels come off a Tamiya Subaru brat and have been painted orange in the past and stripped again afterwards with caustic soda. Rims have some damage on the front and rear edges. I am unsure what the value of them is but i would settle for 10 EUR + shipping.
  20. Thinking about the ugly Fox and Falcon shafts. Frog UJs seems good for the Falcon but no, they are not. The wheel axle is too long. But if I disassemble the Frog UJs and use a normal short axle can it works? The Frog and Falcon half shafts are the same length? And what about the Fox? Somebody knows the length of the Fox half shafts? Can something be similar? Max
  21. Hi all. Feel free to direct this thread to another place if it's in the wrong location Anyways, I am planning to buy the JunFac Tamiya Frog Aluminium Front Shock Towers set (found here: http://www.fusionhob...rs-p/j20221.htm). However, I have found it hard to find the name/make of any shocks that will fit them. I believe the length recommened for them is 60/62mm, but I not sure about what size the connectors on each of the shocks have to be to match the size of hole on the shock towers. I have found these Absima shocks, which are 62mm, and come with optional ends: http://www.modelspor...products/369640 . Does anyone know if they will fit? If not, then could an owner of this suspension kit direct me to the shocks they've used? Preferably, the price needs to be around £20 or less for 2, although if they do cost more then I'd still like to see Thanks in advance, Mack
  22. Hi I recently have been fixing up my Brat, which was in a bit of a state. Yesterday, I got the electrics up and runing, and took it out for a run. All seems to be fine. The only problem is the rear axle. On the left hand side, it keeps poping out. I have tried gaffer-taping the joint boot to give it a bit more strength with the axle bone, but still no use. I also tried some cable ties around the joint boot, but it keeps happening. It usually runs fine on tarmac, but the moment it has any bump, it disconects from the rear suspension piece (far left side) and pops out. So, has anyone else has a similar problem and manage to fix it? While this may seem a bit stupid, the Joint Boot on the left side is torn in one place, and the end next to the gear box has been frayed/torn up slightly. Is it worth replacing it? Thanks in advanced
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