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Found 6 results

  1. Nothing special here - just another Mad Ax project thread, which some thoughts, musings, insights and ramblings about scalers, GMade, pandemics and life in general. This thread might get way more interesting in the future but right now it's just a handful of photos and a few things that might be worth knowing if you're thinking of getting a scale rig in this sector. Although the BOM is now a few years old and the chassis had been updated, so possibly this thread is too late to be of use to anyone. Well, who cares? Read on. I've been wanting a BOM ever since they came out. For a long time I refused to look at the new Eastern breeds, but when the BOM appeared I immediately fell in love with the chunky body, aggressive half-cage and chunky tyres. I even loved the boxart. In fact I loved both box arts - there are two 'factory' schemes, both red, one with a white panel down the side and one with some white stripes. Last autumn I figured it was time for a new dedicated scale rig. I'd been running my SCX10 G6 edition for years and although it was still running well, it was starting to feel a bit tired. Also my updates to make it into a more scale-looking rig with the Proline Cherokee body had compromised its true climbing potential a little, and to be honest, I was just looking for excuses to buy something new. I really loved the look of the BOM, it seemed to tick every box, I wanted something to be a dedicated rock-climbing truck with loads of articulation and a realistic but aggressively-modified body, and so I bought... An MST CFX-W. OK, it was a bit of an impulse, after hovering my finger over the BIN button for so long, to switch at the very last moment and buy the CFX-W instead. I just happened to find one in Europe and it had the right body too - the J45C Land Cruiser clone. And so last year's scaler build (mostly undertaken as we went into our first winter lockdown) was with the MST. I even got the opportunity to get it muddy during a brief window of non-locked-down-ness before Christmas, before festive excess and emerging variants put is back into a third lockdown. But the BOM never left me alone, I was still in love with its looks, and capable as the MST was, I still wanted to have it in my fleet. I figured it would probably remain a distant dream, something to want but never to have. And then a couple of weeks ago I got a message to tell that my daughter and I had been in contact with a confirmed covid case, and we had to spend 10 days at home in case we were contagious. That meant I needed to take some time off work, but I couldn't go out and enjoy the summer weather or take my daughter anywhere interesting, so I'd have to find plenty of things to keep us occupied at home. Now, I already have plenty of projects, but most of them require the workshop, which isn't really child friendly, at least not for a pre-schooler. If my daughter behaves well during the day then she gets a bit of iPad time before dinner, and building a kit is a great way to spend that time. I can sit next to her, be on hand to help with her games and try to add some context to them, involve her in conversation and show her what I'm working on, but still do something I want to do. So, before I could stop myself, I'd hit the Buy button (with expedited delivery), and Modelsport got busy boxing up my latest purchase. It arrived nice and early on Friday morning, but as chance would have it, my wife also got pinged by the Test & Trace app and had to isolate with us, so she handled the childcare, which freed me up to do some actual paid work, so it would be Saturday before I got around to building the kit.
  2. Original leaf spring jeep kit Grab a bargain! PayPal gift please UK shipping free £220
  3. Bought this chassis at the onset of my second spring with RC. While waiting for my first child, I decided to get back into RC thinking that this will be something to share with my kid when he is along. Bought the TLT-1 and things started to escalate. Now, my boy is in second year of Uni and shows no interest in any of my hobbies including RC. So, the old thing has been sitting in the store for more than 10 years. It's still some sort of lock down where I am. So, I decided to clean it up & make it run again. So this is a Gmade Dragoon chassis with JPS gearboxes & likley some HOT racing arm tubes & knuckles. Years of neglect and age old mud & cobwebs Egg shell !
  4. So... finally getting around to my GMADE GOM GR01 build. Just started today, and I'll post up progress as I go along. Follow this build on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnWfHyV3LtMDMZgIz1Muh2tDJhRxhYztU Build Details: GMADE GOM GR01 Rock Buggy Kit GMADE GOM Sway bar set (Titanium gray) GM30115 (available on eBay) GMADE GR01 Aluminum rear shock brace (Titanium gray) GM30080 (available on eBay) GMADE GR01 Aluminum slipper plate GM30073 (available on eBay) GMADE GA60 Brass steering knuckle bushing (4) GM30076 (available on eBay) GMADE GR01 Machined M4 99mm Upper Link (Titanium gray) GM30105 (available on eBay) GMADE GR01 Aluminum trailing arm (Titanium gray) GM30107 (available on eBay) GMADE GR01 Aluminum HI/LO Shift Fork GM30087 (available on eBay) GMADE GA60 CVA kit GM30062 (available on eBay) GMADE GR01 Aluminum Skid Plate (Titanium Gray) GM30111 (available on eBay) JunFac GA60 Aluminum Panhard Bar Axle Mount (Titanium Gray) J30009 (available on eBay) JunFac Hardened Universal Shaft for GMADE GOM Rock Buggy J90036 (available on eBay) GMADE Aluminum Shock Upper Ball 8x8.5mm Red GM0020095 (available on eBay) Vanquish 25T Aluminum Servo Horn (available on eBay) Pro-Line 2.2 Single Stage Rock Crawling Foam (for use with stock GMADE MT-2202 Tires) Pro-Line 2.2 Dual Stage Closed Cell Crawl Foam (for use with Pro-Line Hyrax 2.2 Tires) Motor: Brushed - Traxxas Titan 21T Brushless - SkyRC Ares Pro 540 Modified 8.5T (4100Kv), or Holmes Hobbies PULLER PRO BL 540 STANDARD (3500kv) Electronics: Hobbywing WP-1080 Brushed ESC Or Castle Creations Mamba X FlySky R6B 2.4GHz 6-Channel Receiver FlySky GT-3C 2.4 GHz Radio Savox SC-1283SG Servo - (for steering) Savox SC-0254MG Servo - (for shifting) Tools / Materials: Versachem Brake Caliper Grease 45 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station Tamiya Side Cutter DEWALT DCF610S2R 12V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/4 in. Hex Chuck Screwdriver Kit MIP Metric Speed Tip Set MIP9512 Noleen SF3 Grease (on eBay) Tamiya PS-30 Brilliant Blue Tamiya PS-5 Black Upgrades on the way JunFac Hardened Steel 32P 16T 1st gear (LO) (J30020) (available on eBay) JunFac Hardened Steel 32P 35T 1st gear (LO) (J30021) (available on eBay) JunFac Hardened Steel 32P 21T 2nd gear (HI) (J30022) (available on eBay) JunFac Hardened Steel 32P 30T 2nd gear (HI) (J30023) (available on eBay) JunFac Hardened Steel 32P 22T Transfer Case Gear (J30024) (available on eBay) JunFac Hardened Steel 32P 40T Transfer Case Gear (J30025) (available on eBay) JunFac Hardened Steel 32P 40T Transfer Case Dig Gear (J30026) (available on eBay) Gmade GOM JunFac GA60 Aluminum Straight Axle Adapter Gray Set RC Cars #J30011 (available on eBay)
  5. I usually stay away from mud and water like it's a plague...despite all the new waterproof electronics out there, I'm a firm believer that water in any form and electonics just don't mix. Having said that, I live where we have snow for a few months, and a very muddy spring season. So finally I broke down and built a dedicated snow and mud truck so I could play year round. My other CR01's are built for crawler/trail duty, and I had this one on the shelf that I was keeping mostly stock. Of course, nothing ever really stays stock around here for long. With its taller stance, big tires, and electronics up high, and a giant box of spare parts I figured this was a perfect candidate for my mud truck. This truck came to me with the luster silver chassis.. I wouldn't have bought it myself, but it's a really nice looking piece. I decided to mod the chassis a bit to give a bit more clearance under the trans mount, but I wanted to keep this chassis semi stock looking. First thing I did was (carefully) shave the underside of the chassis rails. I trimmed off the upper mounts of the side plates. Could have cut them off completely, but for strength, I left them on. Rebolted the side plates to the chassis 1 hole higher giving me about 10mm more clearance. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it makes a world of difference. To make this mod, quite a bit of the stock battery tray had to go. It looks kind of butch, but works just fine. The battery will be supported by the top of the trans. View from the side with the additional clearance. I had a set of portals on this truck originally, but didn't want to ruin them in the mud since they are so hard to find. I put a set of 3Racing lockouts on the rear axles. Speaking of, both diffs are locked for now with the "3rd Gear" mod. I may unlock them later if I add more power. Only other real mod to the truck is replacing the cantilevers with some homebrew standoffs and a set of Vaterra shocks. Overview of the chassis..My others are modded with custom chassis and various transmissions. This one really retains the stock look overall. Wired up with a WP 1060 ESC and stuffed the receiver into a TT02 box. Servo is a basic Traxxas waterproof model I had laying around. Running the stock motor and gearing for now. The upper mounts on the chassis standoffs I shaved down earlier worked perfect for zip ties and cleaning up the wiring. A few finished pics. Modified Imex tires on Gmade wheels should move some snow. A Proline body (In Tamiya Copper of course) with the fenders removed gives it the aggressive mud truck look I wanted. And a few action pics...I'm not much of a photographer, apologize for the blurry shots!
  6. I PROMISED myself that I would leave the Lunchbox alone... I mean, why would I upgrade a "truck" worth about $100? The upgrades would far exceed the price very quickly... Well a few opening statements about Vanessa for me to start off with, she is what has draaaaaggggggggggggged me back into RC AGAIN and more importantly, into Tamiya and led me to you pack of nut cases Good, bad or indifferent, she has been a joy to drive and bash like heck and it's not about the money at all actually, it's about the good ol' fun of RC and loving the car you have, and that means for me using it like all heck then upgrading as needed. Well that time has come. I looked for many months for suspension but just couldn't justify it, finally I gave in and got some GMade as they are fantastic build quality and really cheap for what they are. I would have loved Tamiya CVAs for this but they're too hard to find and too expensive. I also LASHED out on an ultra expensive ESC from HobbyKing The final piece of the puzzle for now is arguably the most important, the 2S Lipo Well, I'll post pics as we go here, I assume the final (LOL) upgrade will be the front A-Arms.
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