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Found 11 results

  1. Originally I wanted a smaller 4wd buggy. As a fan of Tamiya part interchangeability and after reading through many threads about modifying a MF01-X chassis, I went for it. Parts used: MF-01X in 225mm wheelbase Carten Beetle body 210 WB (the Tamiya one could maybe work with 239 WB, but usually buggy bodies need to be somewhat smaller than the chassis) Schumacher SST minipin tires on touring car wheels (a tad small at 70mm, found some tires with 75mm for WLToys on ebay, should look a litle more scale once they arrive) Tamiya 54670 WR-02 aluminium dampers Tamiya 9803236 GF-01 dogbones front Tamiya 51216 TA-02 dogbones rear Tamiya 10115859 WR-02CB front and rear lower arms Yeah Racing 022BU rear upper arm mounts (this solved a lot of issues in that area) A diy damper stay mount (no aftermarket part for that afaik) A few rods and ballcups from the parts bin Turned out looking almost as I imagined, although I had hoped for less weight and more suspension travel - but that's Tamiya for you 😁. Will be more of a rallye car than a desert buggy then, still lots of fun on loose surfaces I bet. First run soon, hopefully. Let me know what you think.
  2. Fun dreaming up what’s next on my desk for 2024. As piled on projects await parts or additonal computer time. The First project of 2024 begins! Project Details - MF-01X - 239mm GR YARIS Factory Rally Recce vehicle Rally Nippon Japan theme Single vehicle colour - White or Black Miscellaneous WRC / Factory prototype markings and decals Tom’s factory car? TRD? Mudflaps Interior Integrated into front bumper or auxiliary horizontal light bar Description - Usually single colour with a few markings / extra lamps recce car that blasts the rally stages to either take notes in days and weeks leading up to a rally event or day of before the first timed race car is launched from starting grid. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a dozen or two rally events over the years both wrc and professional / amateur national rallies and witnessed first hand. Usually it was 2-3 cars going through the full stage usually with a siren of some sort indicating the road is about to be a full fledged race track. Each car closer to the first car start was driving closer and closer to 10/10ths usually started out as passenger cars, transitioning to one with a cage, to one that was a liveryless full race car. Very exciting!! Hope everyone’s off to a great new year start! “Recce is short for reconnaissance. This activity is when the racers get to scout the roads before the event. In all cases, the roads are still open to the public and to two-way public traffic during recce, so this is not a "practice session" in any fashion.“
  3. "Half and Half" is what I've nicknamed Tamiyas more eccentric on-road chassis designs, that being the plastic "brick" designs that double as the transmission. I've mentioned before that the design is a bit worrisome for future repairs, but at the same time I've found it interesting from a design standpoint compared to the more recent tub TT designs. Is there any real benefit of the old "half and half" design over todays tub designs? I don't think that I've seen any other RC company attempt a similar design. I thought about this as I worked on an ECX 4WD and noticed just how similar it and about a dozen other modern 4WD RC chassis look.
  4. This is a follow up to two great Mf-01x 911 projects. The first by Juls1 and the second by OldSchoolRC1. If you haven't seen their threads yet and want detailed info on converting a mini size Mf-01x to a TT-01 size short wheelbase you should take a look. Many of the drive train and suspension mods I had in mind before I started building but their excellent builds are a proof of concept and worth a peek. The only thing that really bugged me about Tamiya's excellent 2.7 RSR where the wheels. While they look great for a modern Fuch wheel, they are too low profile to look period correct. I made my own Fuch wheels that had a black ring on the rim to simulate a high profile tire from the 70's. Its a solution similar to what Tamiya did on the F104 F1 wheels. The TL-01 long span suspension was for the most part, a direct fit but I had to make rear upright extensions, and front & rear shock mounts similar to OldSchoolRC1's car.
  5. Hey all, Thanks for letting me in. I have really enjoyed building up my MF-01x ford escort mk2. Wanting to tune it up a bit I looked into shocks and bought some Yeah Racing big bore 50mm dampers based on reading 50mm shocks are for the chassis. However on fitting I realise the stock friction dampers are 55mm and fitting these will drop a fair bit of ride height. Since om running it off road I need to keep clearance. Can I swap out the piston lengths for longer or do I need a full set of diffrent shocks. With the note that the rear right arm clashes with body can I fit 60mm shocks here and try to space if off the body? Also what oil should I be getting for them? Thanks
  6. This is the begining of something I've been planning for a while. The idea is to start with one kit, A rally Beetle, and see how many different cars I can produce from the one chassis. Wheels and tyres can be changed as well as mounting posts but other than that not a lot. OOps forgot yes different body spacers.L/M/S none. I have the beetle along with a WW body set and a Pumpkin set to start with.The beetle is going to use a set of "Herbie" stickers I bought a while ago, so a nice easy white paint job!!! The only problems I have is the wheels and the colour? The kit wheels are not right at all. Herbie had banded standard vw wheels. Sometimes with hub caps sometimes without.The tamiya VW wheels would be good but too narrow., and banding them too much aggro. Any suggestions. The colour is another issue. In some pictures he looks very off white? (Apparently its called VW pearlweiss) He also has a sun roof!!!!!
  7. Hi Folks, Been on a MF-01X binge over the last few months. I have seven built and one still to go. Two will be runners while the rest shelf queens. Shelf queens mostly spot Tamiya Esc + 17.5T sensored Brushless motor. One of the Runners has up rated 80A Hobbyking esc & 13.5T motor. The other is a work in progress at the moment.
  8. Just to generate some funds...FREE UK SHIPPING, paypal gift pleaseAll superb condition, no ESC's£85 58581 m-05 Gopro Swift£85 58614 mf-01x Jimny£100 58601 wr-02g Kuma tractor£115 58616 CC-01 lwb VW Amarok£115 58406 DF-01 Porsche Cayenne Or just £400 for all of them, £350 collected (North east wales)They are all listed on ebay as well now
  9. This isn't going to be as detailed of a build thread as I typically do. Partly because there already are a lot of MF-01X Jimny build threads which have tons of detail. This build is very similar in which I would be just rehashing well covered ground. Mostly though because my wife is going away for a teachers conference this week which gives me all of 4 days to complete this build before she returns. Why the rush? Because this is her surprise birthday present! Last year after I, my daughter and my son all got R/C buggies for our birthdays my wife made it VERY clear that if she got an R/C for her birthday she would not be a happy camper. Fast-forward a year and she's dropped a couple of hints that she's not impressed that she has to use the "loaner" SCT when the family goes to the park for bashing or goes to the track to play. This summer my son used his own money to buy a TT-02 and it was Grandma's birthday check that put him over the top. This past weekend when I asked my wife if she wanted to join us in a bit of parking garage bashing she said, "No, I don't have an R/C. I guess I'm not in that club." She turned her nose up to using the loaner truck so I think this gift is going to be well received. I chose this exact model because it's a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades. It will be able to bash at the play park or in parking garage, turn laps at the track, or run the trails with my CC-01. She likes luxury brands so Mercedes > Suzuki but I also like that it's on a longer wheel base chassis than the Jimny. My hope is that it will be a bit more stable than its shorter chassis cousin, especially when running off-road. Since this is destined to be a Jack-of-all-trades rig I made specific choices to enhance its overall reliability and capability. The kit and primary components: Mercedes-Benz G 320 Cabrio - MF-01X (ITEM# 58629) Tactic TTX300 transmitter. I originally ordered a stick controller but it turned out to be incompatible with the receiver I purchased so has been replaced with this one. Tactic TR325 3-channel receiver. It's really small and antenna-less. Tactic TSX40 steering servo. Ball raced and metal gears for not a lot of cash. Hobbywing QuicRun 1060 ESC. This thing is ever popular for a reason. Motor 27T Brushed 540 - Dirt-Tuned (ITEM# 53929). I've had this new in my box for like a year now. I think it will slot in perfectly for the purposes of this build. Robinson Racing 1116 pinion - .6 Module steel pinion for longevity and durability. M05Ra F Parts - Upright (ITEM# 51425). The wife is even more OCD than I am. The red bits would have driven her bonkers. This parts sprue was pretty much a must have! Paint: PS-53 Lame flake. I want it to have a metal flake finish so I'm going to use this first, followed by... PS-46 Iridescent purple/green. Her favorite colors are purple and green so why choose when you don't have to? PS-5 Black. For the soft top and to back the PS-46. PS-55 Flat clear. I'll cut the over-spray film away from the soft-top and lay down a coat or two of the flat on the outside of the body to give it more of a fabric look. PS-31 Smoke. I went gang busters on my sons TT-02 windows so I don't know how much of this I have left and I didn't buy more. I'm thinking of just leaving the windows clear because it's more realistic that way, but is an iridescent purple/green Mercedes realistic to begin with? My cunning plan to have a completely finished truck for my wife before she returned home from a week at an out-of-town conference ended with a trimmed and fitted clear body. This turned out to be a good thing because she was really happy to choose the color herself. To that end, new paint has been ordered. Duratrax polycarbonate teal spray paint Duratrax polycarbonate basic black spray paint Duratrax polycarbonate black base cover spray paint Tamiya TS-17 aluminum silver (for side mirrors) Hop-ups and mods: CVA Super Mini Shock Unit (ITEM# 50746) X2. There's no way I could build my wife an R/C that ran on friction dampers! MF-01X Alum Motor Mount (ITEM# 54660). Certainly the Dirt Tuned motor doesn't require the extra rigidity or heat dissipation of the aluminum mount but I have a thing for blue, Tamiya motor mounts. Fast Eddy rubber shielded bearing kit for the MF-01X which includes: (20) 5x11x4 (2) 5x8x2.5 (2) 5x8x2.5 Flanged Body Mount Crossmember - M-Chassis Carbon (ITEM# 54530). There are a few after-market options out there but I think this one is the most elegant solution. Stainless Steel Sus Shaft - M-05 Ver.II (ITEM# 54613). I'm not a fan of the screw pins so will be replacing them with steel shafts. Some no-name 6.0 mm clamping 12 mm gray aluminum wheel hexes from eBay. 5mm Ball Connector: 57714 - Long (ITEM# 9805825). I'm going to use these on the rear suspension to allow for equal droop left to right. I've been kicking around the idea of getting the MF-01X Alum Servo Mount (ITEM# 54658) as well. It's out of stock in the states and certainly won't make it in time for her birthday but I'd say there's a 90% chance I'll add that down the line. I'm going to start on the build tonight and plan on opening the build with the body. I want to give a shout out to all the posters who put up build threads of their own MF-01X's for the inspiration. I also want to give Nobbi1977 and XVPilot special shout outs for guiding me with hop-up choices via PMs. Peace.
  10. I dedicate this thread to my stories with my little Tamiya Suzuki Jimny Since about one year I was fascinated by the options the 500KV ROC 412 would give to Road Car based Scale Rigs like my loved Traxxas 1/16 based Nissan Titan "The Independent" But I never really liked CC01 - and then came Jimny - affordable and technology that reminds me of my Tamiya Cup days. What could possible go wrong. So a kit was ordered and the build went pretty straight forward - as I wanted a car to beat hard - I only invested about 3 minutes for painting the body. After the car was built it was clear - that for my goal to finish a RECON G6 I would need a little bigger wheels. 96mm Dirt Grabbers showed to be far to big - so I purchased a set of 1.55 Baja MTZ on Steelies that look perfect to me. After some testing with brushed motors I finally implanted the 500 KV Tekin ROC 412 - and that was perfect right out of the box.
  11. Well, been a while since I last posted... I'm taking the plunge, decided on building up a Porsche 959 based on the new MF-01X chassis set at 210mm. Ordered the following - 1/12 TGB P type 959 body - TGB P Type 959 wing - TGB P Type 959 interior - ******* 959 sticker set Need to buy - Jimny MF-01X - Options… :-) - RC Rally Raiders 959 1/10 wheels Looking for some insight on locating some 959 drivers heads. Anybody have any used bits they can part with? Don't fancy sporting for eBay units and can also craft my own. Interesting possibilities are Knight Customs SRB 3D printed head, helmet and visor. Just 1/10 scale and wondering if they could be scaled down? I do have several kits of the Toyota 4WD driver and could use the head only version, create a helmet and make a visor. Any other suggestions? TIA. Cheers, Thompson
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