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Found 35 results

  1. As per the title I really need a metal motor mount plate for the Madcap/Astute. Either new or used condition. Let me know what you have, can pay asap with paypal. Thanks James
  2. I recently picked up a TBLM-02S 10.5T brushless motor. I want to try putting it in my Buggy Champ but the instructions suggest a gear ratio of 9:1. Are there gears out there that give me this ratio and fit under the gear cover? If so, what's a good place to buy these type of gears? -- Jeff
  3. Hi guys After some advice. I have a spare re-re Holiday Buggy that I want to put a 540 into for the Mrs, if I wanted the best running time with a 540 motor what sort of turns should I be looking at? If i was to buy something new and cheap (<£10) like a Saturn motor, would going over 30 turns increase the battery life a lot over a stock silver can? Top speed isn't an issue here provided it goes faster than I walk but I also know the HB shell isn't light. The battery is a new 3300mah, buggy has metal bearings. So 540 options: Stock Mabuchi Silver can, (27 turns?) Tamiya Torque Tuned (25 turns?) Or buy something cheap off the bay that is 30t + [Mods please feel free to boot over to the RE-RE forum if you feel this is too specific to the HB]
  4. Hi, I was just searching for a good motor to use in my my TT02 rally car and came up with a few reabuildable brushed motors, which means I could change the brushes once they wear out. My top decision is Tamiya Dirt-Tuned, but I've also noticed the difference in the price of 'Super Stock' motors (TZ/RZ/BZ), but they all feature 'Standard type' brushes and they all are 23T (except Dirt-Tuned, it's 27T). What can be dfferent? Then I searched for brushes and then again - I found that there are standard, laydown and some 'commutator cleaning' brushes. What's the difference between all of them? Depending to the differences, which one is or may be the best for rallying? What motors do you use in your rally cars?
  5. Guys what have I done wrong? Ok, got the genuine Fox rebuilt with as much premium, alloy quality parts as I could find. Fitted a SP 3500KV and Reventon S speed controller and it literally torched itself in less than a minute after a short run-in. Ran it initially for about 2 minutes at reduced throttle for a quick check. No heat issues with ESC or motor. loaded it into the car drove 5 mins to the track and honestly 35-40 seconds later, smoke and melted death. I know it has a narrow gear window. 5.?? to 6.?? and I was about 7.4, is that enough to overload to melt point. Have I got ($50.00 AUD on sale) what I paid for??? I purchased 2 of these combos, as I have an original and a nova. Are they just completely unsuited to a buggy and if so..... .... ... .. what is the best motor esc combo for these animals??? do I stay brushless or go back to a brushed setup??? really need some solid advice guys, I just want a quick and reliable setup. specs, Fox + Nova, both identical. alloy wheels, hot trick up and low rear arms and heaps of other retro hop ups. Nano Lipo 2S 5300mah 50-100c's, Flysky GT3C series controllers ... Whats the answer? P.S this is my 9yr old daughters, she waited months and.... dead.....shes not happy.
  6. friends. I have my sand scorcher with the original electronics and a spektrum RX/TX combo. the problem I have right now is the I turn it on, the steering works OK but the motor doesn't move a bit. I use a 4600 MaH 7.2Vt battery. can anybody guide me to were can be the problem. Thanks alot. this is my SC Juan
  7. Hi everyone, So 29 years after my parents purchased a Tamiya Hornet and so very badly wanting a Fox, I finally have one. Its in pretty ordinary shape, could have found a better car I'm sure but it came with the box and most of the original packaging. Now for the rebuild. Its not destined for the shelf, its not going to be rebuilt strictly from original 1985 release parts, probably 58577 bits to be honest. I've purchased a re-re Wild One for my daughter whos shown a love for RC so It will only be a weekend runner. I dont care about breaking stuff, i'l just fix it. So, I've ordered a truck load of new parts, all tree's, parts and screw bag as well as heaps of alloy and upgrade parts such as a Thorpe ball diff. Now for my questions, and bear with me cause its been 30 years since I played with a Tamyia. Lipo, brushless, 2.4ghz radios etc werent around in my time. 1. The upgraded Thorpe diff should handle more power but do I go with a traditional brushed motor or step up to a brushless system? and if so any recommendations on a kv? or If I stick with tradition how may turn motor? What are the better motor esc combos in both options. There's plenty of combos (motor/esc) around the $150 AUD mark but whats worthwhile and what will likely go up in smoke. 2./ A lot of esc's these days are forced cooled, any recommendations of cooling mods given the Fox's closed body design? 3./ To go lipo or not? I guess the power system needs to match the drive system. I'm chasing more torque and power increases and looking for more run-time from whatever system employed. 4./ Is there a decent charger capable of charging multiple battery types? So in closing, I'm looking to build a quick, reliable Fox with decent run-time. Lastly, a quality dependable radio and receiver combo. Thanks in advance guys, I'll post progression photos as parts start to arrive and its rebuilt. Cheer Daniel.
  8. Does anyone out there have any torque figures for brushless motors ? I was thinking about using a 800 size motor in a scratch built model, it produces around 6300g/cm of torque at about 4500 rpm, it's about 3 times the torque of a standard 540 but much less rpm, just wondering how it compares to a low KV brushless motor system ???
  9. Hello All! I have been asked to advise a fellow modeller on which brushless motor, ESC and LiPo to buy for his new DB-01 Durga. Trouble is, my experience is limited to brushed motors and NiMH batteries, and I do not own a Durga. So, could those of you who run the things please help us out? I know the Durga has quite a uniquely-shaped shell, and I am not sure what the battery bay looks like, so I am quite keen to hear from Durga owners who can recommend gear that will fit the chassis and shell, as well as provide suitable power. Suggestions? Thanks!
  10. I have always been not happy with regards to the DT02 gearbox, especially when it comes to keeping a motor cool. I understand it plays some part in protecting the motor but does nothing to help keep it cool. So anyway I run a few DT02's and have loads of parts kicking around. I thought I would look at some options for keeping the motor cool or at least trying to keep it a little cooler ! I know there are many various heat sinks you can buy but most only fit a standard sealed silver can type motor. So here's what I have done. the gearbox as it comes after a little modification and some holes for extra airflow. and I cut a lot away on this one. not sure how strong it is with the torque from this 19turn spec which is quite a powerful motor.
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