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Found 47 results

  1. Having a small clear out so...... I have my Tamiya TRF416X up for sale. Chassis is in fantastic condition with only minor scuffs underneath (was raced on carpet) ball diff in the rear and spool in the front. Comes fitted with a standard servo. The top deck is showing signs of slight splitting (the edges werent glued) and the alloy servo mounts are nit there (replaced with a single plastic mount and servo tape) Chassis comes complete with its original box, white Tamiya disc wheels and Tamiya reinforced B2 slicks along with a few spare anti roll bars. The motor in the picture is not included and note that the original steering blue turnbuckles have now been fitted. Also comes with body posts and a few spares. I also have a brand new in box Kyosho Renault Laguna BTCC bodyset. Comes with original decals and body accessories along with a set of 4 Tamiya multi spoke wheels painted Tamiya Brilliant Blue (no tyres) I also have a Tamiya Super Modified 11T motor in original box (slightly taped up but tidy box) Motor can be seen in the TRF416X pic. Looking for £100 posted for the TRF416X and the Motor together. Or £85 for the TRF416X on its own and £22 for the motor. Feel free to ask any questions. Many thanks James laguna bodyset now sold. TRF416X and Motor still available, price has been updated. James
  2. Hi everyone, For sale is my Tamiya M05. Upgrades include: Tamiya Alloy Front Hubs 3 Racing Alloy Blue Rear Hubs Fully Ball Raced Tamiya TRF Dampers Tamiya TRF Short White Springs Tamiya Alloy Blue Ball Joints Tamiya New Front Shafts Electrics included: Savox SW-0231mg (High Torque, Water Proof) Podium 17t Brushed ESC (Lipo Compatible) HPI Saturn 20t Motor Also included are some brand new Sweep Racing mini tyres and an Blitz Mini RS4 body shell. A manual is also included. All you need is your own transmitter and receiver and it will run. I'm open to offers around the £120 mark, with £15 postage/PayPal fees or it can be collected. Thanks, Sam
  3. Hi, In an old RRC magazine there was a toy fair that featured Tamiya team cars the Astute and Top Force. I think they were Alan Harmans. The Top Force below was featured in a RRC magazine. Has anyone seen any info on the Team car Astute that partnered it, it had the same Mclaren Marlborough livery? http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa378/percymon/58100%20Tamiya%20Top%20Force/TRF1.jpg Thanks, Andy
  4. Due to me upgrading to some nice big bore aeration dampers, my old DB01R Aeration TRF Dampers are for sale. They come as pictured, along with a full brand new set of rear setting springs and also a full set of Soft, Medium and Hard springs that have hardly been used. Also comes with a few spare hardware items etc to help attach to different vehicles. The pre load collars all have a small red paint mark on them to help make sure they are all centred, this doesn't effect the dampers at all. These are awesome dampers and are away to receive a full strip down and full clean and rebuild using some 35wt oil all round before whom ever buys them. They do have the odd mark here and there on them as they have been used for racing in my DB01R, but the shafts are not damaged and the seals do not leak at all. I have no idea what these are worth tbh, so lets say a cheap £30 posted 1st class in the UK . James
  5. Looking for a set of rear Big Bore Aeration Buggy Dampers, item number 54505. Used or new, and if possible a set of rear tuning springs (not a must for the springs though) Let me know what you have. Paypal money sitting waiting to pay Thanks James
  6. Hey all. The inner mad scientist in me is brewing. I have a crazy idea for a build. get this, a TRF201 Based, Mid-rear motor RWD Drift car. After seeing many builds in regards to people doing RWD conversions on TA05s and Yokomo DIBs, with their motors being shifted to the rear-end, i thought... "Wait, wouldn't it be just as easy to use a Buggy transmission back there?" After chatting with a few of my buddies down at the local club, The idea stuck. I decided to tear down my TRF201, and get to measuring holes and mounting points for suspension, to make a one-of-a-kind RWD Drifter like no other... Based upon a buggy transmission! There are a few questions i have though. 1: In regards to the Transmission, i see the TRF201 shares a lot with the FF03, TA06 and the XV01's front transmission. Now, i'd love to know if the top shaft from the FF03 is cross-compatible with the TRF201. Why you ask? Well, a locked upper shaft would be fantastic for this build, since the TRF201 uses a slipper clutch, which to be honest, won't suit the purposes of drifting all too well. I know the DN01 doesn't come with a slipper, so if the DN01 and FF03 share a common top shaft, it'll mean my options for gear drive (or in this case, belt drive, using the VENOM belt drive gearing) could very well be possible, since the FF03 uses a standardised gear mount, which the VENOM belt drive requires to fit. 2: Is there a solid spool that'll suit the TRF201/TA06/XV01 Front trans that'll drop into the TRF201's transmission? 3: Do you guys have a good source for small cuts of Aluminium sheeting that'll post to Australia? 3mm preferrably. I have a supplier of CF sheeting which'll do cuts of any carbon fiber parts, but only in large quantities (10 or more), in 3K twill, 3mm thick. If this turns out successful, I may very well figure out a way to sell these things as proper kits. The things i do know are this: 1: The wheelbase must be 235mm long to match the TA05VDF's wheelbase, and the wheelbase of standard 1/10 TC bodies. 2: Due to the lack of rear traction, weight bias needs to be shifted towards the back, or closer to the middle. 3: It must be able to take a standard LiPo, and all electronics needed to operate a car. 4: It must contain mostly Tamiya parts.
  7. These are from a display model and have only been built, so are pretty much still brand new unmarked. Comes with original blister packaging with instructions on the rear and a set of 12 damper pistons 4x1 hole, 4x2 hole and 4x3 hole. £30 posted to UK buyers, international postage at cost. I also have quite alot of other TA03 hop ups for sale too if interested before I list them all up. Thanks James
  8. To make a long story short, I have roughly half a TRF211X in very nice condition. I would very much like to complete it but the exclusive parts for this car are extremely hard to find, and it's a bit pointless to replace them with Dyna Storm items. If all else fails I will consider selling it, but I'll give it a try.. Anybody having any of these parts and thinking about selling, please PM or answer in the topic. Looking for, and willing to pay something like (everything is negotiable): 'Shiny' prototype shocks (body + caps). Offer 300 euros Any of the coloured springs (yellow, orange, blue). Offer 100 euros Plastic spur gear holder / centre section for the slipper. Offer 150 euros Body shell. Beat up shell - 150. New - 300 euros. Rear damper mount. Offer 50 euros. Rear suspension mounts (x2 pairs) for both toe-in degree settings. Offer 100 euros /P Oh, forgot to add: Any other exclusive 211X parts (i.e non-dyna storm parts) not listed are also of interest if they are in good condition.
  9. I'm just wondering what the fundamental differences are in the TRF 501X, 511X and 503X buggies. I'm aware the 502X is the shaft drive but I can't see any fundamental layout differences in the belt drive versions aside from the 503 having the latest big bore dampers etc. Can anyone with expertise in this area please give a breakdown of the defences between these buggies, ideally with plus points and minus points between each one? thanks
  10. As per the title, i am looking for a kit box for the Tamiya DB01R. Doesnt need to be perfect condition, but at least not falling apart. I am uk based and paypal money waiting. Thanks James
  11. Its that time of year where I have went through my R/C stuff and have the following for sale just to clear some items out and make more space. ok, so first up is a used in box Technigold RX-540VZ motor, I have run this in my vintage Madcap twice and it runs fine and still has plenty of power. £30 A used but in generally good condition RS-540 SD Blue Endurance motor with box and insert. £15 A set of TRF 501X front springs, also fits the DB01 series of cars. £5 A used set of DB01 wheels, have been sprayed in Tamiya Smoke colour, but the scratches are still visable. £5 A set of DF03-MS Hard Type Turnbuckles, these also fit the DB01 and many other Tamiya buggies. Also comes with a set of used adjusters. £10 A Tamiya DB01 front one-way unit with a brand new pulley installed. £10 Tamiya kit # 58218 Toyota Corolla WRC TA03F-S. This is a used kit, but in fantastic condition, the body is in great condition with only 1 small split (as pictured). Includes the TA03F front upgrade bumper and a set of medium TRF springs for the dampers. The wheels included are non kit standard wheels, but they are the Focus WRC style wheels and suit the Corolla just as well.. Also comes with the TA03 parts pictured and the ultra rare TA03R front gearbox and bumper for use on a Lancia 037 project if needed. £90 A selection of tyres, front left to right = DT02 front tyres, brand new never used, Dynastorm rebranded "hobbyworld" tyres brand new and a set of Proline Madcap/Astute front tyres. (must be sold together due to postage costs) £20 Madcap front damper mount and rear damper mount, brand new never used. £10 TA03R-S/F-S short drive belt. £18 These need to go ASAP, so grab a bargain. Postage discount for multiple buys. UK buyers only and paypal for payment please. James
  12. The title of my thread says it all really ! This is a build thread of the 2wd TRF car Tamiya should have made instead of the out of date TRF201xmw. Now I have been racing a TRF201 converted with a Generation 2 Vega. You have seen it before in my showroom. The reason I bought the conversion and didn't bother waiting for the XR long wheel base and XM mid motor conversions was that Tamiya was taking far too long to get them in to production. A bit like their big fail with the XMW kit. So on to the build of what can only be described as AWESOME ! Now I had this conversion in mind for ages when I saw it on oople !, no way I thought and what its for sale ..... trust me when I say I contacted the guy selling it straight away ! The conversion has a very nicely machined chassis, an alloy of some kind but a different colour to the Vega chassis so maybe another grade of alloy ? The build started with the 201 steering components followed by bolting on the front end, so simple just as the Vega is. Next was the 502's motor mount pieces, slipper clutch and then the 502's rear gearbox assembly. the wishbones were next. UJ's, 0.5 degree alloy hubs. I used some blue alloy parts that are from the 502 upgrade pack but you can buy them separately. I am talking about the alloy upper arm mounts #54437. the shock tower required a little bit of filing (to fit in-between the new upper arm mounts) as its not from the upgrade pack and the top decks fitted at this point next was the shocks and other bits and bobs. Fitting the electrics was the same as any other car, fit the motor ( an Turnigy Trackstar 8.5) and place the other electrics (the esc is an 100amp Turnigy Trackstar) around it, the servo of course has its place and was a doddle to fit. The chassis takes the shorty lipo which I need to buy some of. With the body shell fitted the car looks very 'un-tamiya' (its actually from a DB1) and not my paint choice I am just using what came with the conversion for now. You could say that forward cab is 'now' but I remember the Super Sabre being the first forward cab !! A few pictures with my 201 Vega. More to follow once I have run the car .................
  13. here is my review on my TRF DT03 on The RC Racer web site http://www.thercracer.com/2014/05/tamiya-dt03-trf-race-tips-and-review.html a few of you have seen my car run and heard about my trials and tribulations with car. Have a read and I hope it helps with your DT03.
  14. Okay so the title was a slight trick, but I thought it was grap some attention since my FTX Vantage that "was" bought as a cheap runner now contains quite a large supply of Tamiya Parts and pays homage to a Tamiya Classic. I knew when I bought the clear spare body and wing that I wanted to pay a small tribute to an old Tamiya buggy and it took me a while to source what one that was. After alot of consideration into the style and point of the buggy was along with the body style of the Vantage body, the decals had to agree with the body design IMO. So I decided on the Tamiya Astute. So over the last 3-4 months I have slowly added parts, hop-ups and many other bits and bobs to what once was a FTX Vantage to create what is shown in the photos. So far on my Vantage my current upgrades are , Carbon front and rear shock towers Carbon top plate Carbon battery plate Tamiya TRF 201 48dp spur gears (slightly modded to fit) Tamiya 48dp pinions Tamiya TL01B long rear Blue anodized driveshafts Anodized Blue top Damper holders 3 Racing D3 Sakura 4mm clamp type Blue anodized wheel hex's White anti roll bars (medium) White tuned medium springs (Medium) Tamiya Anodized Blue stabilizer ends Tamiya Anodized Blue wheel nuts Lithium medium grease in rear diff Lithium soft grease in front diff Tamiya DF03 Wheels FTX Vantage standard Tyres Clear Vantage body and wing set painted into a tribute to the Tamiya Astute Powered by old school 8.4v Nimh custom soldered battery pack, using deans battery bars and deans connectors. Speed Passion Reventon R ESC with 5.5R Motor Spektrum DX2E Radio set Hi-Tec hi speed metal geared servo and a few small bits and pieces. Coming soon is ....... Tamiya DF03 hard type turnbuckle set Red Soft Anti roll bars Tamiya K Block 62mm tyre set and possibly lipo power. So needless to say not quite the RTR Buggy it once was. I do hope you all like it as my intention was just to show my liking and my tribute to the Tamiya Astute.
  15. I wasn't keen on this car when I first saw it. After a brain storming moment I realised what I could do to this car with the DT03 specific Hop Ups and Hop Ups I had kicking around doing nothing so ........ Here is my build, the Super Gripper'd DT03 As expected, the Tamiya instructions are noddy proof. I built the Hop Ups in to the build from the start. The alloy servo mount is very nice. 54565 >> and a Kimbro servo saver I forgot to take a picture of the bare chassis halves sorry. On the front end I used The DT03 Carbon Fibre shock tower 54562, really nice Tamiya weave in the Fibre. I had a spare set of TRF Aeration dampers so they went on with 54205 DB01 alloy damper bushings at the top and 54503 alloy suspension balls at the bottom. I also used 3Racing alloy C hubs and gray TRF 54247 reinforced adjusters. And 54396 Front Damper Lower attachment pins and 54395 Low friction shafts. I used TRF201 hex screws and not the kit screws. at the rear I used the DT03 alloy suspension bridge parts 54566. Now here I cheated a lot I used the complete rear gearbox from my DT02 Desert Gator It has in the Tamiya ball diff 53863, 3Racing Universal shafts and 5 Stars rear hubs and 5 stars alloy hexes. Anti roll bar is DT02 It also has a Losi 10.5 motor powered by a Turnigy Trackstar 100amp esc. So I then just bolted the whole thing on with the DT03 Carbon Fibre rear shock tower 54563 and TRF Aeration dampers. Again using 54503 and 54205. Such an easy build, I do not like the look of the kit rear wing so I used a TRF201 wing 54211. The car also has the DT03 alloy battery bar 54564 DF03 rear wheels and I have used Schumacher yellow mini spike tyre with Schumacher Tubby inserts. Just waiting for my paint to come from modelsport for the body shell.
  16. I am putting one of my Tamiya DB01R up for sale. Its a well looked after used race car. Always regularly serviced. It has a front one way fitted and comes with the diff it replaced. (3Racing one piece out drives) Tamiya hop up steering, spare shock towers, spare pulleys including a spare front one way pulley. I will also add in a selection of other bits and pieces and parts It comes in race trim with lots of spares, spare set of unused wheels, set of wheels with Fastrax turf rippers. Some nip parts. Original manual included. Bladre body shell. Perfect for the first time racer I will give it a full clean and rebuild before posting. £140 posted in the UK.
  17. Well I have decided to go a different route in my R/C fun and onto Buggies. So its time to let my limited edition F104 Pro VII Dark Titanium Edition go, and put it up for sale. The car it used and has a fair few scuff marks underneath but no actual damage. Up top everything is standard from the factory, so lots of carbon and lots of Dark Titanium coloured aluminium parts. Comes with original box and manual. Along with a whole host of spares. Set of Tamiya foam tires on silver wheels, very rough looking but loads of life left in them. Set of Tamiya foam tires on silver wheels, good overall condition with red Pirrelli sidewall decals applied. Set of kit standard Tamiya rubber tyres on silver mesh wheels, good condition loads of life left with white Pirrelli decals applied. Set of Tamiya Optional Soft rear tyres and Standard Front tires on silver mesh wheels, brand new and fitted to the chassis along with yellow Pirrelli sidewall decals. Extra Aluminium Damper. F1 front spring set Various Spur gears Pinion gear Steering servo fitted NIP F104 front arms NIP F104 rear wing set It also comes with a Tamiya Ferrari F2012 bodyset fitted. It has been built and painted by myself to a good standard, not perfect by any means, but certainly looks the part on display or when being run. Bodyset and wings are in very good condition. Pictures can be seen in my showroom of the chassis and the Bodyset. Postage to the UK only, and due to postage costs I am looking for £110 ono for the whole lot posted by 1st class recorded mail. Thanks James
  18. For some of you this sight might be familiar already from oOple, but being a Tamiya based project, I really yhink I should post this here as well I present to you, the TRF201 FF: oOple Development/Build Thread Specs/Features List: - TRF201 Gearbox (with Ball Differential and Slipper Clutch). - DB01 Front Uprights+Caster Blocks. - TRF HL Aeration Dampers. - Double Wishbone Front Suspension with Inboard Dampers. - Trailing Arm Rear Suspension (2 Degrees Toe-In, -2 Degrees Camber each side). - Developed for use with a Low Profile Steering Servo and 'Shorty' (=95mm long) LiPo Stick Pack. - Compatible with modern Pin-Type Rear Wheels on the whole car. - BRCA, EFRA and BNK Legal to run in 2WD Dlass. - Approx. 284mm Wheelbase, 250mm Width. Existing/Production parts in the design: - TRF201 Gearbox. - TRF HL (TRF201) Aeration Dampers. - TRF201 Steering Arms+Servo Saver. - DB01+TRF201 Suspension Blocks on the front suspension. - DB01/DF03 Hybrid Universal Shafts (DF03 70mm dogbone, DB01 rear axle). - TRF201 45mm Titanium Turnbuckles (for camber links). - TRF Adjusters on the whole car. - DB01/TRF Rear Wheel Axles (for the rear wheels). - 4x Pin-Type Rear Wheels.
  19. Hi there, [Edit: the album linked below has been made public, sorry about that] I'm parting out a built but never used TRF 501X kit and almost everything is for sale. I've not priced all the bits up yet but the prices will be at or below 80% of the lowest ebay price for people here at TC (+shipping at cost). AVAILABLE [501X/DB01] Hop-Up front one-way+Hop-Up adapter [501X] TRF Carbon parts - chassis, top braces, shock towers [501X] TRF Aluminium parts - all bulkheads, motor mount, all suspension mounts, battery posts, [501X] TRF Shell - body, wing and undertray - untrimmed and not painted SOLD [501X] Full Hop-Up steering set [501X/DB01] TRF Suspension - TRF Buggy Dampers [#54028] [501X/DB01] TRF Drivetrain - Slipper clutch, ball diff, steel outdrives, F+R CV shafts, 2 x 369 mm belts If you want something then just post your initial interest in this thread (I'll certainly reply) and if it goes beyond that we can migrate to PM/email. I also have some spare plastics like arms and hubs as well as a full turnbuckle set so if you need some odds and ends post in this thread and I can have a look for you. If you can see this album (link) there are some pics there for good measure. Cheers, Dave
  20. As posted on tamiyablog.com: http://tamiyablog.com/2012/07/jilles-groskamp-trf417x-make-tamiya-win-third-ifmar-istc-110-electric-touring-car-world-championships-in-a-row-and-five-in-total/ http://tamiyablog.com/2012/07/tamiya-racing-factory-trf-driver-lee-martin-and-his-trf201-win-third-consecutive-efra-2wd-championship-title/ So that's the third consecutive IFMAR ISTC 1/10 touring car win for Tamiya, and fifth win overall. Plus, three consecutive EFRA 2WD buggy championship titles as well! It's nice to see the TRF team drivers and Tamiya doing so well in these high-visibility events. -Paul
  21. Hello all, I am currently investigating a handful of new cars for off-road buggy racing that are TRF or could be upgraded to TRF. So far I am looking at the Sand Viper, Dark Impact or Zahhak. Now the sand viper and dark impact are not the TRF versions N.I.B, I would be purchasing the hope-ups seperately. The Zahhak appears to be still available in the N.I.B version as the TRF 201. Price varies from my Ebay research as follows. Sand Viper with seperately purchased TRF upgrades = $520.00. Dark Impact with seperately purchased TRF upgrades = $600.00 and the Zahhak bought as the TRF201 (comes with all upgrades) = $470.00. My pricing includes the radio (futaba), motor (superstock BZ) and ESC (Tamiya 104), bearings and a 15T steel pinion. Now I am still in love with my vintage cars and have upgraded them to the max (hornet and super hornet), however I am looking for a challenge that will be fun to build (moving into the next level of complexity), maintain and provide much more speed and if anything goes wrong I can still get parts. I do not want to upgrade my classic cars as they can be unforging if something breaks (parts hard to find and break easy if to much power). I have been leaning towards the Viper, however if the TRF201 is a better performer than I will head in that direction. Dark Impact was a consideration as it would be my first 4wd. Please let me know if the electrics specs are correct for interdimentional travel (greater speed). I don't really want to go brushless as the price can be let down. Let the debate begin. I love the comments and insight from members. Passion and honesty is a bonus from tamiya lovers. Regards Jeffro
  22. Hi all, Next in my sellout is this TA03R-S TRF (58243) chassis kit. The chassis came with 28 option parts out-of-the-box - not counting the extra Hop-Up's I have added myself! I have fittet the kit with a PIAA, Porsche 911 GT2 body, a Dyna Run Super Touring motor and a CPR. P-160F unit. The kit comes fully ready to run - but without battery or remote control! There are a few scratches on the body and on the underside from the one time I have raced the car (See pictures). Some of the extra option parts I have added includes: Dyna Run Super Touring motor CPR P-160F TA03R Torque Control Unit TA03F Pro Carbon Battery Plate Set TA03 Hollow Carbon Gear Shaft TA04 Titanium Suspension Shaft Set ...and others - see pictures for details Shipping inside the EC will be 30£ Shipping to the US will be 82USD Standard or 63USD Economy Offers welcomed! Hi-res pictures available here: http://sdrv.ms/Pu7F3v And – of course mail me with any questions! Cheers Martin martinjordt@hotmail.com
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