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Found 5 results

  1. Just started on this last night : The works 3 speed gearbox in progress Engine cover on Output gears Cover for the output gears Spur with slipper clutch Assembled 3 speed 3 speed shifter Bumper needs a semi gloss black coat in selected places
  2. Hi guys, Probably should have mentioned that I have put up for sale my Tamiya Tundra. You can look at my build thread to see how much work went into her, fully ball raced and built with a lot of love - she's a ripper and looks sensational. I literally NEVER used her and need to free up the space and money. If anyone's interested, it's on the Bay now: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/152014763481?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  3. Ok so after some consideration I thought that I would ease my way into scale RC by purchasing a Tamiya Tundra. I was eyeing off a Brusier and Mountain Rider but for the first one thought that I would make something I could use and abuse and also make a blend of functional and scale all at once. The Tundra fit the bill for me as it has no 80s heritage like the Bruiser (which I simply would not be able to bash) and also after seeing much inspiration for mods the trigger was pulled. I decided to purchase: Tamiya Tundra Junfac high lift kit Junfac steering mod Tamiya bearing kit Tekin FXR ESC Tekin 35t hand wound motor Tamiya GT Tuned motor (will use in another build but for now will be in here) Turnigy TGY 9x Mode 1 3Racing winch Traxxas E-Max waterproof servo (80oz) Turningy 620DMG High Torque waterproof servo (10.6kgs) Fenders Snorkle Still deciding on: Shocks (colour, look and size.. tough call) LED light kit... not sure easiest / cheapest way to go here. As long as I have full control from the 9ch I don't mind Wheels and Rims - again, so many decisions to be made here. I am after 2.2 for this build, just need to make the call on body colour. Body style and colour - I am very particular. Hopefully I don't give up and paint it black... may happen! So I commenced tonight after receiving the box today. As everyone says, this kit is magnificent. I've built a lot of cars very big ones and small ones and this is a joy. Hard to really understand until you do one as each time I read a build thread with the owner saying the same thing I never 'got it' until I was putting the gearbox together and bolting it to the fram. magnificent - highly recommend 10/10 After grinning ear to ear it was time to get going... Glass of red and off we went! Decided to stop for the night at the diffs. Looking forward to the next part tomorrow.
  4. Well firstly this is a large hello to you all. Been lurking around for a bit and have unfortunately / fortunately now FIRMLY taken the plunge. As there's no official "Welcome / Into yourself" thread I'll do that here as well... Brief history of me + RC. Child of the 80s, had a Frog, Pajero, Mauri samurai (still got it in pieces!), mauri Big Bear (still nearly all together!) Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid then slipped into the 90s with Kyoso MP5 but never really had much success with nitro. Fast forward many years and I discover the HPI savage nitro... THEN I discover 1/5 Baja... Basically the same as choosing the Red Pill on the Matrix. (FYI made my first Baja a Frog tribute... pics at the end if you like) Deplete bank account many, many, many thousands of dollars and many, many hundreds of hours Finish up with a 60cc skopod engine in an uncontrollable 5T with hydraulic disc breaks and any other hop up available to man whilst on your own custom build 1/5 scale track and you realise it's time to pull the rip cord and exit the hobby. Sell EVERYTHING. (Including my poor little MERV which I loved so...) Have an unopened Lunchbox sitting at home for five years, daughter finally wants to "build" it with me... Annnnnnddddddddddddddd I've taken the Red Pill again. Currently have on their way from countries far abroad: Tamiya Tundra - non-scale, more practical build going to happen Tamiya Hilux - Scale build going to happen! Negotiating on Bruiser - True to 80s build will happen. (JUST missed out yesterday on a Mountain Rider sad, as I like that body more...) Have also had to re-buy all gear - basically a nightmare / incredible fun... However I have NEVER done the "scale thang" so there is a steep learning curve for me. Also, only dabbled in electric / Lipo land with the MERV so am still scratching skull often on that one. Admittedly Medic's thread on his Tundra fired me up for a non-scale but awesome build, so have taken a lot of the learning curve from that thread and also ideas. I have specific questions that to get answered in a practical way should be structured as such. There will be many more I do not think of no doubt, but for now (apologies in advance team). Just need to share the burden of obsession with others equally inflicted. These will all be Tundra specific... for now... Bits so far: Junfac highlift kit + Steering mod Tekin FXR + Tekin 35T motor Waterproof servos all around 3racing winch 3s lipos Bearing kit What I am struggling with: • Wheels. Want 2.2 but simply can't decide on the right style / look / functionality blend. Problem is I still can't really decide on what colour and style I'm going to paint it to be honest and it's killing me. So while it's not going to be strictly a scaler look as it'll be all jacked up, really want to get something that works well but looks awesome. I do like the baja body painit job and also the Top Gear ice truck... pretty cool also. If I give up, it'll be black. • Shocks. While they're dependant on wheels to a certain extent, I want that Graceland again of scale looks and functionality. Either plain silver or probably plain black I would think. Thoughts on size and supplier? • LED lights. I got a (Turnigy don't judge me) 9ch radio so have plenty of buttons to entertain myself with. What comes with the kit and what do I need to make a rolling disco on this bad boy? Help! • What are the best fenders? RC Model Ex? I think I saw someone, somewhere put screws into the holes of them which looked VERY nice, how's that done? • Winch. Do I need to run separate saddle pack batteries like Medic did? If yes, is 1500mah at 6v ok for this on the 3racing winch? • BEC... Do I need one? I know that the FXR has one, not sure if I need another one with the juice running through it. If yes, can someone recommend for me? I think that's it for now. World's LONGEST first post? I like to be up front in relationships, and you guys know straight out what i'm up to! JD To prove I'm an 80s tragic:
  5. Apologies for this extremely anal question. Does anyone know which TS paint colours are used for painting the truck in the colour scheme shown on the side of the box? I can't seem to find it mentioned anywhere in the manual. Thanks
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