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Found 5 results

  1. Having injured my back at work earlier this month, I'm currently stuck at home in "recovery" for the next three months. I'm pretty much immobile and getting bored, so I've decided to put this together to pass some of the time: The idea is go all out with the chassis, and make something functional yet still aesthetically pleasing. As stated in the thread title, it's going to be an M06RS, since it will have a 210mm wheelbase, but enough mods to garner the "R" designation. Oh, and I'm going to make it 8mm wider as well Haven't any idea how this will effect handling, but my primary aim is to fill the wheel arches better than the stock configuration seems to offer. A sample of the hop-ups I'll be using: As you can see, most of it is standard Tamiya stuff, with a few other aftermarket makers thrown in for good measure. Not all of it mind you, but this might give you an idea of how methodically I've been planning this build!
  2. Hello, i'm Johan from Belgium, last week i bought an old rc car and i never seen or heard anything from this car. The brand on the box is Tsukuda but this brand is only known for static model kits and puppets... I happen to have also an old AYK from 1979 i think, and this car has the same wheels and rear axle, in the Tsukuda box are two optional gears and thy are marked AYK. The chassis is also black anodized. Maybe someone know something about this car? Thank you.
  3. A friend of mine made a temtec gear super astute buggy by converting the body from desert gator. I think it is worth sharing to you guys. https://youtu.be/UWbJtmXOtzc
  4. This was originally bought as a kit from Beattie's toy and model shop around 1992. I'm after about £120 + p&p. It's missing the following things: 2 x servos 1 receiver 1 x rear right spring I don't have the box or the manual any more. Body-wise it's missing the following (I know I have them somewhere but I spent two nights looking for them and now I've given up): The vac-formed cockpit moulding plus drivers' heads The headlight assembly (silver surrounds and lightbulbs) Left-hand wing mirror The broken part is the wishbone coming off the top of the suspension column, on the rear right side. I do, however, have the upright bit coming off the top of the turret (the silver rod and collar bit you see in one of the pix). As you can see it's a bit dirty, and I reckon the oil in the dampers dried up long ago. Always thought they were an odd design... It had relatively little use, despite its condition. I ran it perhaps 6 or 7 times and I pinched the servos for another kit, after which it stayed in a box. Oh yeah, and there's a small packet of suspension bits left over from when I replaced a broken wishbone. If anyone wants to see a different picture let me know what and I'll take the shot and post it here.
  5. Been looking for a Corally SP12 for ages, but they seem very hard to come by in the UK now. Especially older early/mid 90's examples. Anyway, today I seen a "R/C Car and Spares" for sale on my local Gumtree and it was up for £10. So I had a look at the pics and it looked like a Corally SP12 (or some sort, still unsure as to the differences in the SP12's) Went round to look at it and the seller indeed confirmed it was a Corally SP12 so I now have it at home and already stripped down. Ordered a bearing set from RC Bearings for it, but just wandering where the best place for info is on them? Or how to tell what model of SP12 I have? Many Thanks James
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