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Found 2 results

  1. So, I've had this Super Champ in my family since about 1982. It's pretty beat up I have all the original parts and about 10 years ago I slapped a newer motor (labeled Roar 96 on the metal can) and a Duratrax ESC into it along with a new battery pack Then it went back into a basement I now have a 5 year old and he wanted an RC car for Christmas I told him we already have one in the basement if he's interested in fixing it up with me Here's some photos of it: I'd like to update it a little bit. Get a newer more efficient battery/motor/esc setup. The radio stuff is cooked, so I ordered a new radio kit - http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__10608__Hobby_King_GT_2_2_4Ghz_2Ch_Tx_Rx.html I also ordered a new charger as my charger seems to have a loose connection and it's antique... http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__67936__IMAX_B6_AC_Charger_Discharger_1_6_Cells_GENUINE_AR_Warehouse_.html I may need a new battery as well, but I'm going to let the charger come first and tell me that it's dead I don't want a speed demon or anything, but I would like a long lasting car. Something we can play with for an hour or so before it dies. I remember the most annoying thing when I had this in the 80s was the battery life. It made playing with my car a very ADD affair of "play for 10 minutes... charge for an hour... play for 10..." I want my kid to enjoy this without needing to charge or change batteries every 10 minutes. Someone I know suggested upgrading to a LiPo battery, ESC and Brushless motor. I would also like to get a new body on it. I vaguely remember being able to mount Sand Scorcher bodies to the Super Champ chassis, but have no idea what that entails. I'm very new at all this... but I figure if I can build and wire real cars, I should be able to figure this out with some help. Most of my friends with RC cars have modern cars. I went over the car last night and got a list of parts together. Mostly a few missing screws, needs new rear shock oil, oil hose and some seals. I also had some questions about the zip ties all over. I noticed the reproduction model doesn't have zip ties on the rear shock/suspension, but all the vintage ones I see have zip ties that seem to limit suspension travel? Also, I noticed many have zip ties around the front control arms too. Is this normal? I remember my control arms always used to separate. and on the subject of zip ties: was the original rear roll bar secured using zip ties normally? I noticed the repro has 'Pipe joints' and nuts holding it together. I need a bunch of cap screws for sure. Where's the best place to get those and what should I expect to pay? I need a bunch of 3x10, 3x12 and 3x18s Thanks in advance
  2. I'm not an RC expert at all. I've had this beat up Super Champ since my brother bought it back in the early 80s. In 2014, I modernized it with some spare RC parts my friends gave me. It's sat in a box in storage until yesterday when I unboxed it (video below). Sadly, last night while I let my 12 year old play with it, a front lower control arm disappeared in the grass I'm hoping to get a newer SRB front end as mine is totally knackered anyway. I notice Tamiya USA still sells the new lower fronts (but not uppers) from the 2014 rerelease. If I get those and the modern ball cups will that fix it? I think someone mentioned I'd need to change the balls on the front stub axles that go into the ballcups to a 5mm? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1239499832
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