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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all. The inner mad scientist in me is brewing. I have a crazy idea for a build. get this, a TRF201 Based, Mid-rear motor RWD Drift car. After seeing many builds in regards to people doing RWD conversions on TA05s and Yokomo DIBs, with their motors being shifted to the rear-end, i thought... "Wait, wouldn't it be just as easy to use a Buggy transmission back there?" After chatting with a few of my buddies down at the local club, The idea stuck. I decided to tear down my TRF201, and get to measuring holes and mounting points for suspension, to make a one-of-a-kind RWD Drifter like no other... Based upon a buggy transmission! There are a few questions i have though. 1: In regards to the Transmission, i see the TRF201 shares a lot with the FF03, TA06 and the XV01's front transmission. Now, i'd love to know if the top shaft from the FF03 is cross-compatible with the TRF201. Why you ask? Well, a locked upper shaft would be fantastic for this build, since the TRF201 uses a slipper clutch, which to be honest, won't suit the purposes of drifting all too well. I know the DN01 doesn't come with a slipper, so if the DN01 and FF03 share a common top shaft, it'll mean my options for gear drive (or in this case, belt drive, using the VENOM belt drive gearing) could very well be possible, since the FF03 uses a standardised gear mount, which the VENOM belt drive requires to fit. 2: Is there a solid spool that'll suit the TRF201/TA06/XV01 Front trans that'll drop into the TRF201's transmission? 3: Do you guys have a good source for small cuts of Aluminium sheeting that'll post to Australia? 3mm preferrably. I have a supplier of CF sheeting which'll do cuts of any carbon fiber parts, but only in large quantities (10 or more), in 3K twill, 3mm thick. If this turns out successful, I may very well figure out a way to sell these things as proper kits. The things i do know are this: 1: The wheelbase must be 235mm long to match the TA05VDF's wheelbase, and the wheelbase of standard 1/10 TC bodies. 2: Due to the lack of rear traction, weight bias needs to be shifted towards the back, or closer to the middle. 3: It must be able to take a standard LiPo, and all electronics needed to operate a car. 4: It must contain mostly Tamiya parts.
  2. The title of my thread says it all really ! This is a build thread of the 2wd TRF car Tamiya should have made instead of the out of date TRF201xmw. Now I have been racing a TRF201 converted with a Generation 2 Vega. You have seen it before in my showroom. The reason I bought the conversion and didn't bother waiting for the XR long wheel base and XM mid motor conversions was that Tamiya was taking far too long to get them in to production. A bit like their big fail with the XMW kit. So on to the build of what can only be described as AWESOME ! Now I had this conversion in mind for ages when I saw it on oople !, no way I thought and what its for sale ..... trust me when I say I contacted the guy selling it straight away ! The conversion has a very nicely machined chassis, an alloy of some kind but a different colour to the Vega chassis so maybe another grade of alloy ? The build started with the 201 steering components followed by bolting on the front end, so simple just as the Vega is. Next was the 502's motor mount pieces, slipper clutch and then the 502's rear gearbox assembly. the wishbones were next. UJ's, 0.5 degree alloy hubs. I used some blue alloy parts that are from the 502 upgrade pack but you can buy them separately. I am talking about the alloy upper arm mounts #54437. the shock tower required a little bit of filing (to fit in-between the new upper arm mounts) as its not from the upgrade pack and the top decks fitted at this point next was the shocks and other bits and bobs. Fitting the electrics was the same as any other car, fit the motor ( an Turnigy Trackstar 8.5) and place the other electrics (the esc is an 100amp Turnigy Trackstar) around it, the servo of course has its place and was a doddle to fit. The chassis takes the shorty lipo which I need to buy some of. With the body shell fitted the car looks very 'un-tamiya' (its actually from a DB1) and not my paint choice I am just using what came with the conversion for now. You could say that forward cab is 'now' but I remember the Super Sabre being the first forward cab !! A few pictures with my 201 Vega. More to follow once I have run the car .................
  3. For some of you this sight might be familiar already from oOple, but being a Tamiya based project, I really yhink I should post this here as well I present to you, the TRF201 FF: oOple Development/Build Thread Specs/Features List: - TRF201 Gearbox (with Ball Differential and Slipper Clutch). - DB01 Front Uprights+Caster Blocks. - TRF HL Aeration Dampers. - Double Wishbone Front Suspension with Inboard Dampers. - Trailing Arm Rear Suspension (2 Degrees Toe-In, -2 Degrees Camber each side). - Developed for use with a Low Profile Steering Servo and 'Shorty' (=95mm long) LiPo Stick Pack. - Compatible with modern Pin-Type Rear Wheels on the whole car. - BRCA, EFRA and BNK Legal to run in 2WD Dlass. - Approx. 284mm Wheelbase, 250mm Width. Existing/Production parts in the design: - TRF201 Gearbox. - TRF HL (TRF201) Aeration Dampers. - TRF201 Steering Arms+Servo Saver. - DB01+TRF201 Suspension Blocks on the front suspension. - DB01/DF03 Hybrid Universal Shafts (DF03 70mm dogbone, DB01 rear axle). - TRF201 45mm Titanium Turnbuckles (for camber links). - TRF Adjusters on the whole car. - DB01/TRF Rear Wheel Axles (for the rear wheels). - 4x Pin-Type Rear Wheels.
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