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Found 6 results

  1. OK so this question is actually in relation to my Kyosho Beetle but since it's about 2.2" buggy tyres I'm sure it's perfectly relevant to any buggy! I've just got hold of some 2.2" Turbo Scorpion wheels for my Beetle which I'm going to use for running thanks to the wider range of tyres available at a lower cost! This is where I struggle a little as there's no so much choice! What I'm after is something that is decent enough on broken asphalt and loose gravel (basically the lane behind my house). I'm no racer so I'm not after balls out performance just something durable and reasonably grippy. Apologies if this has been asked a million times before (what tyre threads on push bike forums are always cringe fests!) Thanks!
  2. Hey guys! I am currently looking into rebuilding and modifying my old Fighter Buggy RX for some track use (obviously wont be competitive) and for some general light bashing too but i am too unsure of what tires I should use? (Sticking with standard buggy tire size) The surface would mainly be some pavement, light grass, gravel / dirt. I was looking at the Proline tires Front : Proline 4 Rib M3 Compound Rear : Proline Holeshot M3 Compound Or Schumacher cactus / others. The problem is, the DT01 chassis isnt great.. And I just want slightly better grip tires for her to handle without constantly rolling over from having too much high grip, what do you guys think / recommend? Also, i should point out Im not a fan of the carson tires.. I know they are decent and all terrain but the look is 🤮.
  3. So I've just purchased a nearly new Madcap that's only been run a couple of times indoors. Just wondering what's the hotest motor I can put in it without risking the diff, and what other sensible mods would you advise. It will mainly be a shelfer with a bit of light use. Thanks
  4. Hi people! This is a new project. This is a long term project. I will need many time to complete it because it will have custom parts. I'm sure you will like it so follow this thread and stay tuned. Max
  5. Bored at the inlaws. Been mucking around with the setup on my dt03. I am still working on it but on loose surfaces where I am enjoying driving and on the green ckmpound schumacher rt1 tyres on the road it is very oversteery. It's fun but would like a little more predictability to the handling. Aside from setup changes I currently have the kit geared diff with think grease in it. Seems to me that the car puts down its power fairly cleanly, and from what I understand from full size cars a locking diff might actually make it more oversteery because both rear wheels spin up together? I have I got this round my neck and actually there is more traction because the ball diff puts the power down more cleanly? What do you think? I'm not racing, just bashing and enjoying tinkering. However as much as I would like to delude myself otherwise that I am keeping hop ups sensible the ball diff is pretty much the only thing I haven't bought now so my as well go all in? What have you got people?
  6. Was too sure where I should post this, sorry if it's in the wrong place. Ordered a Mabull today for my little lad, got it from Goldstar as they were the cheapest option, ordered it with a Tamiya ESC and a set of bearings and steel pinion gear (19t) Plan at the moment is to run it with the silver can, or that is too fast, switch out to a 55t. Will be using my Flysky GT2B with it. im after a reccomendatio for a steering servo please? And any other suggestions for what it may require to be a solid basher for a little one.
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