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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, looking for a Bruiser / Mountain Rider rolling chassis (with wheels/tires). No electronics/motor needed! It can be used condition, but must be complete and in working order. Must be located somewhere in EUR (I'm in Germany) due to shipping costs. thanks
  2. Hi, I've been building an F-350 for a bit now, and have come to the stage that the mechanical and electrical stuff is pretty much done. The manual now suggests I test the steering and shifting. Unfortunately, the shifting doesn't seem to be in order. With my Futaba remote, I can shift the rod from left to center to right, but when using the accelerator, I only see two speeds. And I'm not sure which ones they are. 1 and 3? 1 and 2? According to the remote's position: 1st gear gives me a slower speed, 3rd gear a higher speed. But 2nd either does not engage at all, or runs at the same speed as 3rd. In short, my 3 speed has 2 speeds and a neutral (?). Does anyone have experience with this, or some advice? I guess the only real option is to open the gearbox again, and see what's up, but I'd really rather not.
  3. I've probably just done something real stupid, but I hooked up the MFU to my part-built MAN TGX at lunchtime and the gearbox was making a bad grinding sound when running, and I can feel a vibration thru the chassis. It shifts smoothly and the roadwheels turn with the motor, the grinding increases in pitch as I go up thru the gears so it's almost certainly something on the output side - I've probably just put a gear in the wrong way round or maybe used the wrong screw assembling the case so the teeth are touching something they shouldn't, but thought I'd throw this up in advance just in case anyone has experienced this before. I wasn't going to run the truck until I'd finished the shell but I was in the process of getting the wiring nice and tidy when I thought I'd best give it a test-run. I'm really glad I did, although there's still a lot of disassembly to do to get the transmission out
  4. Thanks for approving mods! Hello everyone, Having been following the listings of vintage Hilux 4x4 3 speeds and parts on ebay for about 2 years, after really getting to appreciate these metal three speeds following the build up of my Brusier Rere, I finally decided to venture into the vintage game and purchase a 35 year old RC. It's incredible how well designed and special these 3 speeds feel particularly for the era in which they were built, which happens to be my favourite decade anyway...the Magnificent 80's!! After seeing a spate of these get snapped up on ebay and prices seemingly creeping north, I finally decided to buy this on ebay last week, very soon after it was listed. It was listed on Italian ebay and I stumbled on it by chance in the stupid early hours of the morning as my search hadn't picked it up when it was listed and I'd been scouring ebay for days before. Needless to say it was a very tidy looking example. A few bits were immediately apparent. The transistor internals looked to be missing as did the third servo gubbins (I was planning to run an esc in the transistor box anyway), some link rods for the other 2 servos, the plate that runs between the tranny shift rod and the stabilising rod above it missing, motor wires cut, perished gearbox plugs and a small dink in the front bumper lower bar. None of this put me off it much neither did the lack of radio equipment or servos as I had my own plan in mind for that. The description said very little, basically that it was near to perfect condition, clear coated, no electrics and what you see is what you get. I've been permanently excited about receiving this over the last few days with a touch of apprehension about whether it would actually be as good as the pics, whether it would arrive undamaged and in fact whether it would arrive at all!! To keep my mind occupied, I cracked out some vintage wheels which I bought a long time ago (to experiment with something on the Bruiser) and decided to have a go at painting the Good Year logo's on. I did one wheel and the wife the other. Mine was on the left, hers looks better in the pic, mine looks a bit finer in the flesh Another update soon! Cheers
  5. I have been building a Tamiya Bruiser Hilux over the last 6 months which I bought just before Xmas last year. I didn't start the build until after xmas during the holiday period and managed to complete the chassis for the most part in those couple of weeks. I have documented the build in depth as I went (for another forum) since I couldn't access this one at the time but it seems a shame not to mirror it on here where it will no doubt be appreciated more. It is not yet complete so I will post up the steps which take me to where I am now. It has been an awesome build and hopefully it'll give those considering one a taste of what it is like to build one. I sat on the fence for a long time with this because it is a substantial outlay but what an epic build and model it is. My apologies in advance since this was written at the time and so it might seem a little strange in the use of the past tense but I'm carrying much of the diary over as I wrote it then, to capture the spirit/mindset at the time of build. So here's where it started..... The box art; Box contents; Chassis and axles; all set out ready for start The kit comes with these tools; Parts bag A. Comes with threadlock paste and grease etc. Thankfully, unlike other Tamiya kits where you are constantly reaching for other part bags each containing the necesary parts for particular steps, it appears that the bruiser kit is in proper part bag steps, so steps 1-9 appear to pertain purely to parts bag A which should keep things somewhat tidier. more to follow...
  6. I joined the vintage 3 speeder gang this morning! After watching these for many months, it seems there is no letting up in interest making snapping up a bargain seem increasingly more difficult. By pure chance, despite searching for these every evening I came across an Italian listing this morning that my usual search had neglected to pick up. It was exactly what I've been after, a tidy box art vintage Hilux. The buy it now or make offer was a fair bit more than I wanted to pay but after putting my rusty italian to good use and a bit of back and forwards early this morning we came to an agreement and in a moment of madness I decided it was my time to bite the bullet. In fairness I probably paid £100-150 more than I would have been happy with but with the rarity of finding just what I'm after, such is the price of admission I guess and he who hesitates is lost. Here are some pics, it will hopefully be making its journey from Italy tomorrow morning. I'm really excited about this, it is my first and will probably be my only foray into the truly vintage side of the hobby. Having enjoyed the whole build process with a rere Bruiser, which really made me marvel and appreciate these three speeders, I'm hoping it'll be that much more special owning a 35 year old real deal. I love the more scaler looks of the original Hilux and it'll compliment the Bruiser and Mountain rider very nicely. A few bits I've noticed, seems to be some servo hardware missing and maybe the spring on the gear shifter, the gearbox rubbers look shot for some reason, the rubber tabs are missing from the latches on the electronics box, there are no electrics (transistor box looks empty) but that's cool because I wanted to fit a modern esc in the original casing anyway so this allows me to do that without guilt. The shell looks lovely and has been clear coated, I hope it's as good as it looks though I wouldn't have minded doing a refurb on one. There is some tyre lettering needed and I'll need to source a manual so I can strip and rebuild the Gbox. It looks a nice one but of course I'm a little aprehensive now until it physically turns up!! The countdown begins...
  7. Greetings: I recently registered on a related website, TamiyaBase. The resources are excellent, and the content is fascinating. Reading over some of the old guide books gave me a few questions, though, mostly regarding Tamiya's early racing events. While we do have some insight on their SRBs and the early racing scene (such as their their eventual demise by the Associated RC-10 and company), I wanted to ask about some of the more unusual races featured in the guidebook photos. Many of the images I am referring to are in the 1984 edition, but some also appear in the 1985 book on different pages. The most intriguing one for me is a picture of a race on what appears to be the Tamiya home circuit. In this one, a Sand Scorcher and a Sand Rover are seen leading two Audi Quattro Rally cars, and a front wheel of another SRB is seen on the far right. Right below that is another photo of the participants at a Tamiya event; models involved include the Sand Scorcher, Super Champ, Subaru Brat, Hornet, and what looks like a Lancia Rally, among others. This all appeared on page 7 of the book. What I really want to ask is: does anybody remember any of those races? Were they exclusive to Japan, or were 'leisure' Tamiyas raced at other circuits around the world? If so, what kind of upgrades or tricks were to be found on the cars, if they were modified at all? I am especially intrigued by those racing the larger-tired cars, such as the Brat, Lancia Rally, Audi Quattro, and potentially the Opel Ascona, which were a little more common in the 1980s than today... It may be an obscure topic, but I would like to know more if I can about these events. Tamiya's racing history in inter-marque events is known; however it seems its one-make events have less documentation. In the same manual, on page 18, a Lamborghini Cheetah is seen on a track - and that potentially-famous image of the 3-speed truck race, with the two Hiluxes and a Blazing Blazer mixing it up mid-race. If anybody knows anything about the latter races, I would be interested to learn more about those as well...
  8. Well my F350 Highlift will be here in about a week or so I figured I'd get an early start on a build thread.. This is my first 3 speed/highlift so hopefully it arrives ok and the build goes smooth.. I started this now to give ample time to discuss upgrades and well anything that should be checked and or take certain precautions before beginning the build Upgrades planned: (updated 12/2/12) crawler motor of some kind Rubber sealed bearings Venom 7.2v NiMH 4,600mAh 6 cell Traxxas 2.5 waterproof ESC Traxxas Emaxx waterproof receiver box TopCad 8 hole alloy 1.9 wheels Integy BFG Mud Terrain tires Integy oil shocks for CR-01 with 10wt rear/ 20wt front oil TopCad bull bar w/ TopCad scale working winch Clod roll bar with working lights aluminum shift servo mounts (going to mount steering to it also so figured better make it strong) got this for the shift servo http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1497.l2649 got this for the steering servo http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1497.l2649 This radio set up http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1497.l2649 let me know what you think or if you have any advice for a first time 3 speed builder?
  9. hi all, i have for sale this Tamiya 3 speed toyota Hilux, Open to offers i have an idea of its worth so no low balls please, as you will see from the photo's its in need of TLC, i'll be honest i forgot i had it, its been in storage for some years now along with some other bits, however, it would make a good runner if you want to put the time in and restore it to running order: Please look over the photo's what you see is what you get, it has its original servo's and rx unit however these are untested as i dont have the tx but see no reason that they would not work, please ask if you need any more info, may look at trades for something along the lines of txt,emaxx,rock crawler style 4x4 but cash is king lol thanks for looking
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