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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, Few weeks back, the postman delivered 3 parcels, among which there was two Marui rare cars: a Ninja, and a Shogun (from two different origins). It is quite exceptional get a Shogun, but to get a Shogun and a Ninja the same day is probably even more nowadays... Specially considering that there was also a Samurai in very nice shape in the last parcel of that day... The Ninja chassis is in good shape, with its bumper and all the elements that comes with it. The body shell will require a replacement. And I have already some multipurpose driver figures from The Optima House to complete it so its good. The rear transmission seemed to be locked but upon inspection, it seems that there was an mistake made to rebuilt it and a long screws on the shaft cover instead of a short one was the cause of this. This is sorted. I will still need to do a full tear off to clean it up, but beside that, it looks fine. For the Shogun, the situation is more difficult: - the rear gearbox will require some work. - Front gearbox is missing the D-Cut bevel gear which transmit the power from the rear, the central shaft and the joints - for the wheels, 3 rims are broken (they are extremely rare, probably even more than Samurai ones) - Driver is missing (but same as for the Ninja, I will have an easy solution). Bumper is missing (it is the same as the Ninja but the color is different), and the battery door is missing as well (as often on those Marui chassis). I had already a solution for the central shaft and joints. I'll probably have to model the d-cut bevel gear to complete this. I did not tear the Shogun yet, but worst case scenario, I have already some small metal bevel gears ready just in case (I had an opportunity to get those, and since I would like to have a Coors as well at some point, that could be useful). Further, if my understanding is correct, the Samurai rear diff is the same as both front and rear diffs used in Ninja/Shogun (and that means the spare diff set from Aristcraft I have could be used as well, but I will have to specifically confirm this in situ). Yesterday, I decided to get into the operations. And I decided to focus first on the battery door. It is a simple part. I took the measures and did it in Fusion 360. 15 minutes later, I had this. And this morning, I test printed my door... Not bad, a quarter of millimeter to review on the locks and that's it (I believe it could work that way, but as it is already difficult to get the battery door out, it's not what I call perfect so I corrected it). Then, putting all the pictures together in my files (like I do always with my RC cars projects, for which every pictures you see on a thread is before stored in a folder for the pictures of the project, next to the documentation and so on), I discovered there was two version of the battery door. Here is the picture I received from a friend with a Marui T-Bird Coors. There is some ribs added at the rear end, likely to protect the gearbox. For the small story, I had some discussions recently with a friend with another T-Bird Coors, and that one don't have the ribs. I did further search on internet, and found some pictures with Shogun with the battery door with the ribs... My assumption is that those ribs were added at the time of the introduction of the Shogun (and there was a few months of T-Bord Coors production without them - T-Bird released in August 1987, and Shogun released in December 1987). I decided to rework my Battery door design to add ribs (it definitely makes sense to protect the gearbox): I do not have precises measurements for the ribs, so I made them up from the thickness (I had a picture from my friend with the Coors indicating this), proportion and lining up elements with other elements, and the size of the gearbox part it is supposed to protect... I did the design with MJF/SLS PA12 printing in mind, so it had to respect some thickness rules to be printed anywhere... I'll share the parts on my thingiverse at some point when I will have the final part printed. And while I did start this project officially, that doesn't mean it will run quickly like the others that are on top of the priority list, so don't expect this one to move fast Thanks
  2. BT-01 Dual Motor 4WD Anyone have 2 kits and can try using 2 motors and 2 gearboxes for 4 wheel drive? A Clod Buster dual motor ESC will be required To make the elect is work.
  3. As per title 2 nib kits up for sale No esc in both Prices Inc UK Shipping Thundershot 2005 rere kit £190 Thundershot 2022 rere kit £SOLD Thunder Dragon 2021 rere £125
  4. As some of you know I am collection the 4WD buggies from my youth.From Boomerang to Terra Scorcher. Well at least I was till this popped up locally on GumTree for a good price. Told myself I was buying no more buggies till I had the ones I have finished. You know that lie we tell ourselves and the boss. It came with a box instructions and loads of bits and bobs, in full running order as it was raced. Ok so its not got the right wheels, or tires, the body is BRUSH painted inside and OUT!!!!!!! badly round the decals. BUT it was only £60 and came with Hi Caps and 2 Tamtec cars with it. The Tamtecs are already with a new owner, the wheels, original blue shocks and near bald tires and body are on their way and the money from the Tamtech's paid for for the car and the bits so its basically free.....This hobby pays for its self!!!!!! OH the lies we tell ourselves and our other half's. NO MORE until I have finished all the work on the ones I have. UNTIL that MUST have bargain comes up cause you secretly really fancy a (oh lets be honest anything Tamiya that looks good - **** thats just about most of the back catalogue!!!!!) It started with- I do LOVE the look of the MadCap and the Astute so if they ever came up at the right money.....And a Nissan King CAB, oh and a monster beetle, a lunch box (OK all the monster trucks really) maybe a FROG or a FOX as well BUT only at the right price.......honest!! **** who invented eBay you have a lot to answer for. SO what have you bought cause you found it at the right price rather than went looking specifically for it. Show us how you found it and how it finished up (basher or display)
  5. Hi everyone, Recently a project I had in mind materialised... The Marui Samurai 4WD was one of my dreamt cars when I was 15 years old. I never got one back in the time. This car looked awesome and aggressive. It maybe the most beautiful roll cage buggy of those times, ahead of the Javelin (which is still very nice and totally among my favorites). For the technical specs : 4WD 3 Differentials Chain transmission 1070g ! And what is really awesome is its look. It really looks aggressive, with bigger diameter rims and low profile tyres on the front, and some smaller rims and bigger tires at the rear end. And the driver figure is much more realistic than what it was on Marui's Hunter and Galaxy... Few press articles I found out while searching for information (not exhaustive list - I'm still searching for more) Marui Samurai Test track - Radio Control Model Cars - March 1986 : https://www.overrc.com/vintage/documentation/archives-de-mike/Marui Samurai MC.pdf (source: www. overrc.com) Marui Samurai - Radio Race Car International - April 1986 : https://www.overrc.com/vintage/documentation/archives-de-mike/Marui Samurai.pdf (source: www. overrc.com) Marui Samurai Track test - Radio Control Model Cars - July 1986 : https://www.overrc.com/vintage/documentation/archives-de-mike/Mauri Samurai MC Track Test.pdf (source: www.overrc.com) The Samurai 4WD (french) - Auto RCM - February 1986 : https://www.retromodelisme.com/article_page/1589/samurai-4wd-marui.html (source : retromodelisme.com) Marui Samurai Banzai! (french) - Auto 8 - February 1986 : https://www.retromodelisme.com/article_page/4227/essai-samourai-marui-marui.html (source : retromodelisme.com)[/list] Long story short, searches were active on "Marui" in many places for ages before even I started my Hunter project. And I saw some Samurai going thru... Until I decided it was time... Few weeks ago, I contacted someone in the region where I was born and where my parents are still living. For the small story, the guy posted some pics of his Samurai on a group asking question on a car he was considering as he'd like to be able to use it without the fear of breaking something, and that was the day of my 50's anniversary... We discussed and it appear thru the discussion that the guy knew my uncle, and he accepted to book the car for me for a few months. I asked my father to go and buy the car for me, but was not sure how long it would take for him to do... Decided it was time to find some parts for a project, found one set of rear plates for almost nothing and ordered them, intension was to tease about the car on some forums A Marui chassis is always a thing to bother about when you start a Marui project. Dadio was selling one of his modeled chassis on ebay, he gave me the link and I was alone to bid on it. The day I received the chassis, one good friend in another forum contacted me to proposed me a Samurai with a broken chassis, as he knew that I was that in mind. Having a chassis already, I thought the chassis was made for this one, so I decided to go for it The first of the two Samurai arrived home last week, with a Galaxy roll cage and few parts. It's not complete, but I don't mind. This is a project, a new journey, and will keep me busy for some time, which is definitely what I'm looking for :-D Yesterday, after getting the Nichimo Spirit FF down to parts, I decided it was time to do the same with the Samurai to have a more precise idea of what was needed for it. Status at the end of what is missing or need rework : Left and right chassis to replace (Thanks Dadio to the rescue) Middle Front Bulkhead broken Gearbox damaged with a lot of play for the center diff (I believe the car was probably running forward in RWD and backward in FWD :-D) Rear right arm slightly damage where the pivot ball is placed. Luckily, it seems that I can just inverse the arms to get that back to work[ One of the front Knuckle is damaged (again a thread which was damaged) Missing a roof, and roll cage requires work Driver missing On the good side : not everything is bad, and with the play on the gearbox, I feel very lucky having none of the gears to replace... And there is also the second Samurai I'll probably not have in hands before Xmas. In any case, this is one of the new background routing I'll regularly post about in the next few weeks/months... That's all for today!
  6. Started when tried to look for a Blitzer Beetle but due to the pandemic there was a shortage of kits available. Next I found a Sand Scorcher body and started to think 🤔. I pulled my Monster Beetle body off and placed it on my son’s TT-02B Plasma Edge II. Overall it appears to fit but is tight. Also knowing my son’s TT-02B a lot of upgrades are required and I have been slowly amassing upgrades / hopups. Next I discovered Tamiya Club and realized I am not the only person with the same idea 🤗. A lot of great projects by others and here is my interpretation. I took a day off work and here starts my 4WD Blitzer Beetle build. EDIT: now with 4 wheel steering EDIT again: Completed (Oct 18, 2022)
  7. Vintage Tamiya Martini Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI 4WD Nr. 5818 - for sale on eBay. Last of my models .Bought & built ca. 1997/8 and never run in anger. Sold in 2014 to a non-payer, so it stayed with me, but now it has to go. The ad is in German, but basically says: Immaculate. Never run. Displayed for last 25 years or so. Original box, spare decals, screws, cogs etc., instruction leaflet and original documents in excellent condition, original 3-step fwd/rev speed control unused - fitted with C.P.R. P-80F and Servo, Tamiya 1400NP Racing Pack 7,2v 1400mAh NiCd (not charged for donkey's years - has about 2volts residual charge. Any questions - just ask. Thanks for looking and I hope this finds a new home with someone who will cherish it as much as I have for so long!
  8. This is my short wheelbase XV-01 or what I call the XV-01S. This conversion shortens the standard 257mm wheelbase to 237mm wheelbase allowing you to use the original TA03fs bodies such as the Peugeot 206 and Corolla WRC, or any of the short TA03rs bodies as well. I always enjoyed playing with the TA03FS but as we know parts are not cheap and hard to come by, and are known to crack easily. I then bought the XV-01 Long Damper Spec and enjoyed the durability and performance compared to the TA-03fs. I wanted a strong platform in which I could use the old short bodies, so the XV-01 made the most sense as it is front engine 4wd. Thus the XV-01S was born. Parts List: Upgraded parts include: Ball diff for front and rear (TA06), metal 18t pulley front and rear. Running a tamiya 10.5t sensored motor with the TBLE-02s esc with the tamiya fan. Stock gearing on 2s. metal gear Spectrum servo with gyro. The pictures below show the XV01S next to the original TA03fs for comparison.
  9. Hey everyone-haven't been here for a while due to all things Covid-but I finally got to build a 4wd buggy for my collection. This is a Plasma Edge 2-stock with bearings. I never go with the box art because I am a non-conformist. That's Rustoleum Apple Red with the stock yellow wheels. I built the stock white shocks and simply used decals from a Traxxas truck to make 'em snazzy. I am still deciding whether I want to black out the windows or not......and I'm waiting for the 2 channel radio to arrive. The Torque Tuned 540 and drivetrain worked perfectly together during the initial test. If you simply follow the instruction manual, Tamiya kits ALWAYS work. Thanks for lookin', y'all.
  10. In the market for a new 4WD buggy. Performance wise, which is the better chassis ? Which do you guys like better ? The Thunder Shot chassis is obviously a lot more valuable but I’m going to be running it so not too worried about that.
  11. This arrived to me from Hong Kong on 27/4/16 I bought it from Jazrider on eBay. Huge update and more pictures tomorrow.
  12. Hello. Been years since i had a tamiya ta02 castrol celica, and today i started building my new in box tamiya ta01 celica 58096. I have a few questions. 1) is there a difference if you put the large plastic bearings 1150 in any of their sides? 2) plastic bearings 1150 that i installed in the uprights seem to fall easily, and not tight as in other cars like the hornet. Is that normal? 3) everything followed from the manual, when i turn the wheels by hand they stop when i let them go, they dont continue spinning like in my hornet. Is that the 4wd difference here? thats all. Thanks
  13. Hi folks, Well, this is time for me to sell this incredible lot!! It’s a Tamiya 42139 TRF511 upgraded + an impressive bulk of spare parts, most new in box. The car is already in excellent condition, but you have also ALL the needed parts to rebuilt the car as COMPLETELY AND BRAND NEW. For example, you have some of the alloy suspension mounts that are currently almost impossible to find (or at high prices). You have complete driveshafts for front and rear, hub carriers, all suspension shafts, wishbones, belts, pulleys, cups, balls, and so on!!! You have 3 more spare geared diffs. Added to the 2 already in the car, that means 5 complete geared diffs!! Let’s do a complete tour Upgrades fitted to the car are: Titanium turnbuckles 12 deg front caster blocks HL aeration shocks Grey ball cups Hex head ball joints Tamiya complete alloy steering (almost impossible to find as complete nowadays) Tamiya geared diffs front and rear TRF shock bushings. Blue springs all round (new) Alloy servo mounts with take-off titanium bolts Gold shock shafts all round Tamiya 0.5 deg rear alloy hubs Tamiya alloy servo saver Rude bits weight kit Lipo tray Blue alloy screws allround for top visible screws Blue serrated wheel nuts Tamiya spring kit including box (all the springs of all rates, not on the pic but sent) Double front shock mount (for strength) LMR wing Spare parts NEW IN BOX Qty / Description / Ref. 2 x Front suspension mount rear blue alloy (2 per pack) 9804296 2 x Front suspension mount front blue alloy 3454428 1 x Rear suspension mount rear blue alloy 3454659 1 x Tamiya blue alloy 12 deg caster blocks 54063 1 x Hinge pin inserts (8) 50994 1 x Complete rear driveshaft (2 per pack) 54119 1 x Complete front driveshaft + front hubs (2 per pack) 54118 1 x King pin (4) 51290 2 x New TRF503 rear hubs 51504 3 x Rear wishbones DB01 51313 3 x Front wishbones DB01 51311 2 x Gear diff internals 51470 2 x Belt 54140 1 x Belt tension adjusters 51278 1 x Diff pulley 37 teeth 53988 1 x Centre pulley (2 per pack) 53989 1 x Diff cover (quantity for 2 diffs) 53970 1 x RW spur gear 91 teeth 1 x Tamiya spur gear 91 teeth 51314 1 x Low friction rod guide set 53979 1 x X ring (8) 42214 1 x 1,3mm pistons (4) 53977 1 x 1,4mm pistons (4) 53978 1 x Wheel pin (10) 9805776 1 x Rear inner hinge pins (4 per pack) 9805681 1 x Front inner hinge pins (4 per pack) 51093 1 x Front and rear outer hinge pins (4 per pack) 9804301 2 x Heavy duty ball cups (8) 51283 1 x Grey ball cups 54257 2 x Balls hard 5x5mm (5) 53968 2 x Balls hard 5x8mm (5) 53969 2 x Nut nylstop blue (5) 54411 1 x TRF sticker set 42164 1 x Rear wheel 51321 1 x Diff cover front Fredrick 1 x Diff cover rear – long Fredrick 2 x TRF chrome sticker set 42234 2 x B spare set (bumper, wing mount, …) 51271 1 x Front hubs 54131 1 x Tamiya undertray 1 x Spacer set 53539 1 x Locking battery post 84304 1 x Shock cap 51280 Spares parts also included, opened from bag and still new or used: 3 x Complete gear diff 54329 1 x Front carbon upper top deck 4024016 1 x Rear carbon upper top deck 4024017 Yeah racing complete alloy steering 2 x ball diffs, just had new thrust race and diff plates and ceramic balls fitted, done by Ralls racing 2 x used rear wings 51460 x 1 gear diff internals Bumpers and tails Ball diff pulley NIP Spare grey used ball joints 4 x front arms 1 x rear Front and rear roll bar kit Used rear towers x 2 Front hubs x 2 pairs Spur gear Centre pulleys Original plastic steering parts Extra rude bits weights Spare aerial mount 3 bodyshells as picture 1 complete set of wheels/tires + minispike yellow in good condition 1 complete set of black wheels 1 pair of rear wheels 1 pair of front wheels Box and instruction manual SOLD
  14. This has been gathering dust on my garage shelf and really needs to go to a good home. It's got a few hopups fitted, including: Alloy hinge pin blocks Slipper clutch (with associated pads). CVDs on the rear B44 shocks with the full array of tuning springs two unused gear diff units (£34 quid each on ebay!) Full hex hardware Reinforced belt covers. Plus a load of other spares, a set of wheels, the original unused wheels & tyres, and all the bits to build the original shocks. A few bits are missing - such as the wing mounting wedges. I just ordered a new B parts tree off ebay so it will be complete by the time of sale. Looking for £120 posted. I'm based near Cardiff. Clockwork pig timer not included.
  15. I was wondering who still runs there DB01 chassis cars these days and was hoping to spark some general discussion regarding this classic 4WD buggy. What are your essential upgrades for this car? I run a DB01-R which is pretty stock apart from a machined spur gear, ceramic diff balls, ally steering and a carbon battery strap (plus some hex screws for the belt cover). I'm considering upgrading the rear uprights as this seems a weak spot on the chassis, have any of you opted for the TRF aluminium rear uprights, if so, what degree, and do you need to use an adaptor to make it fit or is it a straight swap? Any and all info welcome, plus I'd love to see your hop-ups list thanks
  16. Is there any other parts I need for the 4wd conversion? 19805551 x 2 drive shaft 50823 x 2 Wheel axle 19805368 gearbox joint, short and long And of course the other gearbox. Is there anything I have overlooked?
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