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Found 7 results

  1. Some good YouTube vids, but I have an old plastic Hilux body that needs to be stripped down. The paint is super thick, old, and I know the plastic composition is different in the older poly bodies and don't want to melt it. Any real life experience anyone would like to share would be great. Thanks!
  2. Hello people of Tamiyaclub! A while ago I began to gather parts for a Tamiya Hilux and made an account on here to get help and share the build. Unfortunately, there seemed to to be some kind of server bug at the time, and I was unable to log in to my forum account. It probably resolved itself ages ago, but I ended up forgetting about it. Anyway, I am now here and I thought I should share my build. This is how the car looked after the first 3-or-so batches of parts, the first time it was assembled: Chassis: This is how it looks now: I have had it running, but solely to test the mechanicals. I had to replace the counter gear with the only one available; a brass one. It has no chamfer on the end like the stocker so it does struggle to shift into third while moving, something I need to fix so it doesn't damage the tubular rack that slides over the counter gear. Here's some of the body parts after a little sanding before I repaint them (going with box art red, so don't need to strip it all off. Or do I?) As you can see, I did end up buying a new cab with a grille as I couldn't find a grille anywhere. Naturally, as soon as I did so a grille became available . But hey, now I've got another cab. There's a few scuffs and scratches that need filling, and both cab and grille were damaged when I got them, one of the fender lugs and upper mounting post were broken on the grille, and the corresponding mounting post on the shell was also broken. A dab of superglue later and they were good as new: Should really have got some picture prior to gluing them, but the thought slipped my mind. A common problem that I need to rectify with the addition of a little styrene. One of the rings around the holes on the back of the cab back has broken off, and needs replacing too. Monsieur Tamiya has a light limb related ailment. Nothing a little plastic cement can't fix. Reproduction decals I got on Fleabay. Quality isn't great, but they'll do once placed. I currently have a new radio box and lid on their way to me, which shall allow me to properly mount the body. The old one along with the blue cab will probably be sold off in a job lot of leftover parts once I'm done. I don't think you can see in any of the pictures, but the window glass I bought has a crack in it. Not sure if I should replace it or try and fix it with glue lots of scratch remover and plastic polish. A list of the parts I'm currently in need of: -Rear bumper -Front radio box mounting bracket (Why does no-one ever seem to sell these?) -Third servo saver horn post thing that goes through the radio box -Motor cover -Switch cover -Roof lights -Another headline bucket and lens, and another indicator lens and bucket. The grille I bought had one of each. -A new hub - one of mine is stripped out, meaning the front left wheel is always in freewheel mode. -Bed rails (Trying to haggle myself some on eBay right now) -Transistorized speed controller -Rear-view mirror -Period electronics. Might not manage this one, vintage 3 channel radios are hard to find nowadays. And now we have question time! With regards to painting, what should I do? just paint over the existing stuff after it's been sanded a little? Strip it all off or go from there? Use primer? I have almost zero experience of painting hard bodies. I do have an old Blackfoot shell to practice on though. Also, what paint should I use for box art? The manual says X-7 Red, but that's a brush paint and I'd much rather have the superior finish from one of the rattle cans. The closest I have found is TS-8 Italian Red, is that the same colour or do I need to use non-Tamiya paints to get the right colour? One more thing; what should I use for filling in the deeper scratches? Tamiya do various putties and fillers, but I'm not sure what I ought to use. This build is going to be a little slow, as being only 16 and in full time education with little room for a job, I have a very low income. All of which is getting spent on this, naturally. Thanks for looking.
  3. Hi, I have this brad new Hilux 58028 3-speed transmission for sale. Make me an offer if you are interested. https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ank3lVSjNEmUgaxYYgFuV-6pcJSa2w You can reach me on martinjordt@hotmail.com (I'm in Denmark) Cheers Martin
  4. About to embark upon Hilux restoration and wondered if anyone that has done this before can provide details of recommended sources for parts. Here is the current list I have, and some sources I've been able to track down: Front free-wheeling/lockable wheel hubs Universal joints Stainless steel hardware Gearbox mount grommets Front/rear bumpers - http://www.radshaperc.com/product/tamiya-hi-lux--bull-bar-with-loop Ball races 4 x 22mm o x 8mm i x 7mm w (2RS bearings) 13 x 11mm o x 5mm i x 3.9mm w 11 x 10F-8mm o x 5mm i x 4mm w (MF85ZZ) Shims 6.5-6mm o x 5mm i x 0.5mm w 32P 10T Pinion - http://mardave.co.uk/pinions/32dp-pinions/example-product.html Servo control arms - victor101car Given that I no longer have the MSC, plan on using ESC with LIPO's and would welcome any recommendations. From previous posts, I can see the following suggested: TEU- 302 ESC Modelsport RV-12 Sniper Assault Also need motor, so again any recommendations welcome. Thanks in anticipation!
  5. Thanks for approving mods! Hello everyone, Having been following the listings of vintage Hilux 4x4 3 speeds and parts on ebay for about 2 years, after really getting to appreciate these metal three speeds following the build up of my Brusier Rere, I finally decided to venture into the vintage game and purchase a 35 year old RC. It's incredible how well designed and special these 3 speeds feel particularly for the era in which they were built, which happens to be my favourite decade anyway...the Magnificent 80's!! After seeing a spate of these get snapped up on ebay and prices seemingly creeping north, I finally decided to buy this on ebay last week, very soon after it was listed. It was listed on Italian ebay and I stumbled on it by chance in the stupid early hours of the morning as my search hadn't picked it up when it was listed and I'd been scouring ebay for days before. Needless to say it was a very tidy looking example. A few bits were immediately apparent. The transistor internals looked to be missing as did the third servo gubbins (I was planning to run an esc in the transistor box anyway), some link rods for the other 2 servos, the plate that runs between the tranny shift rod and the stabilising rod above it missing, motor wires cut, perished gearbox plugs and a small dink in the front bumper lower bar. None of this put me off it much neither did the lack of radio equipment or servos as I had my own plan in mind for that. The description said very little, basically that it was near to perfect condition, clear coated, no electrics and what you see is what you get. I've been permanently excited about receiving this over the last few days with a touch of apprehension about whether it would actually be as good as the pics, whether it would arrive undamaged and in fact whether it would arrive at all!! To keep my mind occupied, I cracked out some vintage wheels which I bought a long time ago (to experiment with something on the Bruiser) and decided to have a go at painting the Good Year logo's on. I did one wheel and the wife the other. Mine was on the left, hers looks better in the pic, mine looks a bit finer in the flesh Another update soon! Cheers
  6. Hi! Found this in Tamiya Hilux manual. "You can illuminate headlights with optional miniature light bulp" is it Tamiya? I can't find any info at all about these… Would like to know! Picture from Hilux RA1028. ​Any help would be appreciated! Cheers Badboy
  7. Hello All, I'm regretfully having a clear out of some showroom models and projects to fund my road and mountain bike hobby. Selling this beautiful Toyota 4x4 Hilux. Total shelf queen stunner. I paid 800 GBP for this in Dec 2013. Selling for 700GBP or 1100 USD + shipping. You might never find a nicer one unless NIB. It has been looked after incredibly well. More info and pics on request before it goes to ebay. Postage at cost Worldwide - Shipping from Chicago, IL, USA Here is link to trade section of my showroom http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=116657 Thanks! Paul
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