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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to my build thread. After starting a introduction topic someone mentioned i should make one, so here it is. Basically i'm going to try and convert the Tamiya Impreza WRC body into the road going Impreza called the P1, which i happen to own. The Kit: Tamiya 58210 This has been stored in my attic for the last 16 years. What i am trying to make: Subaru Impreza P1 What is the Impreza Prodrive P1? Its a limited edition version of the Japanese spec Impreza STi type R Coupe only ever available in the UK. Limited to 1000 units, built in 1999 by Subaru UK in collaboration with Subaru Japan, STi, and of course Prodrive. For those of you that dont know who Prodrive are, they made all the WRC Imprezas. The biggest difference between the Tamiya shell and the P1 is obviously the fact that Tamiya based it on the WRC car, which means i need to convert it a little. The roof air vents need to go as do the bonnet vents. The front bumper is incorrect , the P1´s front splitter is missing, the rear wing from the P1 is totally different (made by McLaren) and last but not least the wheels are incorrect. The Tamiya body i also too wide and would make up a perfect 22B version of the car, but honestly i'm not sure what to do there. I have looked all over the internet but i cannot find any different versions of the classic styled Impreza other than the WRC cars . I will be trying to make up all the P1 relevant decals myself using coral draw. I have never done that before, but im sure youtube can help . That will consist of: Prodrive P1 Titanium badges Front Splitter with drivers lights and covers (Not fogs!) SUBARU Lettering on the boot O.Z Racing lettering for the wheels Wipers front and rear P1 embossing on the rear spoiler Carbon gurney flap on the rear spoiler Custom number plates as in the picture from my P1 I am not going to cut up the original body or rear spoiler, i would rather leave those completely untouched so i have ordered the following at Siedel´s. Tamiya 05726 Mirrors Lexus GS400, these look like the impreza door mirrors that are missing from the kit. Tamiya 04134 Spoiler Impreza WRC 1999 Tamiya 1825324 Body Impreza WRC 1999. Tamiya 0445837 Wheels Impreza WRC 2001. These are exact copies of the O.Z Racing wheels used on the P1, just in the wrong colour. Tamiya 50419 Tyres 26mm, these are the same as the original kit ones and copies of the Pirelli P Zeros. Which the P1 originally had. Tamiya 53113 Inner Sponge The TA03F Chassis plus Hop-Up Options. I have finished building the chassis and used the following Hop-Ups. 53280 TA03 Super Low Friction Damper Set 53263 Dyna-Run Super Touring Motor 53279 TA03 Torque Splitter (front mounted) 53309 TA03 Titanium Suspension Shaft Set 53287 TA03 Carbon Reinforcing Plate 53275 TA03 Alu Motor Heat Sink 53268 TA03 Urethane Bumper Set 53113 Racing Inner Sponge Set. TA03 Race Ball Bearing set (Carson) Now time for some pictures, the chassis so far: The O.Z racing wheels arrived today, just need to paint them the correct colour. That would be anthrazit, a colour thats not available from Tamiya so i will be using TS-38 Gun Metal Grey. Thats all for today, thanks for reading. Im off back to the UK tonight so nothing will be happening for the next 14 days.
  2. Hello. Okay as many of you are aware or have seen, i had my new in box celica 58096 for sale. I had been offered a nice amount of money for it, from a local guy, but i decided that money will not do much difference, and that the time i will spend to build and run this car and the fun will worth more to me. So after 20+ years, sitting on shelves, i decided to keep it and build it myself. Next upgrades, will be the original tamiya ceramic bearings, the dynatech O2H motor and the rally cockpit for the interior. The car will stay original so i will only use tamiya and other parts and hop ups that were officially released for this car at the time. So..to be continued..
  3. Okay i am looking to purchase the rally cockpit for the celica 58096 (painted). I need the drivers to be with red uniforms, since this is for the celica repsol. I can buy used or new, or anyone that is willing to paint one for low cost, can pm me. Photos of what i am after :
  4. Hello. Been years since i had a tamiya ta02 castrol celica, and today i started building my new in box tamiya ta01 celica 58096. I have a few questions. 1) is there a difference if you put the large plastic bearings 1150 in any of their sides? 2) plastic bearings 1150 that i installed in the uprights seem to fall easily, and not tight as in other cars like the hornet. Is that normal? 3) everything followed from the manual, when i turn the wheels by hand they stop when i let them go, they dont continue spinning like in my hornet. Is that the 4wd difference here? thats all. Thanks
  5. So, i am relisting my new in box vintage tamiya celica 58096 rc. its the first ta01 and its still new in the box after all these years. Everything is there and everything is untouched. Only downside is some wear on the box from the years and storage. Some tape will fix everything Attached are the photos. NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE PLEASE CLOSE THE POST. THANK YOU
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