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Found 4 results

  1. EDIT - I guess I should clarify. I'm looking for the Audi 1991-1992 V8 paint schemes, on this model only. While I appreciate the suggestions, I am only looking for paint schemes on this body ONLY. Please refrain from posting anything other than 1:1 1991-1992 Audi V8's, or their RC counterparts. Video game liveries are good as long as they are on the Audi V8. Thanks -END EDIT I've previously painted up my 1991 Audi V8 in a factory type style. I have another unpainted 1992 Audi V8 body that I'm going to do next, as the first one is showing its age. So I want to do another Not-boxart body. But I want to see what you all have done If you've done either of these bodies for inspiration. Let me know what colors you used. -RC Perspective
  2. Hi there, As you can see from the title, my Tamiya Audi V8 set on fire this evening whilst out for a bash and I'm at a loss as to what caused it I had just turned the car on and found that the steering trim was out after driving a few meters so I adjusted it so the wheels were central and pressed the throttle to which there was no response. I tried cycling the switches on the receiver and checking the throttle trim was still at 0 but the car still wouldn't respond to throttle input. After trying this I turned the car and transmitter off and after a few seconds the wheels started turning slowly. A few moments later smoke started coming out the car so i quickly disconnected the battery and blew on the end of the motor which was glowing. I am running the stock ESC which comes with the torque tuned motor with this kit. Has anyone got any ideas as to what happened? Cheers, Seb
  3. Hey Everyone! I have for sale on ebay an uncompleted kit. Audi Quattro 5836. Please check out my listing. Please note, however, that it is my first ebay listing ever so pics are good, not great. This is a rare item. My seller name is lorettarob. Thanks,
  4. Well, thanks to neverfollow's very nice TL-01 Audi project beating me to the punch on mine (and crushing my fleeting hopes of having the only Carisma Audi shell in the States ), I thought I'd go ahead and post some pics of my 99% finished M-04 fitted with a 1/12 Audi Quattro Coupe body. To make this body fit, the M-04L body spacer has to be removed, making an M-04M with a wheelbase of 225mm. Because I wanted this to be as clean/scale as possible, I didn't want to drill body holes for posts. I tried the R2 Hobbies Aluminum Stealth Mounts, and they worked OK, as discussed here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=67544 These pics are of the finished body on the original stealth mounts...I have not had time to lower/adjust the mounts as much as I would like to, so the body sits a litte higher than optimal. I also just got some of the newer R2 Hobbies magnetic post mounts, so I may try those later, too. Because this is such an 80s icon, I've tried some 80s-era excess gold Kawada wheels, in addition to the more stock-looking Tamiya 18-spokers. Feel free to vote on your favorite...I'm leaning toward the bling. The side decals were supposed to emulate the vanishing rings decals on the original Coupes, but I couldn't find any small ones that matched. I settled on some brake caliper decals that are OK, but not great. A few other decals ordered, a few salvaged from other kits, and a few I made round out the detailing. I am also happy with the effect I got on the taillamps by painting the shell silver underneath, and then using a red and orange Sharpie to color the exterior of the lexan...gave a very realistic effect. Anyway, here she is, in all her imperfect glory...sorry for the iPhone quality pics. Oh, and the asterisk in the title, of course, refers to the irony that this is supposed to be a "Quattro", but it's functionally a RWD...don't tell anyone.
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