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Found 7 results

  1. https://raffall.com/342237/enter-raffle-to-win-corally-kronos-6s-rtr-hosted-by-grey-wings link to my raffle above, to raise funds for a group I help to run where we rehab injured gulls before they goto Sanctuary share where you can, thank you
  2. The seller keeps dropping the prices randomly. I got 2x 5500mah 3s for £7.99 and 2x 3300mah 3s for £6.99! They had 4x 1500mah for £5.99 the other day too. I've got a couple of Floureon packs and they have been fine for me so it might be worth it for a bargain. It's the same seller I got mine off over a year ago too. They use different accounts but the accounts are all "based" in Southall UK so you can tell it's the same seller. Almost certainly a Chinese seller but mine came from Germany so they have stock in Europe at least. UPDATE: Apparently they are available on US ebay too?
  3. £99.99 but, if you sign up to their club, you get 15% off first order https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/tamiya-the-grasshopper-rc-model-kit-110/643109-1000 Code is sent within about 5 minutes of registering Not sure if they still do, but they also used to send you a £5 birthday voucher too
  4. 1) 1/10 alu oil shocks, 2) 1/16 alu oil shock, 3) tamiya 5193 racing adjustable oil shocks, 4) alloy rear shocks mounts 5) alloy chassis brace. 6)set of alloy wheel hubs, 7) set of alloy wheel adaptors 8) set of light pods. tamiya oil shocks, 1/10 and 1/16, alloy wheel adaptors and chassis brace were mounted, but i decided to keep it stock so they are basically new., thus they we are not going to come into their original packets, but all in one. Price is 75 euro plus shipping. Shipping is from Cyprus (Europe) reduced to 75 euro shipped to European union countries and uk
  5. Nobody wants a couple bundles of hen's teeth NIP/NOS parts that are immediately worth more than you paid? If I wasn't selling them I'd definitely buy them, the Falcon parts at the very least! Let's do some math... 1) Falcon Parts Bundle: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331699188811 $55 obo w/ free shipping -- make me an offer, tell me u r from here and I'll accept any offer, on any item, for $10+ less than listed price... so $45 w/ free shipping Included parts: X9901 A Parts (Bumper Tree)ebay price range = ~$23 (min) to ~$33 (max) X9905 F Parts (Suspension Arms)ebay price range = ~$51 (min) to ~$106 (max) X9902 B Parts (Yellow Parts) ebay price range = ~$12 (min) to $12 (max) Total price range of ~$86 (min) to ~$151 (max) So at $45 they are immediately worth about $40 to $100 more than you paid 2) Sonic Fighter Parts Bundle: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331699296644 $45 obo w/ free shipping... so $35 w/ free shipping Included parts: X10003 B Parts (Bumper Tree)ebay price range = ~$7 (min) to ~$18 (max) X10161 C Parts (Yellow Parts)ebay price range = ~$15 (min) to ~$19 (max) X10162 D Parts (White Parts)ebay price range = ~$31 (min) to ~$40 (max) X10163 F Parts (Front Shock Tower + Arms) ebay price range = ~$22 (min) to ~$32 (max) Total price range of ~$75 (min) to ~$109 (max) So at $35 they are immediately worth about $40 to $70 more than you paid
  6. Well today was a strange day, my wife has been full of the cold the last 3 days (and now gave it to me, thanks honey ) So I popped to the shops for a few bits and bobs with my 1 year old son along with a visit to Smyths toy store where I ended up buying a Toy Story R/C with Woody and Buzz figures for him ........ Anyways, we popped ito our local Homebargains too as they do pretty good loo roll. We had a browse of their toy section as always and found nothing too interesting apart from a small cheap as chips £1 toy car. It came in 6 different body types, so I purchased 3. Heck at £1 each even if they are rubbish, who cares So I decided to do a wee build thread on one What the outer box looked liked Upon opening, the contents Pre cut pieces pop out very easy Step 1 chassis rails and a few cross members Step 2 Rear bumper attachment Step 3 front bumper and front suspension attachment Step 4 Top body panels fitment Step 5 Fitting the windows Step 6 Roof, windscreen and rear window fitment Step 7 Rear wing attachment (got to have the downforce Step 8 Attaching the wheels Front wheel parts Step 9 Attaching the front wheel holders Step 10 Attaching the front wheels Body panels ready to attach Step 11 Body panels fitted Last part to fit (front spoiler) All finished And there we go folks, £1 and a total build time of 15 minutes with pictures. My 1 year old son loves it in the livingroom, he chases after it and if a parts breaks off, its just snaps back on again. Even the cats get in on the play time too and chase the car around like mad. They love the wind up mechanism noise as the car zooms across the room. All in all £1 well spent me thinks Comments welcome as always, Many thanks James
  7. Hi there, [Edit: the album linked below has been made public, sorry about that] I'm parting out a built but never used TRF 501X kit and almost everything is for sale. I've not priced all the bits up yet but the prices will be at or below 80% of the lowest ebay price for people here at TC (+shipping at cost). AVAILABLE [501X/DB01] Hop-Up front one-way+Hop-Up adapter [501X] TRF Carbon parts - chassis, top braces, shock towers [501X] TRF Aluminium parts - all bulkheads, motor mount, all suspension mounts, battery posts, [501X] TRF Shell - body, wing and undertray - untrimmed and not painted SOLD [501X] Full Hop-Up steering set [501X/DB01] TRF Suspension - TRF Buggy Dampers [#54028] [501X/DB01] TRF Drivetrain - Slipper clutch, ball diff, steel outdrives, F+R CV shafts, 2 x 369 mm belts If you want something then just post your initial interest in this thread (I'll certainly reply) and if it goes beyond that we can migrate to PM/email. I also have some spare plastics like arms and hubs as well as a full turnbuckle set so if you need some odds and ends post in this thread and I can have a look for you. If you can see this album (link) there are some pics there for good measure. Cheers, Dave
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