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Found 5 results

  1. I picked up this Bear Hawk chassis today. Looks like it has had a hard life but under all that dirt and grime it's not too bad. It will get a full strip, thorough clean and a fine tooth comb inspection. If parts are ok and not cracked or threads not striped then they will stay, but it does have a broken nose so those parts will be replaced and the usual strengthening braces will be added. A new body set and wheels & tyres are already on the way with a new set of shocks at the top of the list of things to get. Not sure what the body and wing is from and I don't care either as they are not staying. It's not a restoration project, as it's not getting rebuilt to box stock, it's a rebuild project I looking forward to sinking my teeth into.
  2. Hello all, I have just picked up a second MadCap (thanks to @Tamiyabigstuffwith a view to creating a Saint Dragon. The shell and decals I know will get TBG & MCI. BUT the red shocks.....anything else use them? Will the ones from the Bear Hawk fit and are they the same? Any other buggies have the same? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have been looking at this thing on the local Craigslist. This is what the ad reads... " This was assembled nicely but was never used it is like brand new, hard to find car, decent box and again never run. It is missing 3 tires( looked everywhere but can't find them) " He is asking $125. I contacted him, and upon pointing out there were no servos installed he promptly said $80. I politely told him I would pass on it without even making another offer. I was thinking maybe $40 would be appropriate. Am I off on my thinking with it only having one wheel, even though it is new and never run? My logic says at $80, I could buy a DN01 for $110 to bash with and be money ahead, once you buy some wheels for this thing. Seems like some people think their RC's are made of gold... or I am just a total cheapskate. Here's a link to the ad. It has a couple of pictures, but I posted the best one.
  4. Hi all, I'm after 2 pairs of joint diff cups. Part numbers are 2595040 (long gearbox joint) and 2595041 (short gearbox joint) for the thunder shot. They are the grey/black coloured ones, not the more recent polished ones. I'm after new or hardly used. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks in advance.
  5. Let's face it: The Lexan bodies for the DT-02 chassis may be pretty tough and durable to resist hard running and lots of rollovers. But are they pretty enough to let the heads of bypassing people turn? Not in every case, I think. So it was time to give my trusty Sand Viper a new body. Inspired by mr.retreader's great looking Mad Bear Viper build, I've just started to convert the DT-02 Sand Viper into a Bear Hawk! Or at least some sort of. First thing to do was to get a Mad Fighter body. These are cheap enough even today, and you don't need to get the seperate rear wing and (ugly) decals. Of course you can also go the other way and get a more rare and expensive Bear Hawk bodyset (not sure if the mount holes will line up). They still do turn up every now and then at that famous auction site. Surprisingly, the Mad Fighter body sits pretty well on the DT-02 chassis. The front mount is part M5, the back mount part M1. Do you know any DT-02 based car that uses this part by default? I don't know of any. Luckily, Tamiya has provided M1 ever since on the M-parts tree. Good job! M1 has to be mounted with a spacer. I've used some leftover plastic bushings from the TT-01 steering linkage, but anything similar will do the job too. To save the body from leaning on the gearbox, add some thin foam tape to the rear body mount and the gearbox. I may paint up the body similar to the above mentioned "Mad Bear Viper" in Bear Hawk blue. A driver figure is a must, and the side panels seem to be a nice touch. Red alloy oil dampers from REELY may give it the finishing touch to imitate the original Bear Hawk's red friction dampers.
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