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Found 23 results

  1. Hi guys, I am building a Bigwig shelf queen, and would like to replace all yellow and blue parts with either carbon, alloy, or at least black plastic. That would be the cockpit cage, the damper towers, the uprights, and the exhausts. Does anyone have a tip where I could find such parts?
  2. Having skulked around taking so much advice and so many tips from these forums, thought it was time to contribute! This will be my second ever Tamiya kit build. My first was a Bigwig re:re a couple of months ago, which was very much by the book. This, a Boomerang re:re, is going to go off piste a bit! Now I've bitten the bullet and put this out there, I'm really hoping I don't make a total hash of it!
  3. Basically I've spent way too much on the hobby and I'm trying to convince the Mrs to let me buy a new mountain bike, so I'm considering selling my re-re Bigwig, to help the cause. It's in fantastic condition I've only run it twice up and down my tarmac drive, (half discharged the battery once). otherwise just been sat on a shelf. It's fully loaded as follows: MIP ball diffs Stainless Steel Screws Titanium steerer rods + Tamiya low friction balls + cups MCI decals Hobbywing Quicrun 1080 Crawler ESC 8.4V Overlander battery Power HD B5 High Voltage Servo Nicely painted driver Spare body + yellow plastic parts XT60 Connectors Hotshot Aluminium propshaft Standard Bigwig GT tuned motor, with spade terminal paddle connectors for neatness. Acrylic painted tyre writing Complete with all boxes and instructions all in very good condition Spare set of wheels and tyres (so you can run it without ruining the tyre writing) Vintage CRP shock collars It currently has Futaba receiver (R314SB-E) and voltage sensor, so it's like a techno Bigwig that tells you your battery voltages, I'd prefer to leave these and all the other electrics in if possible but may be willing to remove them. I must have spent over £750 on it. This thing is no longer in production and should drive really well for a Bigwig with the strong superfast servo (BEC set to 7.4V on the ESC so it has 20kg torque and 0.66s response) and the ball diffs giving it great turning ability and the weighty 8.4V power lets you really get it power sliding sideways through the corners and being nicely finished it would also make a very nice shelf queen. I'm not desperate to sell, just if someone really likes it and makes me an offer I can't refuse, I'd let it go. If you're interested please feel free to drop me a private message, not interested in letting this go on the cheap. Thanks for looking. Was going to tidy the wiring up a little bit more but haven't got around to it yet.
  4. Ok so I had bought a Super Sabre to restore and then promptly decided to sell it on as at the time I had enough to be doing with my Thundershot series. I also had my old original Boomerang to restore which was on the long finger as I wanted to complete the Thunder series cars first. I then turned up an un-used TBG Super Sabre body and some decent oval blocks on decent original rims (had to you know how it is?) Then I turned up a already restore SS with the main body of a Boomerang (new unpainted) with a Terra Scorcher which I also needed and a truck load of parts.......rude not to!!! So I put the new wheels on and body on the SS and APART from the yellow front shock its done and took me all of ........30 minutes and quite a few ££ but hey ho, no more than any of the Thunder Series cars to date. So some photos of the finished SS complete with ESC, full ballraces, new near everything and a old school hot brushed motor.
  5. DT Challenge 2018 7th October New venue this year …………. Swindon RC Car Club hosting Same Rules as previous years with the DT01 class now open to all DT01 cars (last year was just the Madbull) 20 places now available for the Hotshot gearbox cars …………. check out the rules and more info on the DT02/03 Facebook page
  6. I'm looking for a new built Bigwig (re-release or vintage).
  7. I recently purchased a NIB re-re Boomerang from ebay, I was soooo excited, but alas, my payment was refunded with a message saying 'sorry, it has already been sold' So now, while my refund is 'pending' on paypal, I have had some time to think... I want a 4WD buggy, I always wanted a HotShot as a child, but, on reflection, I see there are a number of other options... So I turn to the infinite wisdom of the gestalt! I want something I can bash, so durable with good spares available, I want to be able to have different wheel options and I will be fitting brushless kit with a view to running 2s and 3s lipos. My options are: Hot Shot, Bigwig, Boomerang, Manta Ray and Dark Impact Is the Manta Ray any good? (the price seems quite cheap in comparison to the others). Is the Hot Shot worth the extra premium? Is the Bigwig as sturdy as it looks? Or... am I best off going for the boomerang as there seem to be more of them around, so parts would be readily available and cheaper? Or... should I go for the Dark Impact as it's newer and may handle the bashing better? So many questions... I hope you guys can help!
  8. This years DT Challenge (2017) saw the first Hotshot gearbox class race - GT tuned motors, 2 inch tyres only, ballraces and alloy shocks, UJ's in front.
  9. Yesterday (16/04/17) was the first round of the Kidderminster Summer series. A few of us ran our Tamiya's. We had two re re Bigwigs, my re re Boomerang and a re re Hotshot. A gentleman's agreement saw us all use the Tamiya GT Tuned motor. Racing was fair and even. We found that the 2 inch Schumacher Yellow blocks on the kit wheels worked the best, running around with a Tamiya GT Tuned motor the race pace was not that fast but fun and relaxed. It made for a fun days racing, what we need now is more people to turn up with these cars and race with us. The second Round is on the 21st May.
  10. I have a original boomerang with the twin shock upgrade (from the Supershot). I also have a host of Bigwig parts, including a chassis and the yellow parts from the body. Does the gearbox, suspension etc just transplant OR do I need a host of other parts? I know I need a body but these area available. What else might I need?
  11. I have 2 BigWig Chassis, one as good as new with a few minor marks under it, other is good used condition. I need a Thundershot chassis which is a little cheaper of Ebay. So if you need a BigWig chassis, how about you buy me a Thundershot one and get posted to me and I will post you the BigWig one? OR if you have a Thundershot chassis in serviceable used can swap for my used one. PM me if we can do something?
  12. Hi guys, I am considering selling some of the collection as it is becoming to big and i have to move to a new house. Maybe they can find a lovely new home Second is this original BIGWIG, not a re-re. It is completely original except for the body and decals. The decals are custom made. The car has been driven but has since a few years spent its time on the shelf There is no esc incl , although i still have al the bits and pieces for the msc. So for those who want to restore it to a msc, everything is there. It comes with a futaba standard servo and the original technogold motor is incl also. On the pictures the driver is missing but it is painted and mounted in the shell meanwhile. I am off course open for offers. Paypal available between friends offcourse I live in Belgium Thanks
  13. Just looking at what's going to be coming out again this year: BigWig Top Force Avante 2011 (Again) Schumacher CAT XLS and I wouldn't fall off my chair in amazement if we didn't see a variant of the Optima Mid being released either as the pro was released last year and the MIDs arch rival the CAT xls is making a comeback. It's going to be a year of tough decisions ............. If I had to pick one at the moment, taking into account cost, it would probably be the Top Force, or the Mid if it appears, what are other peoples thoughts ?
  14. Well, now that I have this photo thing down here, I thought it time to get some space cleared up in my garage and spares bin. Please look over what I have to offer either here or on the TC Trades room, I try my hardest to stay on top of things, so if you see it listed, it should still be for sale. Keep in mind I am in the USA and I know that it isn't the best time of year or the best exchange rate right now for us all, but I don't want the Earth for these bits, I want them to get to new homes where they are needed and I need to either trade for bits I am needing or sell them for what I invested into them in the first place. I did buy up a few lots from hobby stores as I passed through(a fact my wife readily reminds me of while she waited in the car) so I did get some good prices, I would like to think I am not in the lofty pricing of eBay these days, but when some re re parts are out there just like the Vintage stuff, well that is competition isn't it. Please note, my parts will be vintage as the only re re parts I have around here is on my HotShot restorations and those parts are not for sale at the moment. The BIGWIG LOT Chris Some RARE Fox hop ups from a long gone company. Never got around to fitting them to my shelfer. Some old PROLINE Champion tires, they have a 2in diameter, but they are on the narrow side, much like they would fit on the front wheels of a HotShot series car. And some Proline "blades" or whatever they called them, I have a total of 3 pair NIP of this wheel
  15. Firstly high to the forum. Well Xmas brought my 9 year old a Grasshopper and sent me running for the ladders to get out my old rc cars, a Hornet, Bigwig that i converted to a Boomerang including a Beaties Bag and a trophy from Rotherham/Brinsworth buggy club, the xmas holidays has seen a complete strip down and rebuild of both but sadly i am missing a couple of parts to put the Bigwig back to its original state so if anyone has the following it would be great :- B9 undercarriage A12 speed controller mount BT5 Boot Stopper x 2 Sub Chassis A small list to say its been up there for years Ill post some pics when I have them finished Michael PS How am i going to explain to the wife about the Wildwilly Racing buggy (Ouch expensive) Wild One and i really should order a hotshot i spent hours on a saturday looking at them. That just appeared in the man cave, come to think about it I’ve had the bigwig longer than the wife.
  16. FS: Bigwig Chassis, Bumper, A Parts, F Parts, R Parts + Z Parts NIP Vintage All vintage, NOS and sealed NIP. Let me know if you want / need Tamiya or MRC part numbers. All parts are the correct versions, including the bumper which has no hole like later Boomerang bumpers. FREE BONUS Bigwig Screw Bag B and new steering boots also included $130 + postage
  17. http://www.ebay.com/itm/331919950933 Vintage Tamiya Bigwig Hotshot Sand Scorcher Clodbuster NIB Wheels 50293 50121 NIP Bigwig Moon Craft Wheels P/N 5293 50293 For Models: Bigwig (58057) NIB Sand Scorcher Front Wheel + Tire Set P/N 5121 50121 For Models: Sand Scorcher (58016), Frog (58041), Hornet (58045), Grasshopper (58043) NIP Hotshot / Supershot Gold Plated Wheels P/N 266 50266 For Models: Hotshot (58047), Supershot (58054) NIP Grasshopper II (Super G) Front Day Glow Wheel Set (Yellow) P/N 49022 For Models: Grasshopper II Super G (49501), Grasshopper II Super G (92018), Grasshopper II (58074), Fox (58051), Wild One (58050) NIP Super Hornet Front Day Glow Wheel Set (Orange) P/N 0445495 For Models: Super Hornet (58124), Grasshopper II (58074), Fox (58051), Wild One (58050) NOS Original White Clod Buster Wheels P/N 0555026 For Models: Clod Buster (58065), Bullhead (58089) Price dropped to $120. $20 more than the last set of Moon Crafts alone that sold on ebay went for...
  18. Selling these super cheap b/c I need a quick few $. Lowest prices you'll ever find for these! Bigwig ($30): http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIP-Vintage-Tamiya-Bigwig-Decals-9495069-X9926-58057-NEW-SEALED-MINT-CONDITION-/331719531589 Striker ($30): http://www.ebay.com/itm/331719534721 All gone!
  19. So I'm wondering how have made the best gearsystem/boxes it don't necessary have to be Tamiya and you could choose a rear gearbox from Egress and the front one from Top Force (just an example). I got most experience with vintage buggy's so I'm thinking about the Egress, both front and rear) and the Top Force (front), what do you think? The criteria should be Design Durability Gear ratio If you know the gear ratio for the gear box you think is the best, please state this as well.
  20. This is probably a HUGE shot in the dark, but I am looking to add some vintage buggies to my ever-growing Tamiya collection. Looking for the following: Vintage Hotshot - Prefer NIB, or a used, complete version with the original box Vintage Supershot - Prefer NIB, or a used, complete version with the original box Vintage Super Champ - Just looking for a good version, any condition will be considered Vintage Bigwig - Prefer NIB, or a used, complete version with the original box Finally, this is a crazy one, but I am looking for an original Monogram Lightning, silver edition. These came out in 1984, I received one for Christmas that year. Loved that car, but I drove it into the ground. Seen a few in bad condition, really looking for one NIB, or in really good condition. Here's my ebay name, so you can check my feedback: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=rare-77-442 Thanks in advance. Brad
  21. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-Bigwig-Moon-Craft-Wheels-SEALED-NEW-VERY-RARE-NIP-NIB-NOS-58057-/331143671409
  22. hello smart people. i've been keeping my eyes peeled for ages looking for a NIP hotshot II MSC, to no avail. what i'm wondering is if the bigwig MSC is the same as the hotshot II? they both have the control arm / switch plate setup and one resistor, unlike most of the other control arm / switch plate MSCs which have 2 resistors (hotshot, fox, supershot, etc). anybody know?
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