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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, as I did before for the transmission conversion for my King Cab/Hilux Monster Racer, I also want to separate build thread and transmission conversion of my Dyna Blaster. So the transmission section will not be mixed anymore with the restoration section. In this thread I can also offer a better and clear support for interested customers and can answer questions regarding the gearbox, parts list, manual or assembly. For pictures from the installed gearbox in a Dyna Blaster / Dyna Strom, please visit my build log/thread: Sgt.Speirs' Dyna Blaster Parts list for this modification: 1x 3D printed gearbox parts from Shapeways (latest rev. 1.0): >> Dyna Blaster TRF201x Gear Box & Rear Hubs v1.0 << / >> Dyna Blaster TRF201x Gear Box Only v1.0 << 1x 54471 TA06 Steel Gear Diff. Unit Rear 1x 22031 TD4/TD2 Slipper Clutch Set 1x 53587 Shim 5x0.2mm (1 needed) 1x 13454709 Idler Shaft (alternatively: 54344) 1x 72001* Idler Gear 31T (48DP) - Team Associated DR10M Metal Idler Gear, 31T 1x 19805957 Screw 3x10mm (or standard M3 countersunk screw) 1x 19805763 Screw 3x10mm (or standard M3 panhead screw) 1x 9805989 Screw 3x15mm (or standard M3 panhead screw) 1x 53577 Urethane bushing (red) 1x 53588 Ø10 mm Shim Set (optional parts for shimmimg the gear diff) 1x 42115 Ball bearings 1510 (2 needed) 2x 42113 Ball bearings 1050 (3 needed) 1x 42113 Ball bearings 840 (1 needed) *) Team Associated Spare Parts Number Optional parts: 1x 51314 Tamiya 48DP 91T Spur Gear (optional part for gear ration settings) 1x 51714 Tamiya 48DP 86T Spur Gear (optional part for gear ration settings) Manual for the assembly: Gearbox Assembly - Dyna201 Manual_v1.0.pdf
  2. Time to get my second build thread started, this time I will do Tamiyas prototype from 1992 which later was put into production as the Dyna Storm. Even though the box says my car has serial number #24 it's not really true. The majority of it will come from parts I've collected. It won't be 100% accurate since some stuff is missing, but I still feel it's now close enough to get going. I'll start uploading some pictures tomorrow!
  3. Hi everyone, for those who followed the last month Tom´s thread about the Super / Mid Dyna Storm in his thread "just another Dyna" https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/93616-mid-storm-just-another-dyna/, I will show here to my pleasure and Tom´s beg to share my experiences with his parts the build of my Super Dyna! As some of you read, Tom is already completing his chassis, and this week he sent me the last parts for the conversion set! Although time for the hobby is very rare at the moment due to private reasons (my little daughter is just 12 weeks old), I´ll try to do regular updates and photos here until completion. But It will be probably more "2 month than 2 weeks".. Anyway, lets start this story: I´m a Dyna Storm owner since the beginning and still have mine in a good condition. It has a very special meaning to me, as it was the car I used for my first "official" race in 1993. Everything before was just organizing little races with my friends were we competed against each other on self prepared tracks everywhere around our homes. 1993 I was the first time on a real track, just 18, borrowing grandfathers car and drive 60km with 2 friends to our first race in Bamberg, Bavaria. To make it short: The my Dyna didn´t let me down! There where some guys with hotter motors, but they couldn´t bring the power done. I had a 13x2 wind brushed motor which wasn´t too slow either, and with the very good driveability I won the 2WD class on this weekend. I was as proud as I could be, only damage was a torn shock bladder, which I repaired with superglue after one heat. The shock was leaking all over in the rear. So far the history. I kept my Dyna, with closure of the Offroadtracks mid of the 90´s my Dyna sat in the shelf for most of the time, only running on special days, but no real races anymore. from there I was more an onroadguy, running races from 1997 until today in our local area. But Christmas 2013 I was running finding presents in the town. I came near our local Hobbyshop, when I thought "just take a look". So I went down and looked at the new kits, when I noticed a kit almost hidden in the shelf. A Dyna Storm! Of course, it was one of the rereleases, but being 2013 it was quite a find! But no price tag! So I thought, well will be 300€ and more for sure, and I didn´t really need another kit. Just from curiosity, I asked the employee about the price. He said o.k., this is a special case: Kit was already opened, and parts taken out as spares from time to time. But recently he added all missing parts again and checked the manual everything should be there again! Then he said: 99€! I swallowed, tried not to smile from ear to ear and 5 minutes later I had a kit, which I didn´t really needed. But I knew, it would be a good investment for the future!
  4. This have been a project I have wanted to do for a very long time now. So what have been stopping me. Well the fact that Nimrod who make the special parts don’t produce em anymore and that these parts most likely were not sold to many of, have done the search for the parts take a very long time. I started to hope this would be possible when I managed to get hold on a package with several of the parts from Lee in the Dyna Storm fb group. And just recently I decided to ask around if anyone had the parts and we’re willing to sell em to me or to make an drawing of them. To my luck I was offered the blade wheels from Paul a fellow TC member and Jochen actually took his great car apart just to make me an 1:1 drawing of the chassis plate and a rough drawing of the undercover. So thank you very much to them. In the overview picture Nimrod made of parts for the Dyna Storm it looks like they uses the TR-15T transmission and yet another TC member, Michael, stepped up and offered me a complete transmission. I have learned allot from Paul and Jochen about the story of Nimrod and the parts, I will try to share some of it through this project thread. So why Dyna Lightning? I saw this name on the car to Jochen and asked him if this was a name he had given to the model or Nimrod. This is actually the name Nimrod gave to this model and they also made an sticker to go with the model. So I will have to get one of those. Would love to find one original but i think I will have to get one made. So here are some pictures of the parts I got so far. Since the rear suspension arms area Nimrod V3 version (most likely) they have been designed like the TR-15T arms and are a bit longer than standards, they do need longer drive shafts. A fun fact, from Paul the previous owner of the wheels: “The Nimrod rear rims were modelled to accept modern 2.2 tires, so were wider and had a larger diameter than the Tamiya star dish rims. I wanted a set to fit the original tires, so they custom made these and were the only set in existence at the time. In fact you may well have the only set in the whole world How cool isn’t that The rear wheels And the front wheels The motor cover The rear suspension arms The front suspension arms The front mounting block And the front bumper So what is next? I need to decide if I should use my new built Dyna Storm as a donor car for this one or if I should get another one, or try to get the missing parts I need to complete the car. There is also some remaining parts that Nimrod made that I’m searching for as the very special upper to lower deck they made, and the air flow channel to the motor and probably some i have forgot right now. Also in the overview picture I found on their website it was a special rear damper tower this i have been told was not made for sale so I will have to replicate it. I will also where possible make carbon fiber parts even if Nimrod maybe didn’t do it. To get the strongest possible gearbox for the car I decided to go with the TR-15T just like it seems Nimrod did with their car. In addition there are also some other parts from the TR-15T i think can be used since them were on the overview picture from Nimrod I also managed to get an donor car for this project which will be good for the little things I need that I haven’t thought about. But most importantly this means I don’t have to use my shelfqueen for parts in this build. Hopefully it will arrive sometime within a month.
  5. *Updated 5th June 2018 with Super Astute Gearbox For a while now I've been restoring old RCs and kinda got sick of not being able to find certain parts. So, after a little prompting, I decided to learn 3D modeling and start creating my own versions of some hard to find parts. For now, Ive been focusing on Super Astute and Dyna Storm parts but I'll probably cover other models as/when I restore them. Check out my shapeways store "VRC" here. I've test printed and iterated all of these parts (few in pipeline still) and they all fit properly and actually "work". They aren't identical to the original parts but they fit and work fine. Where another part is available (eg the ORBracing DS parts) I'm not going to bother re-making unless I can significantly improve them. For anything else, I'm up for it :). Obviously many of the Super Astute parts are also cross compatible with the Astute, King Cab, Hilux Monster Racer, Mad Cap, Saint Dragon etc. Here are my current offerings: Dyna Storm Parts: Gear Case Cover & Plug: Super Astute Parts: Gear Box Cover: (replaces the dust leaking lexan version) Gear Box Plug (note, fits original lexan case currently, alternative version for VRC case coming shortly) Gear Box Base: Front Battery Holder (stick pack): Front Battery Holder (Lipo pack - note needs low profile servo): Rear Battery Holder: Battery Strap: Battery Pin (also fits DynaStorm): Gearbox (see thread here):
  6. I had these on my Top Force until i finally found an original set hicaps which were the correct hopup for an original Top Force. I'll take any reasonable offer and ship worldwide. Paypal as a gift prefered. WYSIWYG.
  7. Looking for some E parts for the Dyna Storm: E1 Motor guard E3 Spur guard E5 Motor guard mount If you have any of these in working order or better - please drop me a PM. Rob
  8. Hi mates, I need these parts for my TR-15T project: From Adjuster Bag - Front Stabilizer bar BF7 (common wiyh Dyna Blaster) - Rear Stabilizer bar BF6 - Gray 6mm Adjuster BF1 - 1 piece (common wiyh Dyna Storm) Found From Press Part Bag - Front Reinforcing Plate BP3 - 1 piece (common wiyh Dyna Blaster) Found - Gearbox Sub Plate BP4 - 1 piece No more needed From screw bag B - 3x44 mm, gearbox long screw BB4 - 1 piece (common wiyh Dyna Blaster and Dyna Storm) Found - 3x21 mm, Tapping screws BB6 - 2 pieces (common wiyh Dyna Blaster and Dyna Storm) Found From Screw Bag E - 2x20 mm, Cap Screw BE1 - 1 piece (common wiyh Dyna Blaster and Dyna Storm) Found From ball connector bag - Damper mount BJ4 - 2 pieces Found From Avante/Egress Avante/Egress 25 mm chassis columns - 4 pieces (common with Astute) Found The parts can be used but the important thing is that they will be not too much ruined. Thanks Max
  9. Hi there, so far I found all important parts to make my model fit again. Now I do search for some spares to have it, just for the case... Universal Shaft: 4135041 Gearbox Bag: 9404089 Pilot Shaft: 3554006 Adjuster Bag: 9404091 Thanks for looking in your treasur chests. C
  10. Hi, I'm searching for the following spare parts for the Dyna Storm: B3 - Rear arm D4 - Gearbox Brace D5 - Front Bulkhead E2 - Clutch Spring Cup E3 - Spur gear/Clutch cover The parts could be new or used but in good condition (not broken and not too much scratched). Speculators are not welcome. If I will not find the parts I'll go to 3D printed parts. Thanks Max
  11. Edit: Might have managed to track down some of the missing parts, won't sell. Thanks for the interest
  12. To make a long story short, I have roughly half a TRF211X in very nice condition. I would very much like to complete it but the exclusive parts for this car are extremely hard to find, and it's a bit pointless to replace them with Dyna Storm items. If all else fails I will consider selling it, but I'll give it a try.. Anybody having any of these parts and thinking about selling, please PM or answer in the topic. Looking for, and willing to pay something like (everything is negotiable): 'Shiny' prototype shocks (body + caps). Offer 300 euros Any of the coloured springs (yellow, orange, blue). Offer 100 euros Plastic spur gear holder / centre section for the slipper. Offer 150 euros Body shell. Beat up shell - 150. New - 300 euros. Rear damper mount. Offer 50 euros. Rear suspension mounts (x2 pairs) for both toe-in degree settings. Offer 100 euros /P Oh, forgot to add: Any other exclusive 211X parts (i.e non-dyna storm parts) not listed are also of interest if they are in good condition.
  13. Was looking for a new project and had my preferences. Either an ORV or SRB but preferrably a Dyna Storm but since only several weeks ago i passed on the deal of a lifetime i thought finding an affordable one wwould be mission impossible until i spotted what i though was a DS on a blury picture of a lot sales on a local 2nd hand site. I made an offer to the seller and eventually, we found a deal. Here a first pic of my acquisition! When i made the offer, i didn't know all of this was included but i can tell you, even without all the additional parts,it is a steal! Now i starting reading in preparation of the restoration and already have a few questions: - How can i tell the difference between an original and a re-re? - The lower deck does not seem to be the original FRP version. Seems carbon to me. Anybody knows what it is, e.g. custom or hop-up? - There are 2 motors included, on the one installed i cannot see what it is and another pic i have is too blury to identify the end bell so i'll have to wait until the parcel arrives. The 2nd one is a Kyosho Mega Motor but i do not know which type. Any hints? - It is not clear to me if also the original came with the Acto Pink. Did it? Any other observations from the picture are much appreciated. As with the Avante a full restoration will follow in this thread.
  14. Well, i posted in the trade section that i am in search of these but no response to date. Furthermore, finding them on the net is very difficult as the manual does not state a p/n for them. Also i was thinking that it is hard to believe that the coil springs on the DS are unique for that car. So 2 questions: 1. Does anyone know if these coil springs have a p/n that can help my searching for them? 2. Is anybody aware of which coil springs from other models are the same and can be used as alternative? Many thanks, Dominique
  15. Still need those for my restoration project.
  16. Title says all. Looking for a Dyna Storm decal set to complete my restoration project and also the following bits: - Gearbox cover - Part E5 (small bracket at the end of the lower chassis that holds the motor protection) - Part D5 (front drivetrain bracket) Let me know if you have any of those to sell/trade. Cheers, Dominique
  17. Searching for the original Dyna Storm FRP lower deck. Doesn't need to be new and some minor scuffing or scratches would be ok. I can buy it if the price is reasonable or If interested i would be willing to trade it with the Dyna Storm narrow Fyber-lite carbon deck that is currently on mine. Also has traces of usage and some holes drilled in it but fully functional. Also interested in any other Dyna Storm parts that are on offer. Specifically looking for the gearbox cover (E3 on the E-parts tree) and the rear FRP shock tower (once again, doesn't need to be new but in good and fully functional condition). I do have some Dyna Storm parts i could trade with such as a set of swingshafts, spur gears and pinions.
  18. I am looking for the Dyna Storm Y-parts (#0225075) in orde to restore 4 Dyna Storm dampers. I would need 2 part-trees. Anybody has them and doesn't use them anymore? Cheers, Dominique
  19. I was looking for upgrade parts for the Dyna Storm and the various 'TR-15T' reinforced parts are an obvious place to start. I picked up a set of A parts, supposedly from a TR-15T however the sprue is marked "RCC Dyna Storm". It does look different from standard ABS plastic but it's not the light(ish) grey I expected. Can anybody provide any insight? Perhaps somebody with a TR-15T still has the sprue and can check?
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