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Found 28 results

  1. Hi mates, here's another long term project. Finally today a re-release Egress is arrived at my home. This model is a mandatory element to start this project that I want to complete, the TRF Jamie Booth's Replica Egress. This is the model. It is a shelf queen new built that I bought from a mate here on the club. The model is in perfect condition (thanks mate). I already own the Egress. Infact this is my 3th one, the first is a restored vintage, the second is my modified runner and now this one. This is the first re-release that I see in real life. What can I say about this model? Tamiya made a good job on many parts of this model in front of the vintage model. For example the quality of the carbon fiber of the chassis is better compared with the original model. The plates are shiny, there's the post for the Avante 2001 driver, there are the holes for the Avante rear tower and wing mount at the rear end. The transmission quality seems better and the gold alloy uprights are a massive improvement at the front end. But (because there's always a "but") somewhere the quality decreased. The beautiful titanium screws are now replaced with poor black anodized iron screws. The steering bar is always the same, too wide and gives problems during the full compression of the front end. Avante 2001 had a better configuration. The adjustable turnbuckles are not so beautiful (the Top Force Evolution turnbuckles are better imho and are a direct fit to Egress) but the real ugly thing is the front shock absorbers configuration. I don't know why Tamiya decided to make this change but the result is very poor in my opinion. Poor because one of the best looking parts of the Egress were the front dampers so there's a great loss of aesthetics. The height of the front end is reduced as the damper movement. The front end almost doesn't touch to the ground. The ride height is reduced as you can see in the pictures. The new front tower doesn't resolve the strenght problems of the old one but adds a problem with the body nose and body lenght. So the question is: do I like this re-release Egress? The answer is no, I don't like it a lot for the characteristics described above. This is the reason why I will not regret to convert it with this great conversion kit that I bought last year. The kit is the number 8 of 16 existing in the whole world. I can already say that I will also make some custom job on this replica so it will be not a perfect copy of the other ones but it will be personalized. The first thing: This front tower have to go, sorry Jamie. I can't mount a simply reversed rear Astute shock tower on the Egress front end and I will never cut the nose of an Egress body, sorry again. I'll do a custom designed new shock tower. On contrary, I will keep the rear tower already present in the kit. Also these 3D printed rear hubs have to go. I'll mount the original Madcap ones or something better. The Replica kit is very well made. I will also use these used parts. I will not cut some new gearbox parts. Ok, that's all for the moment. As the 2WD Buggy Custom thread, also this one will need many time to go on but I'm sure you will be patient, or not? Max
  2. Hi All, I have just received a Lunch Box and should receive ReRe Egress next week for lockdown projects. Could I please get some friendly advice on the below and experiences if any? I am slightly concerned that these kits may suffer if too much power is put through them. I am used to running 2S offroad AE 6.2 & 74.1 mod class buggies @ 10.5 and 8.5t, but I don't 100% understand why you can't run that spec in a Tamiya Under the advice of some friends I have narrowed down 2 systems but not sure which one should go in which car. Both RC's will be for gentle bashing only on smooth surfaces (especially the Egress) and run on 2s Lipo power. At hand I have (A) Hobbywing XeRun 120A ESC + 17.5 brushless Surpass motor And a friend suggested that I get a simple (easy to get in my country during lockdown): (B) Hobbywing Quicrun WP-1060 + 23T Tamiya RZ motor. [brushed system] I had a black edition LBox a few years ago and ran it stock, and the speed was a little light for me so I'd be keen on getting it a little speedier. Hope you can shed some thoughts on above suitability for each of my builds. I have to admit from a aesthetic point of view, option (B) would look nicer in the Egress with less wires to manage, plus a genuine Tamiya motor too. It would make more sense for the Egress to be the faster of the two?
  3. I’ve made a school boy error and tried to restore 4 identical chassis at once - Avante ‘88, Vanquish (x2) and a 2001. I now can’t find two rear drive shafts and can’t remember if all 4 eBay purchases came complete with them. Anyone got 2 x original Avante / Egress or Vanquish rear dog bone drive shafts to sell? They don’t have to be originals, but I don’t think any re-re kit came with these of the same length. I’d be happy if so! Thanks!
  4. I have a brand new never run set of Egress tyres on my Vanquish that I want a set of Pin Spikes aka original. they came on the Vanquish & Supershot and were a hop up (still are) UK based anyone interested in a swap OR do you have a set of Pin Spikes in decent order not needed?
  5. For sale: original Tamiya 58085 Avante 2001 - Rare and sought-after Tamiya radio-controlled off-road racing buggy. Unrestored condition - body shell is not mint and has some minor damage Vintage contemporary hi-cap hop-up shocks. Original-spec Tamiya black-can Sport Tuned motor. Full set of four very-rare original white Cam-Lock wheels in very good condition (not painted yellow ones!) New re-re Avante cam-lock wheel centres. Original-spec spike tyres in good condition. Custom FRP front suspension damper stay. Also supplied with a carbon-fibre aftermarket replacement option. Tiny cracks in lower gear cases - see photos. More photos available on request. Item is in Cambridge, UK. The Tamiya Avante 2001 shaft-driven 4-wheel-drive off-road racing buggy was released on 19th June 1990, featuring multilink wishbone suspension and a twin-deck FRP chassis . An evolution of the original Avante, this model utilised the lengthened chassis dimensions developed for the Egress. The original Avante bodyshell was redesigned to fit and protect the rear suspension arms. Perhaps the most beautiful of the Avante/Egress series, no vintage Tamiya buggy collection is complete without one! The only model in this series not re-released. With the others (Avante/Egress/Avante Black Special) having been through repeated re-releases, and this model never re-released so far, it is looking increasingly likely there will never be a re-release (hence two recent completed ebay sales for NIB kits at ~£650 and ~£1250). Sales price excludes delivery and local customs/tax/fees. The item is sold as seen and not refundable - I have been very honest and open about details of the condition. The photographs are of the actual item and are to be considered part of the description. Apologies to anyone watching/ bidding recently on eBay - the car is still for sale as auction won by overseas bidder despite the details specifying UK only. Sorry I would prefer to dispatch to the UK, due to frequent problems with overseas deliveries being severely delayed, getting damaged or going missing and as a private seller not a business I cannot afford to reimburse a disappointed buyer.
  6. I currently have my eyes on the df03 dark impact and the db01 durga, now i understand that the durga is a much superior chassis, although i can’t just let go of the fact that the dark impact is that much better in the looks department (for my personal taste anyway) especially with the livery i’ve come up with for it. With some upgrades, would the dark impact stack up to the durga? would its high ground clearance be important to the performance in terms of bashing? Attached is the livery i mentioned if anyone is interested
  7. The last parts I need for my Vanquish restore are:- 2 Nr battery tray catches, 2Nr BP2 with screws BC2 & 1 Nr BL7 the screw that lets the front wheel carrier turn in the front upright. I suspect (hope) these parts may be common to the Avante or Egress. On the Vanquish they come from 3 separate screw bags and are like rocking horse poo with a cost you can expect from such hard to find parts. Even if someone has the relevant part numbers (parts/screw bag) from Avante that I can source for a lot less then please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello everyone, I search a comparison about this two cars : Schum Cat XLS Masami vs Tam Egress. I search a vintage car to run on astrostuff and carpet. In the beginning I thunk the Egress is a good car not perfect like a Top Force but good enough for astro and carpet. It’s easy to find videos of an Egress built and videos of the Egress runs on-road or on a parking. But it’s difficult to find a video of a run of an Egress on real off-road track. It’s easier to find videos on real offroad track of a Cat XLS (especially with Masami) and in this videos the chassis seems so perfect. Can you give me your opinion about this 2 cars, please ? Thank you for your answer. I hope you understand me... my english it isn’t perfect, sorry
  9. EDIT: I decided to unite the restoring job of my Egress runner and my Avante 2001 shelf queen in the same thread because I often restore many parts of both models together. This is my Egress runner. Due the lack of money to spent onto my hobby probably will not buy the re re Egress but with all this "Egressmania" in the air I could not think about my two puppies. One Egress is perfectly restored to new built (it runs twice on tarmac), the other one has been for a long time one of my favourite runners. It was retired some time ago, replaced by a vintage Top Force Evo that has been replaced by a Dark Impact. Anyway this baby did stay in a box until a couple of weeks ago when I drop it out for a restore. I decided to restore it and also upgrade it so I started to spent the few money I can use for the hobby buying some Avante 2011 spare parts like the gold upright and other redesigned parts. As you can see the car is in a decent shape with the two tone body. Probably today will replace the PS-16 Metallic Blue with the PS-23 Gunmetal Grey + PS-12 Silver but anyway that's it. Rear wheel hubs had been removed for maintenance. Let me introduce you the car: this car has several modifications for the use on the track. The first modification are the springs. I tested different springs stiffness and these are my choose. Orange Losi springs at rear and Red shortened Losi springs at front. The front Dark Green/rear Red combo was not good. Too stiff. Another modification is the rear damper tower made of 2 mm carbon fiber plate... ... and front one made of the same material: As you can see the front shock tower has four mounting holes for more stiffness and to save gearbox mounts. You can also see a reinforcement plate on the left side. I forgot to do it in the other side. Will do it asap. End of part one. Max
  10. So I finished my Egress build last night and have a few questions. Firstly, I found the front shock caps very hard to tighten up fully, they got really stiff towards the last few threads, is this normal? Secondly, there is so much slop in the steering, it's unbelievable! It looks like it's mostly down to the kit supplied shonky servo saver. Will a Tamiya Hi-torque servo saver resolve this issue? Thanks
  11. Hi I've recently bought a NIB Egress 2013 and a NIB Dynatech 01R to give it that more period look, I'm just wondering what would be the right period Servo for this, ideally what was used in the catalogue image (would it be a Futaba). Any advice much appreciated.
  12. Looking to buy a complete 53038. Accepting to pay between 500 and 750 euros depending on location, condition and how complete the kit is. A kit without the carbon plates but everything else intact will still be very much of interest. Payment through paypal. /P
  13. Returning after a long absence from RC I’ve just purchased an Avante 2011 and Egress 2013 from Tower Hobbies here in the US. As a kid these were the two kits I dreamed of owning as I turned the pages of the Tamiya catalog. At the time, my after school job only allowed me the cash to get a Hornet. So now I have these these two kits, found this site and wondered if I could get some advice on motors, ESCs and servos that would suit these two cars? I have been doing a fair bit of research online - but there is just so much to choose from. I was looking at going for a Spektrum servo and receiver with AVC, and going with an ESC+motor combo from Hobbywing. Understandably, I’m trying to mix some nostalgia with the up to date Lipo batteries, brushless motor and so on. The cars will end up as weekend drivers - some moderate bashing fun. Although I wouldn’t mind if I could give a couple of my buddies with brushless RTR buggies from Arrma a run for their money. Lastly, if I documented the build, would anyone be interested in seeing the progress and pics from these two cars? Thanks in advance for any guidance you might offer.
  14. For sale tamiya egress Car is in excellent shape..... any questions pls ask.....Located in europe - belgiumLooking for 340euros
  15. Dear all, I am searching for the rare bf8 and bf9 for my restoration of egress project. Gretedul if anyone of you could sell one set for me. Very much obliged!
  16. Apologies if this is already known, but I noticed this today: http://www.timetunnelmodels.co.uk/live/catalog/seproduct_info.php?products_id=55318 Time tunnel expecting more Egress kits in April 2017 Does this mean we can expect more UK suppliers to follow suit?
  17. Since posting this two days ago http://www.tamiyaclu...showtopic=78760 and this yesterday http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=78777 , I have found more RC models, bodies and parts that I don't need anymore and would be happy to sell. Please see new list below with the additional items since yesterday. Please send me a PM if anything should be of interest or if you're looking for something not found in the lists. I have quite a bit more stuff for sale. Will send photos of all items of interest to you, so you will know the exact condition of what you get before you buy. On request, I'll send you the lists as an Excel-file or a suitable text format. RC Models: RC Bodies: RC Parts (and RC Mini 4WD kits):
  18. Hello everybody Been a guest on here many times, browsing really nice builds and also admiring the knowledge that the forum has on tamiya products. The members on here have some pretty iconic rc's and i do love some nostalgia. Tamiya was my 1st rc just like a lot of people on here and I really have a fondness for them. They just have that feel good factor and I applaud tamiya for that. I was also hooked and just loved modding and racing with friends. From my childhood days I remember catching 2 buses into town and just heading towards the modelshop. I wanted to see the fabled egress kit, alas they never had one in and the price was way out of my league and being a young lad the shop assistant was not taking me seriously lol. I waited for a while to get the cheapest price and it came before christmas from hong kong. Just opening the box and admiring the tamiya box art, am sure all you guys know that moment. I was always going to go overboard on spec as I just wanted to give it the best of what is available today as it is my favourite tamiya. Spec List: Custom all aluminium parts anodised black including items like the motor plates, shocks, all aluminium spacers, chassis posts and more. Hex head hardware, black nyloc nuts including flanged ones, black washers. Rubber sealed bearing kit, original had this. TRF Carbide diff balls, yeah racing carbide thrust balls. Tamiya Low friction 5mm adjuster rod ends. Tamiya TGX carbon propshaft. Lunsford Racing titanium turnbuckles all round. Robinson Racing steel pinions, 18t at the moment. Tekin RSgen2/8.5t sensored brushless combo. Xpert Rc Lee Martin servo. Core RC lipo. TLR white grease, black grease and shock oil, tamiya ceramic grease on gearbox gears. When the box turned up and some hop ups, didn't use the Tamiya titanium turnbuckles in the end.
  19. Hi all, I'm hoping that one of you guys will have a solution for me. I've fully restored my 1989 vintage Madcap 58082 and taken it out for a few runs now. It runs great, especially with the Hop-ups and the GT-Tuned motor, but I keep breaking the C4 part - Front C-Hub (not the steering arm, which is now upgraded to carbon reinforced) I know its 26 years old buggy and not up to todays quality standards, but its so annoying as this is the 2nd time now in a month (and sourcing new C4 parts is getting harder) I know newer models have alloy parts from GMP, Yeah Racing etc. Is there an alloy part that will fit my buggy Tamiya or otherwise?... or am I destined to spend £££ on 3D printing an alloy version. Photo attached Thanks Madcap74
  20. having a sort out too much stuff I am in Chertsey surrey 1st up is a New un built Egress rerelease kit open to reasonable offers next is a new un built trf801xt kit, the truggy version Also have a new in sealed box trf201 kit includes the body and the limited edition carbon battery holder unwanted expert built wild willy 2 with the 2.4ghz radio Please make a reasonable offer if you want anything stuff will end up on ebay if no interest
  21. I month back or so, i was playing with this idea to merge a Top Force body with the Egress one. So when the body's arrived from *****, it was time to play :-) Ready for paint. Ok, so i should have droped the red colour i think. Might fix that later. By the way, i will make a wing that also goes to this body. So if you ever have wondered about this your self, there you go :-) I have made at ton of mistakes with this body, so i guess if i made a new one it would have been so much better, maybe i should drop the decals, since it looks quite nice without, if i can say nice :-p . That said i don't think that is going to happen. I had fun making it, but it will just sitting beside my Egress on the self.
  22. I want ask the TC how durable the Tamiya Egress 2013 is? Right now, i have (had have) an Tamiya Desert Fielder. I mostly drive on grass, street, gravel and sometimes on forest walkways. Now, on my Desert Fielder the front gearbox is broken. After mostly every drive something is broken or damaged. I do not repair it again. What car can you recommend me? I think, the Tamiya Egress 2013 would be an good durable car? What do you think?
  23. So I'm wondering how have made the best gearsystem/boxes it don't necessary have to be Tamiya and you could choose a rear gearbox from Egress and the front one from Top Force (just an example). I got most experience with vintage buggy's so I'm thinking about the Egress, both front and rear) and the Top Force (front), what do you think? The criteria should be Design Durability Gear ratio If you know the gear ratio for the gear box you think is the best, please state this as well.
  24. I'm looking to buy Vanquish G parts tree and also the E parts (bumpers). Also looking for Avante/Egress/Vajra/Vanquish H parts (gears). Maybe also the front propeller joint. Please let me know what you have.
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