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Found 9 results

  1. For those that remember, or maybe seen it recently as shared by Mike Haswell, who remembers the article Hotting Up the Hot SHot from Model Cars magazine?? I had made some of the parts for a friend back in the day. and had always fancied doing one myself, but having never owned a runner Hot Shot, I had no excuse to try to make the parts. Well, it's looking good for me to finally pick up a HS this weekend. So, who has done this mod?? I'd love to do it in Carbon Fibre, but have no experience with such things. Love to hear what folks have done in modding their Hot Shots !
  2. I were given the remains of a boomerang by some friends but there was some other cars and bits that were in a job lot that fell through from the same people so have decided I don't need the hassle to rebuild as have to many projects. I have rebuilt the front and rear gearboxes and attached front arms so the front end is pretty much complete. The chassis is fairly complete it dose come with wheels and body shell which is badly painted but has no crash damage just a badly made hole and a small area cut out by the back window. The Boomerang has got it original manual and body kit manual with it, it will need a new set of rear arms as they were all split but will include everything that I have got. I also got a few parts from a hot shot like part of the roll cage and also hubs two gearbox cases and a few other assorted parts. I will add pictures tomorrow as don't have any at the moment. I am looking for £40 OBO for the parts I am happy to negotiate though.
  3. I recently purchased a NIB re-re Boomerang from ebay, I was soooo excited, but alas, my payment was refunded with a message saying 'sorry, it has already been sold' So now, while my refund is 'pending' on paypal, I have had some time to think... I want a 4WD buggy, I always wanted a HotShot as a child, but, on reflection, I see there are a number of other options... So I turn to the infinite wisdom of the gestalt! I want something I can bash, so durable with good spares available, I want to be able to have different wheel options and I will be fitting brushless kit with a view to running 2s and 3s lipos. My options are: Hot Shot, Bigwig, Boomerang, Manta Ray and Dark Impact Is the Manta Ray any good? (the price seems quite cheap in comparison to the others). Is the Hot Shot worth the extra premium? Is the Bigwig as sturdy as it looks? Or... am I best off going for the boomerang as there seem to be more of them around, so parts would be readily available and cheaper? Or... should I go for the Dark Impact as it's newer and may handle the bashing better? So many questions... I hope you guys can help!
  4. Looking to clear some space at home. All kits are new in the box. Shipping extra. PM me if interested. 58450 TT01R Type E (bearings, oil dampers, turnbuckles, metal drivetrain) - $12558399 DF02 Plasma Edge + aluminum prop shaft, turnbuckles, steering rack - $125
  5. As per title. I'm searching for the front bumper of the early Hot Shot. This bumper was thin and soft with 3 holes in the middle. Searching a new spare part for my shelf queen. Many thanks Max
  6. Hi, as per title, I'm searching for a Boomerang new in box, also 2008 re release. No speculators, no make an offer please, simply let me know your price. I'm located in Italy. Many thanks Max Up
  7. I am not putting this up for sale but an acquaintance of mine has a original body kit (not re-re) so i offered to check if there is an interest for this. It is the body, wing, decals and driver and body kit manual in the original body kit box. I do not have the number but it is the original (i'm sure because the decal sheet has the original sponsor decals on it). PM me if interested and i will forward your offer. Cheers, Dominique
  8. Hey fellas, here my dilemma, I'm restoring a vintage Hot Shot for my oldest son (Mac) for Christmas. I picked up 2 vintage Hot Shot beaters to make one complete car out of. My plan was to upgrade the cups and dog bones to the re re parts, but upon assembly yesterday the gearboxes don't wanna close. The case halves don't go together, there is a gap. So, my question is, do I need the re re gear cases to use with the re re cups? The e clips are thicker, so I'm assuming that's where the issue is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. My modified Hot Shot. Basically, the modification focuses on the steering system.
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