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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, after the kid (7 yo) has been talking my ears off for days on end, about Losi, Traxxas and a lot of other RC stuff I've never heard of (most of it too big and fast for a beginner) and most of them going well north of 500 euros, I pressed one button too many and ended up with a used Mad Fighter as something to start out with, to see if he wants to continue. Like most anything "cheap and used", it has turned to out to be a bit more expensive that expected. Some mechanical stuff need to be sorted, like a really odd toe-in of the front wheels, and some supposed gearbox issues (according to the seller). The body is not painted, badly done decals and needs a new rear spoiler (if we keep that, I am smitten with the BBX look). Need to get some metal ball bearings while I am at, too. It had some off-brand truggy wheels (Carson, perhaps) and was set up with a steeper angle of the front shocks, but I've sorted that. Now, my question is: what sort of body options are available? I assume it is the Mad Bull or the Fighter Buggy bodies on the DT-01 chassis, but would something like a Rising Fighter fit (with some modification)? I am thinking that trying to find another MF body is going to take a while ...
  2. Hi Guys! HISTORY: So the Tamiya DT01 or more specifically Fighter Buggy RX was my first and only ever Tamiya back in the day (so it holds a lot of sentimental value). My goal is to create the ultimate version of the chassis to make it a little more capable, modern and just generally improve it. THE PLAN: At its current state, my Fighter Buggy RC is bone stock and I plan to improve it with general bolt on parts, some 3D printed ones and also some hand made parts too using a 2.5mm carbon sheet. Here is my plan for the build down to the detail; ELECTRONICS: Servo: Yeah Racing Hackgear Low Profile (YE-0033BU) ESC: Tamiya TBLE02 (45057) or Quicrun 1060 Motor: Tamiya Torque Tuned 25T / Dirt Tuned 27T (what would be better?) Pinion: 17T or 19T ? (What do we think would be best for the selected motor and ESC to not over heat?) HARDWARE: Carbon Fibre 2.5mm plate: For front shock tower support brace & upper chassis with permanent servo mount Set of blue Anodised screws (where possible) Set of blue ball connectors (for shock mounting) Set of blue turnbuckles (for steering linkages & servo link) Alloy threaded link pipe (for rear shock tower support brace) WHEELS: Front Tires: Tamiya Rib-Spike 2WD (54896) Rear Tires: Tamiya Square Spike (53084) UPGRADES: Full set of ball bearings: Metal Sealed Front alloy shocks 75mm blue (using kit springs) 300cst oil Rear alloy shocks 95mm blue (using kit springs) 200cst oil 3D printed double wishbone A arms (Multijet Plastic PA12) 3D printed double wishbone shock tower (Multijet Plastic PA12) 3D printed double wishbone C hubs (Multijet Plastic PA12) Front A Arms: Heatshrink mod Jazzrider alloy uprights / steering arms blue T4 Works Alloy blue motor cover My biggest concerns are the 3D printed parts and the material selected, will it be durable enough? I plan on using the DT01 as a light runner on and off track, anyone with 3D printed experience can verify its durablility? Or add anything to the build that I may have missed? Many Thanks,
  3. Looking to clear some space at home. All kits are new in the box. Shipping extra. PM me if interested. 58450 TT01R Type E (bearings, oil dampers, turnbuckles, metal drivetrain) - $12558399 DF02 Plasma Edge + aluminum prop shaft, turnbuckles, steering rack - $125
  4. Let's face it: The Lexan bodies for the DT-02 chassis may be pretty tough and durable to resist hard running and lots of rollovers. But are they pretty enough to let the heads of bypassing people turn? Not in every case, I think. So it was time to give my trusty Sand Viper a new body. Inspired by mr.retreader's great looking Mad Bear Viper build, I've just started to convert the DT-02 Sand Viper into a Bear Hawk! Or at least some sort of. First thing to do was to get a Mad Fighter body. These are cheap enough even today, and you don't need to get the seperate rear wing and (ugly) decals. Of course you can also go the other way and get a more rare and expensive Bear Hawk bodyset (not sure if the mount holes will line up). They still do turn up every now and then at that famous auction site. Surprisingly, the Mad Fighter body sits pretty well on the DT-02 chassis. The front mount is part M5, the back mount part M1. Do you know any DT-02 based car that uses this part by default? I don't know of any. Luckily, Tamiya has provided M1 ever since on the M-parts tree. Good job! M1 has to be mounted with a spacer. I've used some leftover plastic bushings from the TT-01 steering linkage, but anything similar will do the job too. To save the body from leaning on the gearbox, add some thin foam tape to the rear body mount and the gearbox. I may paint up the body similar to the above mentioned "Mad Bear Viper" in Bear Hawk blue. A driver figure is a must, and the side panels seem to be a nice touch. Red alloy oil dampers from REELY may give it the finishing touch to imitate the original Bear Hawk's red friction dampers.
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